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Beneteau Figaro 3
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£212 799 GBP
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Glass Reinforced Plastic hull
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Cowes, Royaume-Uni

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The Beneteau Figaro 3 is the first production foiling one-design monohull ever to be designed and manufactured at scale.

This yacht has been principally designed for the Figaro Class and is the world's leading one-design single and short-handed ocean racing yacht. The Figaro Beneteau 3 is within an accessible and affordable budget for racers and sponsors and the class championship series includes the renowned flagship race, la Solitaire du Figaro (the unofficial world championships of solo sailing), an annual event that brings together both new and the most experienced short-handed sailors for equally matched racing, using equally matched strict one-design equipment.

Short-handed sailing is the fastest growing discipline in keelboat racing, and this yacht is the pinnacle platform, and class, in which to hone your skills and compete against the world's best at the highest level.

We are working towards building an active Beneteau Figaro 3 fleet in the UK, as well as short-handed coaching and training support facilities. Be sure to make contact with Nick Moloney at our Cowes office for more information.




Similar to the IMOCA 60 design concept, the mast is set aft in the yacht, providing enhanced balance under sail as well as assisting control whilst under auto-pilot. This also allows the use of high-performance sail geometry and the addition of projected sails from a bowsprit. This yacht is powered by a square-top mainsail, a genoa, jib, and a masthead spinnaker helping generate maximum power in lighter winds.

In the sail inventory is also a small gennaker for strong down-wind, fast sailing conditions.

1 Flat Brittany 12kg anchor

10m of 8mm diameter anchor chain

42m of 14mm diameter anchor warp

Figaro 3 fender kit

foil protectors

2 waterproof pouf's

1 Toolbag

1 Pharmacy kit (no medicines)

Figaro 3 interior stowage kit = 6 storage bags (2 bow, 2 midships, 2 stern)

Price includes delivery of the yacht to Port Hamble and includes commissioning.

The specifications define the Beneteau Figaro 3 monohull as being as reliable as its predecessor, the Beneteau Figaro 2. It is equipped with foils, a more slender and deeper keel, a setback mast, and a more extensive and larger sail plan.


Made of foam sandwich, fiberglass and polyester infused resin, the construction of this yacht corresponds to current designs and is ballast-free.


Deep keel, with a straight blade, aimed at minimum drag. Supplementary leeway reduction is provided by the foils.


Contrary to many Imoca 60 foils, the Beneteau Figaro 3 foils have an inward-facing profile. The way they operate is different, they are versatile foils that create leeway reduction and improve the boat’s righting moment, which improves the boat’s performance. The yacht is also equipped with twin rudders.

Length overall :

10.85 m

Hull Length :

9.75 m

Hull Beam :

3.40 m

Light displacement : 2900 kg

CE Certification: A

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Détails supplémentaires sur le nombre de cabines
Figaro 3 North Sails pack

1 Mainsail, composite 3Di

1 J2, composite 3Di

1 J3, composite 3Di

1 Kevlar gennaker

1 A2 nylon asymmetrical spinnaker - red

1 A4 nylon asymmetrical spinnaker - white

1 Gennaker Furler + anti-twist cable

1 Sail awning - Charcoal Grey

Mainsail area: 39.5 m² (420 ft²)

Jib area: 30.5 m² (323 ft²)

Large spinnaker area: 105 m² (125 yd²)

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