How to Sell Your Boat Faster

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You might be selling your boat because you need the cash, because you’re looking to upgrade, or even because you’ve inherited a boat and you don’t know what to do with it. In any case, you might be interested in selling your boat faster.

A faster route to closing the deal means you’ll spend less time and less money on advertising. You’ll have fewer headaches and can move onto the next phase of your life quicker. It also means you’ll get money in your pocket faster – which is crucial if you’re selling your boat because of money issues.

The question is, how can you sell your boat faster?

Use the Right Platform

First, make sure you list your boat using the right platform. If you place an ad for a boat that only gets seen by 1,000 people, you probably won’t have as much buyer interest as you would listing your boat on a platform that’s frequented by hundreds of thousands of people. Visibility is essential if you want to succeed.

On top of that, you’ll want to choose a platform that makes it easy for you to list. Ideally, you’ll be able to put together your listing in the span of just a few minutes – rather than spending days finalizing your listing.

That’s why so many boat sellers turn to TheYachtMarket. TheYachtMarket lists new and used boats for sale for buyers all over the world. It’s remarkably easy to search for the boat you want – and just as easy to list your boat for sale.

Get It Fixed

Before you list your boat, however, it’s a good idea to inspect it for damage and conduct repairs if necessary. If your buyer visits your boat in person and finds that it’s unable to start, they’re probably not going to move forward with the purchase.

If you’re not familiar with the mechanics of boats, don’t worry; you’ll just need to call in a professional. Hire a boat inspector to go over your vessel thoroughly and explain what’s wrong with it. From there, you’ll need to decide which repairs you want to make.

Major repairs may be costly and may take some extra time to complete. However, they’ll often benefit you in the long run; not only will you be able to ask a higher selling price for the vessel, but you’ll also end up selling it quicker.

Clean It Up

Even though the “heart” of your boat may operate perfectly fine, some buyers will inevitably be turned off if the surface is unattractive.

In the real estate world, “curb appeal” is essential. Curb appeal refers to the superficial image of the exterior of a house; clean siding, beautiful landscaping, and an inviting front door can instantly help a home sell faster and for a higher price.

In the boating world, you’ll be faced with a similar concept. It’s important to ensure your boat makes a favourable first impression and that it appears clean and beautiful.

  • Thoroughly wash. The first step is the easiest; give your boat a thorough wash. A full scrub, from top to bottom, will get rid of all the dirt, mildew, and debris that might otherwise give a new buyer a bad impression.
  • Declutter and stage. Just as you would when selling a home, consider decluttering and staging your boat. Get rid of any personal items and unnecessary objects on the boat and keep it as free and clear as possible when taking photos.
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint. If your boat looks old or worn, consider throwing on a fresh coat of paint. It can make a big difference.
  • Get a detail job. Either way, get a detail job done. A thorough inspection and a final coat of wax can make your boat shine.
  • Take professional photos. When you’re done, make sure you show off your boat in the best possible light. Hire a professional photographer to snap some shots of your vessel.

Keep the Paperwork in Order

It’s a small step to take, but an important one if you want the deal to close faster. Make sure you gather all the requisite paperwork for your vessel. This includes the title, your boat registration, a bill of sale, and possibly even maintenance records. You may also want to find a notary who can notarize the transaction.

Lower the Price

If you want to sell the boat faster, consider lowering the price. You obviously won’t get as much of a return, but you can practically guarantee that you’ll finalize the deal faster. Consider listing the boat at your target price initially, then prepare to lower that price after a week or two (depending on your timetable).

Be Prepared to Negotiate

You should also be prepared to negotiate. Most used boat buyers will want to bring the asking price down before moving in to finish the exchange. After a buyer visits your boat in person and inspects it, they may be prepared to make an offer. If that offer is lower than your asking price, you should know what your limits are in advance; how low are you willing to go to complete the sale? Are you willing to make other compromises to hasten the deal?

Invest in Further Marketing

If you’re not seeing many interested buyers and you don’t want to lower the price, consider investing in further marketing and advertising for your vessel. If you’ve advertised your boat on a marketplace website, you’ll probably have various options to get some extra exposure for your advert. It’s a relatively small investment that could help you sell the boat in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months.

Ready to sell your boat as quickly as possible? The best place to start is listing with TheYachtMarket as a private seller. Start your listing today in just four easy steps!

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