How Your Boat Can Keep You in Better Physical Shape


Most people know that a boat can fill your life with entertainment and help you bond with your friends and family members – but they underestimate the impact a boat can have on your physical shape. With the right boat and the right attitude, you can get a ton of exercise while enjoying your time on the water and prolong your lifespan in the process.

The Importance of Physical Exercise

The benefits of physical exercise are hard to ignore. People who exercise on a regular basis are less likely to face obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even mental health afflictions like depression and anxiety. Accordingly, people who regularly exercise are likely to live longer and more fulfilling lives.

As you get older, physical exercise becomes even more important. Regularly exercising prevents your body from breaking down prematurely and can keep you active and engaged with your environment for a longer period of time.

Incidental Exercise While Boating

Just owning a boat and taking it out on a regular basis can provide you with a little bit of incidental exercise, such as:

  • Getting out of the house. For starters, boating gets you out of the house. Once you're sitting on the couch and watching TV, it's hard to get your body moving. The stagnation and sedentary lifestyles of most people keep them trapped in an unstimulating pattern. But if you want to go fishing or just enjoy an ocean view, you need to break out of your rut and get out of the house. You have to leave for the docks and walk around, no matter what.
  • Tying, anchoring, and docking. No matter what kind of vessel you have, you'll need to spend some time tying knots, anchoring the boat, and docking it properly. All these activities require some bit of human strength and coordination. They're not incredibly demanding, but they could leave you winded and will definitely allow you to work all the muscles of your body.
  • Maintaining your balance. If you're used to being at sea, you may no longer think about it, but while you're on the waves, your body is constantly readjusting its balance. You need to shift your weight and move around in different ways to avoid being thrown by the water. All these little shifts and changes in your posture require muscular coordination and exertion of effort; in other words, just maintaining your balance on a boat is a form of exercise.
  • Sailing and guiding a boat. If you have a sailboat or some other vessel that relies on human power to keep moving, you're going to exert yourself significantly. By the end of your journey, your muscles are going to be sore.
  • Boat cleaning. If you want your boat to continue looking as good as new, or if you're trying to maximize its resale value, you'll need to spend time cleaning it on a regular basis. but boat cleaning isn't always easy or straightforward; sometimes you need to get on your knees and scrub the decks. It's a physically demanding activity that can help to keep your body in shape.
  • Boat repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Don't forget about repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. If you do your own work on the boat, you'll know that replacing an engine part or installing some interesting new feature can be a tiring yet rewarding experience. This, too, counts as physical exercise.

Any amount of exercise you get is beneficial, so the power of these activities shouldn't be underestimated. However, if you want to maintain your muscle mass and get even more powerful cardiovascular benefits, you'll need to engage in more moderate to strenuous physical exercise. And for that, you'll need to pick up at least one boating hobby.

Boating-Related Hobbies

Once you open the door to boating-related hobbies, the options for exercise become much more diverse and much more accessible.

These are just some of the boating hobbies that can get your heart rate up and provide you with all the benefits of moderate to strenuous activity:

  • Game fishing. Most people imagine fishing to be a peaceful and relaxing sport where you spend most of your time on the verge of napping. But if you're game fishing for very strong species, it's a totally different story. You could be battling a swordfish or a Marlin for literally hours, testing your strength, endurance, and stamina in the process. By the time you get the fish in the boat, you'll be exhausted and ready for a shower.
  • Swimming. Swimming is also one of the best physical exercises you can do. It forces you to coordinate muscles throughout your body, engaging your arms, your legs, and your core all at the same time. Assuming you maintain a decent pace, it's also a great cardiovascular exercise like running or biking – but it's much easier on your joints. Just make sure you wear a lifejacket or some other protective equipment if you're swimming in an open body of water.
  • Wakeboarding and water skiing. With the right type of boat, you can practice wakeboarding and water skiing, along with other similar hobbies. These activities require you to hold on to a rope and maintain your balance while performing tricks; it’s another full-body exercise that can keep you adequately stimulated.
  • Boat shows. Going to a boat show may not seem like exercise, but you’ll spend a long time walking around and climbing onto different vessels during your experience.
  • Paddleboarding and kayaking. Boating comes in many forms. You can get an excellent workout if you use a totally human-powered vessel, like a paddleboard or a kayak, to enjoy the water.

Are you ready to start looking for a boat that can keep you healthy and in shape for years to come? Or are you looking to upgrade your current vessel? You’re in the right place. Check out our vast selection of new and used boats for sale from all over the world – and you’ll probably find whatever you’re looking for.

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