Keys-wide Underwater Clean-Up during Get into Your Sanctuary 2016 Celebration

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Blue Star certified charter operators are calling all divers to participate in underwater clean-ups throughout the Florida Keys on June 25th and 26th during the National Get into Your Sanctuary celebration.

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary encompasses the most extensive coral reef ecosystem in the continental United States. The biological diversity of marine organisms found here is often breath taking, beautiful, and fragile. It is not uncommon to spot over 75 species of reef fish on just one dive! Witnessing the majestic grace of a spotted eagle ray or the territorial behaviour of a dusky damsel, are sights prized by many divers.

Take this opportunity to give back to the coral reef. Divers receive discounted diving rates and the opportunity to apply their skills to cleaning up the marine environment and giving back to the resource. It also gives divers the opportunity to dive with operators dedicated to education and coral reef conservation. Blue Star operators are assisting in protecting the environment in which they work.




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