Sunseeker Yachts for Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

sunseeker boat

If you’re thinking about buying a yacht, you’ll need to seek a brand that you trust. There are dozens, if not hundreds of yacht brands all over the world, all competing to be a favourite of yacht owners everywhere. So how can you know which brands are most appropriate for your yacht purchase?

In this guide, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Sunseeker, one of the top names for yacht manufacturers, and for good reason. Is a Sunseeker yacht right for you? And if so, where can you find Sunseeker yachts for sale?

A Brief History of Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker International is a motor yacht brand based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1969, the company was originally called Poole Power Boats, changing its name in 1985. It is currently the largest UK-based luxury yacht manufacturing company, by revenue, and has more than 2,600 employees.

Over the years, Sunseeker has been the recipient of many awards and honours, and in 2013, it was announced that the Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group would purchase a 91.8 percent stake in the company for £320M. However, the company’s operations have remained relatively unchanged.

Sunseeker boats have also been featured prominently in pop culture. In the James Bond series, Sunseeker yachts have been seen in The World Is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002), Casino Royale (2006), and Quantum of Solace (2008). The character Wolverine was also interested in buying a retirement Sunseeker yacht in the film Logan.

Why Look for Sunseeker Yachts for Sale?

So why would you consider buying a Sunseeker yacht, above any other yacht brand?

There are a few unique strengths that Sunseeker offers:

  • History. The Sunseeker brand started as a small manufacturing company over 50 years ago. Since then, the company has grown into a monumental international brand with thousands of skilled designers, engineers, and craftspeople. The heritage of the brand lends itself to good yacht design—and it leaves an impression on people. Plus, if and when you need maintenance on the vessel, you’ll have no shortage of support to help you get things in order.
  • Hand craftsmanship. Many modern yacht brands have invested in automation, digital production, and other measures to cut costs. But Sunseeker is still committed to hand-building and hand-finishing their vessels. Sunseeker is a brand that prioritizes the passing of skills from one generation to the next and puts genuine care into every yacht they produce.
  • Commitment to quality. Sunseeker is also committed to producing yachts of the highest possible quality. They use the best parts and materials and have dedicated staff members making sure everything is absolutely perfect before any vessel rolls off the assembly line. Sunseeker yachts have a long lifespan, when cared for properly, and provide more reliability and functionality than many competing brands.
  • Variety. Over the years, the Sunseeker brand has designed and produced dozens of different models of yacht, so there’s something for everyone. Models from the 1990s, like the Portofino 31, are still iconic, offering cockpits that can accommodate large groups of people. Additionally, the Tomahawk 37 offered a unique blend of performance, enjoyment, and fun. Bigger boats, like the Renegade 60 and the Predator 80, offered more luxurious interiors and more impressive prowess in the industry. Bigger and better motor yachts, like the 105 yacht, the 131 yacht, and the most recent 161 yacht, have set new standards for super yacht development. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s likely a Sunseeker option for you.

Finding a Good Deal on a Sunseeker Yacht for Sale

Sunseeker is a high-quality yacht brand, and that means they cost more than most run-of-the-mill boats. However, as far as yachts go, they can be quite affordable—especially if you utilize these strategies to find a better deal on Sunseeker yachts for sale:

  • Talk to Sunseeker owners. It’s also a good idea to go to local yachting or boating meetups and talk to people who have owned Sunseeker brand yachts in the past. Have they been satisfied with their purchases? Do they have any tips for people looking to buy a Sunseeker yacht for the first time, like models to avoid or dealers or individuals to contact?
  • Look for Sunseeker yachts for sale online. Use an online platform to search for different Sunseeker yachts currently for sale. You’ll have access to thousands of Sunseeker yachts, and you may be able to find a deal much better than you could find anywhere else.
  • Know what you’re looking for. Learn your stuff. Research different Sunseeker models, including options and features available in each. How much did they sell for new? How much do they go for used? Use this information to judge each potential deal.
  • Personally inspect each craft. Before following through with any purchase, take the time to inspect the vessel (if you’re buying used). Look for signs that the vessel was taken care of by its previous owner. If there’s any lingering damage, or if there are any signs of major wear and tear, make sure they’re reflected in the final price. We always recommend using the services of a professional yacht surveyor if you’re not completely comfortable relying solely on your own inspection.
  • Negotiate on price. If you’re buying from an individual seller, don’t be afraid to negotiate on price—especially if there are defects on this Sunseeker yacht that need to be reflected in the sale.

If you’re looking for Sunseeker yachts for sale, make sure to check out our wide selection. We have used and new Sunseeker yachts for sale all over the world, of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Filter by country, by model, or by currency—and find the perfect yacht for your needs!

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