Best places in the world to live for yacht lovers

Port de Saint-Tropez, France

In the UK, the superyacht industry turns over nearly £700m and employs over 4,500 people. Before the pandemic hit, the number of people participating in yacht cruising was increasing year on year and reached a whopping 370 thousand people in 2018.

So, if you’re a yacht owner or hope to rent a yacht to use regularly, where are the best places in the world to live in order to feed your yachting obsession? The writers at the Luxury Property Show pick their top 5.

Port de Saint-Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez is well-known as a luxurious and glamorous spot on the French Riviera. With 734 berths available, it is perfect for docking a yacht and enjoying everything that the South of France has to offer. With views of the beautiful coastline and the Maures mountains, you can enjoy almost three thousand hours of sunshine per year, making it one of the sunniest destinations in France

Capri, Italy

Marina di Capri, Italy

The island of Capri in Italy attracts the rich and famous due to its stunning landscape and luxurious lifestyle. Enjoy its beautiful beaches, grab a coffee or dinner in the famous Piazza Umberto square, experience world-class shopping and visit the natural landmarks that make this island so enchanting. The Marina Grande has 300 berths and can accommodate yachts as big as 60-metres in length.

Ibiza Magna, Spain

If nightlife is what you’re looking for, why not dock your yacht in Ibiza? The marina is just a stone’s throw away from the casinos and nightclubs. Living in this area, however, may be a bit too lively for some. Many perceive Ibiza to be just about the parties, but there are plenty quieter spots on the island too, such as Cala Llonga and Puerto San Miguel.

Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island

Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island

Greater Victoria is a nature lover’s dream, so if you enjoy spotting wildlife and picturesque surroundings, this area is for you. Hop on your yacht and take a trip to the wonderous Gulf Islands, spot the marine wildlife and enjoy the beaches of Sooke. You’ll also experience a temperate climate here and you’ll be within easy reach of the city of Victoria, which is full of colonial history, great restaurants and has plenty to do. The Victoria International Marina offers moorage for yachts from 65′ to 175.

Lefkas Marina, Ionian Islands

Lefkada has a modern marina and fantastic facilities, including a reception office in the control tower. A short walk from here is the heart of the town with plenty of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. Sail through rich turquoise waters, explore colourful towns and villages, and soak up the countryside. You can also enjoy some of the best beaches in the world here, with a mixture of soft sandy shores and pebbly coves.

What to consider when buying a property near a port or marina

If you’re thinking of buying a property near one of the lovely marinas listed above, or any marina or port, it’s worth considering a few things beforehand.

  1. Could you get more for your money inland?

It’s usually the case that the closer you are to the port or marina, the more expensive your property will be! You pay for spectacular views and a fantastic location, but it may be worth looking for somewhere further inland if you want to get more space for your money.

  1. An excellent investment

On the upside, a property close to a port or marina is likely to be an excellent investment opportunity. You may wish to consider the potential for renting out your property before you buy it. It could be worth conducting some research into the rental demand and prices in the area.

  1. What is the property for?

Before you buy, think carefully about what you’ll use the property for. If you’ll be using it as your permanent residence, ensure that you’re near the required amenities, such as shops and transport links. If the property is purely somewhere to stop whilst you step off your yacht for the evening, then you may be happier with a smaller property that’s close to the marina.

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