How to Get the Most Out of Every Season as a Boat Owner

Tips for Maximising Seasonal Enjoyment of Your Boat

Some seasons are obviously better than others as a boat owner; during the winter, you may not be able to take your boat out at all. But the truth is, every season has something to offer boat owners, and if you know how to take advantage of those distinctive elements, you'll enjoy your favourite hobby that much more.

Winter Tips for Boat Owners

Winter is typically a sad season for boaters in cold climates, but these tips can keep your hobby alive:

  • Prepare for long-term storage. Storing your vessel in a clean, dry, secure environment is essential to ensure it's ready for next season. It's also a good idea to invest in a tightly fitted cover.
  • Start researching new ideas. Winter is also a great time for researching new ideas. What new activities do you want to try? Which new places do you want to visit? How can you make up for any shortfalls or disappointments you experienced in the past year?
  • Save up. You won't be spending much time or money on your vessel during winter, so this is the perfect time to save up for the things you want to splurge on later.

Spring Tips for Boat Owners

These are some of the most important tips for boat owners to follow in spring:

  • Start getting ready early. If you can, start getting ready early. The first couple of weeks of March might still be a bit too cold for a full expedition, but you can at least start getting your vessel ready and making preparations for the voyages to come.
  • Give your boat a full inspection. Before taking your vessel out for the first time, give it a full inspection. From top to bottom, you'll want to inspect every moving part and every important element for signs of deterioration, damage, or questionable functionality. If anything looks worn, rusted, or otherwise dubious, replace it or restore it.
  • Check your safety equipment. Safety should be a top priority for every boat owner, regardless of season. But spring is the perfect time to check your safety equipment, since it's arguably the time when that equipment is most vulnerable. Make sure you have all the essentials available, check the sizing on your lifejackets, and ensure that all your communication equipment is working properly.
  • Conduct routine maintenance. Spring is also a good time to conduct routine maintenance. For example, you can change the oil on your boat. This is also a great time to clean and wax your vessel, improving its aesthetic appearance but also protecting it from the elements.
  • Hit up new and potentially busy areas. Some people are reluctant to take their boats out until summer warms up the water to a more noticeable degree, but this presents an advantage to you: there are fewer people on the water. Accordingly, if you don't mind slightly lower than average temperatures, spring is a great time to visit new and potentially busy areas.
  • Bundle up. Remember that spring, especially in the early days, can be somewhat chilly, so wear some extra layers when you head out.

Summer Tips for Boat Owners

These tips can give you more value in summer:

  • Keep your boat stocked. You'll likely be using your vessel most frequently during the summer, when temperatures are warm and the weather is good. Develop a plan to keep your boat stocked with all the essentials, so you never have to worry about running low on things.
  • Develop a routine. It's also worthwhile to develop some kind of routine. If you're visiting the same places, engaging in the same activities, and working on the same goals, you'll achieve more consistency if you do things in a regular order.
  • Pay close attention to the weather. Summer is known for its warm and fair weather, but that weather can also change suddenly and without warning. Always pay close attention to weather forecasts before heading out.
  • Invest in sun protection. The sun can be dangerous in any season, but it's especially bad in summer. Adequate sunscreen, applied regularly, hats, and UV protective sunglasses can keep you safe.
  • Join groups and meet new people. Summer is the most popular season for boat enthusiasts, so it's also the best season for joining groups and meeting new people. Make some new friends that you can continue engaging with throughout all the seasons.
  • Take a long vacation. Summer is the perfect season for an extended stay, so if you're interested in taking a long boating vacation, do it now.
  • Get in the water! In summer, the water gets warmer, making it much more inviting to swimmers and other aquatic athletes. Take advantage of it.

Autumn Tips for Boat Owners

As you head into autumn, pay attention to the following:

  • Visit scenic areas. Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season, especially in areas that are filled with dense trees whose leaves change colour. Spend some time this season visiting scenic areas so you can fully absorb their beauty.
  • Slow things down. This is also a calmer, colder season, so consider slowing things down. Peaceful, relaxing activities are a better fit than intense, athletic ones. This is especially valuable as the temperature of the water and air begin to drop.
  • Prioritise lifejackets. Lifejackets are important pieces of safety equipment in all seasons and all weather, but they're even more important in autumn, as falling in the cold water can give you an unpleasant shock and make it harder for you to recover.
  • Shop. In the autumn months, boats and miscellaneous pieces of equipment related to boats go on sale. This makes it an excellent opportunity to shop and stock up on essentials, or trade in your vessel for a newer, better one.
  • Clean and repair your vessel. Before storing your vessel for the winter, give it a thorough cleaning and repair any lingering issues that you've missed during the year.

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