Shipping your boat

Shipping your boatModern transportation means that boat owners are no longer restricted by what country they live in, and where their dream boat is located.

However, when you buy a boat from a remote destination, or another country, or you want to ship your boat overseas, this can seem like a very daunting prospect.

Shipping your boat inland is relatively easy, but international transportation requires a specialised form of shipping.

Transporting your boat by ship

Transporting your boat through by way of a freight ship is the most straightforward way of moving your boat to a different location. These transport vessels are specifically designed for this purpose, ensuring your boat’s safe arrival.

There is a wide choice of boat delivery companies that you can transport your boat by freight shipping. When choosing your boat transport company, there are a few points you need to consider:

  • What experience do they have of transporting boats internationally? It’s always best to choose a company that specialises in boat transportation.
  • Does the boat delivery services company have sufficient insurance to cover the transportation, loading and unloading of your boat?
  • Does the freight company have the capacity to handle boats of all sizes?
  • Finally, can they provide services including boat preparation and booking a marina?

Transporting your boat by land

While it is most desirable to sail your boat to its new destination, there are times when this is not practical, and the boat must be taken from the water and transported by land.

Size limits for boats being trucked are 100,000 pounds in weight, 18 feet high and 20 feet wide. These limits are set by the limits of the bridges and highways rather than the capacity of the trucks themselves. Most dry dock facilities have the equipment and expertise to transport the boat from the water to the trailer.

The boat trucking company will have a checklist to guide the boat owner in the preparation for the transportation of their boat. These preparations include:

  • Removing all loose items
  • Removing all fuel and water, as well as leaving the drain plugs open
  • Disconnect battery cables
  • Remove all devices that extend outside the hull, such as antennas

For the ultimate in safety and protection, many boat transportation companies use shrink wrapping. If done professionally, this will protect the boat during transportation. However, if carried out incorrectly this could cause more harm than good. Ask the company that you choose if they are using this method.

The cost of transporting your boat will vary depending on the size of your boat, the distance it will need to travel and type of transportation company you use. Top boat transport companies that ship via cargo or freight carrier include:

  • Able Boat Transport
  • Cavalier Logistics
  • Dockwise Yacht Transport
  • JTC Global Transport
  • Murphy Yacht Transport
  • NTA Yacht Transport
  • Sevenstar
  • Yacht Exports
  • Yacht Path International

Your boat is your pride and joy, and one of your most valuable assets. Make sure you research and interrogate the boat transportation company you plan to choose.

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