5 Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

5. Multi Tool

A multi-tool can come handy in a number of situations and the versatility of the tool is why it is included on this list. Ideally, features to look out for when searching for a multi-tool are knives with locking mechanisms to stop slips, some form of pliers and you want to avoid something that will rust in saltwater. In a pinch, a multi-tool could get you out of a variety of tough situations.

4. Powerful Headlamp

A headlamp provides light while keeping your hands free. A powerful headlamp can be used as a way to signal passing ships in case of emergency. Features to look out for in a headlamp are ease in securing to your head and the power of the light. While more expensive lamps can come with a whole slew of other features the most important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable wearing it. After all, you could have it on your head a lot.

3. Multi-Purpose Watch

A multi-purpose watch, much like the multi-purpose tool, can save your life by keeping you informed of your environment. Features to look out for include a barometer, a thermometer and a compass - all the essential information you need to keep healthy and safe attached at your wrist, after all, information is power. Don’t forget, it should still be a watch, so make sure it has a clock on it too.

2. Personal Locator Beacon

A Personal Locator Beacon will ensure that you can be found should something go really awry. A Beacon must last for 24 hours at minimum at -40 degrees and will usually include a GPS locator to ensure a swift recovery. If you find yourself lost at sea, rescue will be alerted and have your location as soon as you activate this device. Most PLB’s are manual activation, meaning you’ll need to switch on the beacon yourself should you need it.

1. Flotation Suit

Flotation gear, it should be obvious about how it will keep you alive – it keeps you afloat. A good flotation suit provides emergency buoyancy while you’re out at sea, which could very well be what you need to save your life should you fall overboard. In normal wear however, the suit will keep you warm and dry even in the presence of heavy rain. A word of warning though, while these can be worn with a life jacket, it is highly recommended to go for a 275 Newton jacket as this will ensure you stay the right way up.

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