Boat Warranties & Insurance Same difference…?


It's safe to say (isn't it?) that most boat owners hold at least a minimum cover of insurance. 

So, that's 'job done', right? After all, 'insurance' is the same as a 'warranty', yes?

Wrong – and that simple misunderstanding may end up costing you thousands

Boat Warranties & Insurance

It's true, most good insurance policies cover against a range of unfortunate eventualities including loss or damage through theft or vandalism; fire & weather events.

But, what if you break down because of an engine or component failure? What if your microwave goes west just as you're cooking a chicken-ding meal for your better half?

Result = misery that may take the form of going without your romantic dinner for two, or heat exhaustion from being ensconced in a tiny engine compartment trying to fix the doobry-whatsit, or worse still, getting the silent treatment for not sorting 'it' out before you left Port (even though you can't know what you don’t know, can you!)

Boat Warranties & Insurance

Now, while having a Warranty Plan may not stop that pesky doobry-whatsit from failing, it can ease the pain on your wallet – and help you prove to he or she who must be obeyed that while you couldn't have foreseen that the fuel pump failure, you had taken the precaution of purchasing a Warranty Plan.

What a difference: No silent treatment. Instead, a promise of a hearty bowl of cock-a-leekie soup and a roll for being so well organised.

And it’s this point (forward planning, not the soup) that perfectly illustrates the difference between insurance and a Boat Warranty.

Warranty Plans from Boats & Yachts Warranty are designed to reach the parts that insurance policies don't.

Top five reasons our customers make a warranty claim:

  • Gearbox – average repair: £8656
  • Turbo – average repair: £5021
  • ECU/ECM – average repair: £1574
  • Fuel Pump – average repair: £1492
  • Actuator – average repair: £975

If I had a pound for each time I've been told 'I always take care of my boat, it’s been serviced, I'll take the risk,' I'd have enough money for a Caribbean fly-cruise!

My final point - who in their right mind sets sail and thinks ‘I'm feeling lucky today' apart from those amongst you who have too much money; thinks charitably upon the boat repair sector, or bet on Red Rum to win the Grand National three times and placed an each-way bet both times he came in second? 

If you rate peace of mind above parting with your dosh waging on which nag will beat Red Rum's record, then you may consider investing in a Boat Warranty.

Boat Warranties & Insurance

Remember, with a Warranty you're not placing a bet or relying on that relative who reads the tealeaves to foretell everything will be fine.

It's much better than that. You're gaining a sailing partner – one that stays quietly in the background, so you can get on with enjoying yourself aboard – sound in the knowledge that when something goes wrong (and statistically, it will), Boats & Yachts Warranty will be there.


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