10+ Items You Need For Your New Boat

Essential Items For A New Boat

You've just brought home your new boat – now all of the fun can begin! Whether you plan to drive around with friends and party, or you want to relax with your family on the water, you will want to outfit your boat with some essential items.

These are the things that almost every boat needs, whether it’s a pontoon boat, yacht or other kind of boat. And, while you might be anxious to get out on the water and enjoy your new sea vessel, being prepared will save you a lot of stress down the road. Plus, gathering and shopping for gadgets and toys for your new boat can be a lot of fun.

From safety products to gadgets, here are the essential items you need for your new boat, as recommended by the team at TheYachtMarket.

Section 1: Safety Items

This first section will cover some of the essential safety items you need for your boat. Having necessary safety objects on board your boat is vital, so check out this list and do some further research to ensure you have all your bases covered.

  1. Life Jackets and Other Floatation Devices
    Floating devices are of the utmost importance, no matter what kind of boat you have. Ensure you have a life jacket for everyone on board. It's also a good idea to buy a couple extras if you plan to have more people on board at some point. You may consider purchasing a few different sizes to ensure all guests are safe. Along with life jackets, it's also wise to have a flotation tube or something similar that you can throw into the water.
  2. A Whistle, Horn, Or Other Sound Device
    While no one wants to end up in an emergency, it's vital to be prepared. Ensure you have some sort of loud device you can use to make noise. This way, you can alert others in the area if you need help. A sound device is especially important if something happens when the weather or landscape makes it hard to see very far.
  3. Marine VHF radio
    A marine VHF radio is your best bet if you genuinely get stranded or lost. This is an essential safety component that every boater should have, and this is especially true if you'll be out on the ocean where other boaters might be few and far between.
  4. A First Aid Kit
    Accidents can happen while you're on a boat. It's essential to have some basic medical supplies on hand in case of an emergency. As you spend more time on your boat, you may learn more about which items to keep in your kit, but to start with, a solid option you can purchase in-store or online is a good bet.

    Along with having a first aid kit, it's wise to learn some basic skills in case of a medical emergency. Consider taking a CPR class.
  5. Food and Water
    While you might have a smaller boat that doesn't have much room for supplies, it's still wise to bring some extra things to eat and drink with you. Water is essential, as you can get dehydrated quickly. You can keep a small compartment or secured bin on board with you at all times. Consider including water bottles, granola bars, and other emergency options.
  6. Extra Clothes/Blankets
    Regardless of where you plan to boat, the weather can change quickly on the water. It can be mostly sunny in the morning and promptly turn stormy in the afternoon. So, be sure to have extra clothes on hand to prepare for bad weather. It's a good idea to have some extra blankets but be especially sure you have clothes that protect you from the rain and other elements.
  7. An Anchor
    Being able to keep your boat in place is very important, so you'll need an anchor that works for the size of your boat and the boating conditions you expect to experience. This means you'll need to do a bit of research to determine the best kind of anchor for your particular seacraft, but it is vital to always have one on board.

Section 2: Gadgets, Technology, and Fun

While safety items are most important, you can also consider adding some things for your own enjoyment.

  1. Fish Finder Technology
    If you love to fish, consider making the process more straightforward with fish finder technology. You'll be able to spot when items are under you; this can also be useful for knowing if you're getting too close to a submerged object.
  2. Snorkel/Goggles
    If you plan to explore the water, keeping some snorkelling equipment on board is an excellent idea. Even if you only have training and experience swimming near the top of the water, it's still fun to see the water below.
  3. A GPS
    Many boats have a GPS included, but if yours doesn't, this is a cool gadget that also acts as a safety device. Often when you're on the water, you won't have excellent cell phone service, so a GPS will help you navigate much easier.
  4. Wakeboard/Water Ski/Tube
    If you have a powerboat, one of these activities is a great way to enjoy the water. But, even if you don't have a motorboat, you can still bring along a large tube to help you relax in the water. Having something extra to do while out on your boat is always a lot of fun.

Find Your New Boat Today

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