Working Collaboratively With New And Old International Partners


Blue Fin Yachts Ltd. has an enviable reputation in the superyacht and yachting arena as a world leader in coatings innovation, design and customised finishes for all vessels and all substrate types. With over 26 years’ experience of supplying specialist coatings we also lead in innovation and collaboration, building new partnerships and researching new coatings technology - improving efficiency and durability. 

BlueFin Ltd. are proud to announce that along with our growing research and development department we are also now working collaboratively with Atlantic Yacht Services SL: in Alicante, Spain. This collaborative high-specification service station in the Western Mediterranean means a much more cost effective and efficient re-paint or re-fit for your mid-range yacht. 

We look beyond the traditional service provision, ensuring that new coating, processes and surface treatments products can be developed for the benefit of the whole industry. Collaborating in partnership with Plymouth University as well as utilising our own manufacturing site, allows us to access state of the art equipment and processes to develop fresh insight into underwater coatings and new working methodologies to meet future regulations. We are currently hydro-testing polyurethane, acrylic urethane and marine coatings to interrogate wear rates and abrasion resistance; including Teflon smart coatings and treatments.

Over the last couple of years BlueFin Ltd. have been evaluating the effect of salt water flow, cavitation and wear on high speed craft, testing in the English Channel using our independently monitored trial vessel. Working closely with our partners we are developing new working methodologies to support futuristic and efficient, fast vessels. This in turn enables us to advise our clients on coating suitability and develop technology driven solutions for future projects.

Building on all our innovative work, including coatings for high-speed such as the Glider yacht, and time spent in research and testing of coatings we are now collaborating with the constructors of high speed extreme IMOCA 60 class racing yacht, Hugo Boss, in further testing and development of innovative coatings at speed and in demanding conditions. 

We are committed to discovering new applications for materials not traditionally used in the superyacht industry, to building partnerships around the world with quantifiable research and development, and collaborating with industry giants, local companies and Universities by leading the field in transferable knowledge and skills; bringing innovation into the superyacht industry.


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