Marinas in the UK


If you are thinking of buying a boat, you'll need somewhere to moor it and to keep it maintained.

Facilities in a marina may include:

  • Re-fuelling
  • Washing and repair facilities
  • Ship chandlers
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Car parks
  • Out-of-water storage
  • Boast Hoist

Boats in marinas are moored on buoys or floating walkways. Buoys are cheaper to rent but less convenient than being able to walk from land to boat. Harbor shuttles, known as "water taxis", may be available for transfers between shore and boat.

Marinas will charge fees for most services. Facilities such as parking, picnic areas, pub and restaurants, and showers, are usually included as part of a long-term rental package.

Marinas may be owned and operated by a private club, such as yacht clubs. They are usually located along the banks of rivers connecting to lakes or seas and may be inland, sometimes up to as much as twenty-five kilometres’ from the river's mouth.

Here are some popular marinas in the UK:

Brixham Harbour, Devon

Brixham Harbour is located on the southern aspect of Tor Bay and boasts one of the largest fishing fleets in the UK with nearly 150 vessels, plus a thriving fish market to support it.

Aberystwyth Marina, Wales

Boating and sea fishing enthusiasts are poised to explore Wales's West Coast waters and coastal destinations from the new Aberystwyth Marina.

The picturesque harbour of the West Wales seaside town has been dramatically remodelled to provide permanent berths for over 100 vessels, signalling a major boost for the University town and Mid Wales tourism. To celebrate the new Marina many prestigious vessels have visited the Marina including the yacht MAIDEN, famous for its voyages around the world along with the 97 foot Training Ship ROYALIST.

Cobb's Quay, Poole

Cobb's Quay is situated at Hamworthy in Holes Bay within Poole Harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world. Much of the shoreline is undeveloped and there are many inlets and small islands to explore by boat.

Caley Marina, Inverness, Scotland

Situated on the Caledonian Canal in Inverness, this marina offers a perfect place to moor up your boat and take in the sites.

Capital of the Highlands, Inverness is an excellent shopping centre and also boasts the beautiful Eden Court Theatre, a swimming pool and an ice rink. Three and a half miles from Inverness is the site of the Battle of Culloden (1746) where there is also a small exhibition and slide show.

Cowes Yacht Haven, Isle of Wight

Cowes Yacht Haven, the world's premier yachting event centre and home to some of the most prestigious yachting events, competitive sailing, leisurely classic boat regattas, power-boating, special events, and much more.

Cowes is also fine destination for the cruising yachtsman and his family, offering excellent facilities, friendly service and a unique atmosphere from the moment you step ashore.

Cowroast Marina, Tring, London

The Inland Waterways offer a variety of facilities for the private boat owner but few can match Cowroast Marinas, one on the Grand Union at Tring and its sister, Fenny Marina, on the Oxford Canal. The two centres are ideally placed for mooring in the South Midlands and the South East and offer all the usual services, engineering, slipway, narrowboat brokerage, chandlery, gas, diesel, pump-out and elsan disposal.

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