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Über unsere Niederlassung in Marina Herzliya Israel

It is more than a hobby, more than a place of leisure, more than a status symbol. The sea is a passion, it doesn't matter if it happened during the military service, in a skippers course or on a cruise with friends... it doesn't go back to who it was.

Some would call it an obsession. Some will call it addiction, we prefer to call it

Since 1995 Aqua Marina has led the yacht sales industry in Israel as an importer of leading international brands.

The common denominator of the entire team at Aqua Marina is the immense love for the sea, and in order to spread this passion and allow everyone to experience the sailing experience, our service personnel are deployed along the entire coast of Israel: from the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, which include a central trade-in lot on Ein Gav beach and the central office in Herzliya.

Also in terms of the supply of vessels, we have chosen a wide and exclusive variety that will answer every dream or desire: motor yachts from the English Princess shipyard, fast cabin boats such as the Monterey, sports boats MALIBU - the leading water sports in the Sea of ​​Galilee, its little sister AXIS and fishing boats from the Sea Fox company.

We believe that unrivaled service, reliability, responsibility and a warm home are central and important milestones in order to enable you to have perfect shopping and cruising experiences. Our life experience and our countless customers all over the globe who enjoy a close and professional service, prove again and again that doing things this way makes us the best, and you the sailors - our most successful marketing people.

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£509.020 GBP
Listenpreis €595.000 EUR
Steuer nicht bezahlt/nicht enthalten
2009 | 16,59m | Diesel | Antrieb
£3.635.857 GBP
Listenpreis €4.250.000 EUR
Steuer nicht bezahlt/nicht enthalten
2021 | 38,00m | Diesel | Segel

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Aqua Marina Yachts Ltd

1 Tzadef
Marina Herzliya

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