The Weird & Wonderful World Of Vasily Klyukin

Vasily Klyukin is Russian born self-made billionaire who earned his riches in banking and real estate before turning his entrepreneurial skills to science fiction, architecture and yacht design. In 2015 he purchased a ticket to become the first potential space tourist from Monaco where he now lives. Born in 1976 in Moscow, he obtained appraiser and auditor’s diplomas and worked himself up from a cashier’s position. In 2003, together with his brother and other partners, he acquired the Buycombank. This was renamed the Soycombank and became one of the top hundred Russian banks. Since 2007 he has been engaged in real estate and property development and in 2010 he turned his attention to architecture and design, releasing his architectural album “Designing Legends”, containing 50 of his concepts for future towers, office buildings, museums and opera houses.

Klyukin’s dream is that every building should be unique and should have its own story or legend. “The buildings are the face of the city. The extraordinary buildings benefit the city and beautify it for centuries”.

So far none of these have been constructed but in 2014 the signing of a contract, for the construction of White Sails Hospital and Spar in Tunisia Economic City, was announced. (see above). This $50billion megacity is planned to be built by a Tunisian businessman over the next 15 years. It dwarfs anything he’s put together so far and in spite of its design it doesn’t actually sail anywhere, but is intended to be a state-of-the-art hospital where patients can get treatment and recover from illness in idyllic surroundings.

Unlike his other designs, this one could actually become a reality!

Klyukin moves into yacht design

In September 2014, at the Monaco Yacht Show, Klyukin presented 6 sci-fi-looking yacht concepts for the bold and adventurous luxury traveller. Instantly recognisable by their individuality they take their inspiration from metropolises, animals and artists and are all conceived to be striking, unique superyachts. Their metal and glass features vibrant primary colours and brilliant expanses of lights which define the motifs and themes of each design ensure that once built they will stand out at sea….if they get that far.

White Swan



Red Shark


In 2015 Klyukin came up with the concept of a helicopter-jet-yacht “Monaco 2050” which is planned to be built by 2050. He expects it to set a new industry standard within the next 35 years and he is imagining what billionaires will next desire now that yachts with helipads and helicopters are becoming a superyacht standard. His dream is of a vessel that will serve as a launch pad for private jets that can take off vertically. This is the sort of yacht he would like to own in the future.

Monaco 2050

Other Interests

As if his banking and designing were not enough, Klyukin enjoys an extensive range of outdoor pursuits. He has climbed Everest, raced down the Olympic bobsleigh track, jumped from the Aukland TV tower, won the skiing medal “ThreeValleys” over three days, flown hot air balloons and hang-gliders, explored the Mayan pyramids and zip lined through the jungles of Central America, to mention just a few. In 2013 he held the first professional exhibition of his sculptures and in 2015 released his first book of fiction “Collective Mind”. He has also been awarded a medal for his participation in charitable activities.

Just reading about his achievements is exhausting. But what we want to know is will any of his weird and wonderful yacht designs ever be built? Will we encounter a floating building, a massive red shark or a huge white swan sailing towards us on our journeys? Who knows? Knowing the past feats of this incredible man – I wouldn’t be at all surprised!

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