Take a look at the new Multipurpose Space Yacht from Japan.

TheYachtMarket World Exclusive – In association with global space agencies, the Space Yacht is Powered by a pair of revolutionary Scramjets (supersonic combusting ramjets) whilst in the air and making her transition to orbit. Her first flight is due in days and subject to clear weather and landing conditions.

Weightlessness Guaranteed

It is hoped that after successful launch and testing, the Space Yacht will be carrying her first fee paying passengers by as early as November this year. Full visibility of earth is assured with her spectacular “Vision Ports”.  After a full four days in orbit, she can safely land on the ocean well as on land.

As she is fully airtight, she is also capable of making submersible trips to depths of 36,200 feet. From the Mariana Trench to Orbit in only 30 minutes, the ride is sure to be exhilarating! As soon as we have more news on this exciting new craft, we will be sure to update you.

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