The Power of On-Line Advertising and Social Media

‘’ has a wide range of ways for you to reach out to that all important customer that is looking to purchase their next boat. Research shows that most boat owners buy and sell on average around 9 boats during their lifetime, so it is just a case of being seen at these key times between the selling and buying of a boat.

Adam Tahir, Senior Account Manager at ‘’ said that “because buyers’ Internet browsing habits can differ drastically, we need to address these varying needs with several different products specifically fit for purpose such as listings on the website and direct e-mail marketing. These products consistently deliver great results offering an excellent return on marketing spend and really get you and your boats noticed”. 

Facebook is too big not to be included in your marketing strategy, it now tops Google Search with over 1.7 billion monthly active users. Advertising on Facebook can also be strategically placed to target specific demographic groups such as ‘males between the ages of 30 to 50 living within Florida who have shown an interest in boating’. How’s that for target marketing! The key point here is that consumers no longer have to search for news or products as through the power of social media and the Internet your products and services can be directly targeted at people looking to buy.

Stephen Evans, Web Developer at ‘’ said “when you think about how quickly the Internet and social media are moving, it’s not surprising that many companies struggle to keep up. It took 13 years for 50 million people to own their own TV but with Facebook adding 200 million users in less than a year, you can see why traditional TV and hard-copy advertising are facing record declines in demand”.

Richard Roberts, CEO added, “’ has almost 100,000 Facebook followers and we regularly feature carefully selected boats to this audience. We’re also currently working to expand our range of marketing solutions to make it easier for our customers to reach their target market through Facebook”.

If you want to know more about how we can promote your company and products to your dream customers, be sure to pick up the phone or e-mail us today for a cost effective, personalised marketing solution.

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