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New and used Commercial Boats for sale

£239,937 GBP
Listed price €279,500 EUR
Tax not paid / excluded
1949 | 30.42m | Diesel | Commercial
Virginia, United States
£1,772,932 GBP
Listed price $2,250,000 USD
2018 | 19.51m | Diesel | Power
£515,071 GBP
Listed price €600,000 EUR
Tax paid / included
1980 | 33.35m | Diesel | Commercial
£128,338 GBP
Listed price €149,500 EUR
Tax paid / included
1913 | 21.30m | Diesel
Aanwezig | Power
£19,699 GBP
Listed price $25,000 USD
1965 | 10.59m | Diesel | Commercial
£59,098 GBP
Listed price $75,000 USD
1985 | 10.67m | Diesel | Commercial

Find your dream Commercial Boats on TheYachtMarket today. We have Commercial Boats brokers and sellers from around the world at great prices.

History of Commercial Boats

Commercial boats have a rich and captivating history that spans centuries. From the humble beginnings of primitive rafts used by early civilizations, to the sophisticated vessels of the modern era, these boats have played a vital role in trade and transportation.

Evidence of the earliest commercial boats can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, where sailing vessels propelled by wind power dominated the waters. As maritime trade expanded, so did the need for sturdier and more efficient ships. The Phoenicians, renowned seafarers and traders, introduced the first notable advancements in boat-building techniques, using long, narrow vessels called galleys for both warfare and commerce.

The Middle Ages witnessed significant developments in commercial boats with the emergence of the cog, a bulky vessel designed for transporting goods across long distances in European waters. Commercial boats became larger and more diverse with the Age of Exploration in the 15th century. The introduction of the caravel and galleon, versatile and formidable sailing ships, revolutionized global trade and expeditions.

In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution brought forth steam-powered boats, marking a paradigm shift in maritime transport. Paddlewheel steamers and, later, luxurious ocean liners like the Titanic became synonymous with commercial travel and prosperity.

Today, commercial boats encompass a wide range of vessel types, from cargo ships and fishing trawlers to container carriers and oil tankers. With technological advancements, these boats continue to evolve, becoming more efficient, eco-friendly, and capable of overcoming any maritime challenge. The history of commercial boats bears witness to humanity's ceaseless ingenuity and resourcefulness, driving global trade and connectivity to new horizons.

Which models do Commercial Boats produce?

Commercial Boats produce a range of boats including the Commercial Boats Dinner Cruiser/Restaurant Boat, Commercial Boats Double Ended Ro/Pax Ferry, Commercial Boats Day Passenger, Commercial Boats Landing Craft Car/Pax Ferry and Commercial Boats Modern Double Ended Ferry. For the full list of Commercial Boats models currently listed on, see the model list in the search options on this page.

What types of boats do Commercial Boats build?

Commercial Boats manufactures a range of different types of boats. The ones listed on TheYachtMarket include Commercial, Passenger boat, Ferry, Passenger ferry and Car ferry.

How much does a boat from Commercial Boats cost?

Used boats from Commercial Boats on range in price from £400 GBP to £118,200,000 GBP with an average price of £9,030,000 GBP. A wide range of factors can affect the price of used boats from Commercial Boats, for example the model, age and condition.

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