18 Fun Summer Boating Activities Everyone Needs to Try


For many people, just being on a boat is enough. Feeling the waves and enjoying the sun is plenty to find relaxation and stimulation. But for others, it’s important to find a fresh assortment of maritime activities to try.

The Benefits of Trying New Activities

Trying new activities can introduce you to new hobbies you might otherwise never have considered. Thinking about an activity and actually doing it are two totally different things; even if it doesn’t sound immediately appealing, you might have a hidden affinity for it.

Additionally, trying new activities is a way of exposing yourself to novelty. New types of experiences are much more memorable than familiar ones, and can improve your memory retention. On top of that, living a life that’s rich in novel experiences tends to increase life satisfaction, especially over a long period of time.

Adventures in Summer Boating

You might have tried some of these activities in the past, but many of them will be new to you:

  1. Swim. Not all aquatic areas permit swimming, especially if there’s a danger of boats coming by. But taking your boat out to an isolated area and swimming can be a liberating experience (and a great form of exercise). Just make sure you know the risks of swimming in a particular area and that you have plenty of safety equipment on hand.
  2. Fish. It’s one of the most commonly enjoyed boating activities, but there are many ways you can spice up your fishing activities. For example, you can try fishing in a completely new area or try to capture a new species. You could also participate in a tournament and try to catch the biggest fish within a group of people.
  3. Spearfish. You can make things even more interesting by going spearfishing. It requires more precision and greater reflexes – and is the perfect challenge for an avid angler.
  4. Race. If you have a power boat, or if you have access to one, consider taking it out for a race. Even if you’re not in a competitive environment, you can test the limits of your vessel and hit high speeds on the water.
  5. Wakeboard. Wakeboarding is a fun activity that lets you feel high speeds while testing your physical endurance. It’s not right for everyone, but thrill-seekers find it to be an unparalleled activity on the water.
  6. Water ski. Similarly, you might try water skiing. It shares a lot in common with wakeboarding but has different subtleties in the required movements. Test your mettle by trying different tricks!
  7. Water ski… barefoot. If water skiing just wasn’t exciting enough for you, try it barefoot. It’s an exhilarating experience that’s difficult to put into words. You’ll need to hit higher speeds than water skiing normally, but it’s otherwise more approachable than you might think.
  8. Spend the night on the water. Is there space to sleep on your boat? If so, consider spending the night on the water.
  9. Dive. If you live in a deep-water area and you have the right equipment, consider diving. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the diversity of life that lives beneath the surface.
  10. Snorkel. If diving is a bit too much for you, snorkelling is a solid alternative that doesn’t require as much equipment or training.
  11. Try SUP. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) doesn’t require a boat, but a boat could help you get to a better area. It keeps you active and engaged in your environment as you casually move through the water.
  12. Install something new. Bored of your current setup? Consider installing something new on your boat. It could be a new accessory or a new high-tech device, or it could be a modification to equipment that you already have. Either way, it’s a rewarding activity with functional benefits.
  13. Buy an old boat and restore it. If you like putting in work, consider buying an old boat for cheap and restoring it. It could keep you busy all summer.
  14. Go on a long-distance tour. Turn your boating activity into a kind of marathon. See a multitude of different destinations or thoroughly explore a certain body of water.
  15. Rent a new type of boat for a day. If you have a boat you know and love, you’ve probably taken it out dozens, or even hundreds of times. So why not try out an entirely new type of boat for the day? If you’re used to a slow-moving boat built for cruising, try out a powerful speed boat (or vice versa).
  16. Sail. Sailing ranges from a peaceful aquatic activity to a physically demanding competitive sport. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, sailing will demand your attention. It’s also incredibly rewarding, so when you’re done for the day, you’ll feel accomplished.
  17. Jet Ski. Also known generically as “Personal Watercraft” (PWC) as Jet Ski is a brand specific to Kawasaki). You can also take a PWC on the water if you’ve never tried it before. PWCs tend to be faster and more manoeuvrable – and in some ways, they put you closer to the water. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even try some tricks on them.
  18. Watch fireworks from the water. Sometimes, the simplest activities are the most enjoyable. You’ve probably seen a lot of fireworks displays in your life, but have you ever witnessed an explosive display from the water? The stillness and spaciousness of the open water can take the experience to new heights. Plus, if it’s legal in your area (and you have a fire extinguisher onboard), you might be able to set off some fireworks of your own.

If you’re new to the boating world, or if you’re interested in a boat that can handle more of the activities on this list, you’re likely in the market for a new vessel. Fortunately, at TheYachtMarket, we’ve got plenty of options. Check out our extensive list of boats for sale today, and find the perfect boat for you and your family!

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