Fletcher Boats

Norman Fletcher’s first love was racing cars! After building his first car in the back of his model shop in West Bromwich in 1963, he soon received requests to build boats.

Best of British

Nowadays, Fletcher is one of the few mass production boat companies in the UK. Self-acclaimed ‘boutique boat builders’, Fletcher offers the highest standard of service.

Almost everything produced at the Fletcher factory is built in-house or sourced locally. So spares are at their fingertips, and repairs can be carried out onsite. In fact, customers can visit the Fletcher factory and watch their boat being built.

A time to remember …

In the late 1950s, although England was rebuilding itself from the devastation of the war, the swinging 60s were about to revive the country. Over the following 10 years Fletcher Boats proved to be a force in the market and became the largest producer of boats outside the United States.

Norman Fletcher was fanatical about producing the highest quality boat at the best possible price. Investing in technology, research and design, Fletcher appeared at every boat show with a new model.

After a buyout by Hornby in 1988 and the recession of the 90s, the company needed to streamline costs. One way of keeping the companies head above water was for SBS Trailers to exclusively supply trailers to Fletcher. Design and branding would stay the same - and so began the start of a long alliance between the two companies.

SBS was looking to relocate premises, so when Fletcher got into more financial difficulty, SBS approached them with a buyout deal and managed to secure the deal – another new chapter. Both business now occupy a factory of 70,000 square feet. Although the days of mass production are long forgotten, Fletcher has re-established the existing range and focuses on quality, and a more tailored service.

The range

The most famous name in British sportsboats, Fletcher produces world class, classic performance boats including the ArrowFlash, Arrow Hawk, Dell Quay Dory Fish and the Dell Quay Dory Sportsman.

The increasing popularity of wakeboarding prompted Fletcher to introduce its Wakesport range. Developing their existing inboard range Fletcher now offer an alternative to the ‘tower bolted to boat’ option.

Why buy Fletcher?

Reassurance – simple! Fletchers offer the best Deep V hull designs money can buy - hulls which inspire absolute confidence, hulls which are soft with dependable handling, hulls that go onto the plane fast and ride high.

Since the foundation of the original company, Fletcher Boats have developed a reputation for quality, innovation and technological excellence.

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