What Are The Best Upgrades I Can To Help Sell My Boat?

Even though the average lifespan for a boat is 15-20 years, many people decide to sell their vessels well before that.

If you no longer have the time to go boating or don't want to deal with ownership expenses, it's perfectly fine to move on.

Nearly 87 million US adults participate in recreational boating. So, the chances are that it won't be hard to find someone willing to buy a used boat.

But to attain the best deal for your recreational asset, you should plug in some simple upgrades that will drastically increase your resale value.

Upgrades That Will Increase Your Boat's Value

A quick facelift and the addition of some modern amenities is a sure-fire way to get your boat market-worthy again. Here are 8 improvements you can make to sell your boat faster:

Replace Or Upgrade Canvas

The canvas of your boat is exposed to rain, wind, and sunlight, which can cause it to stretch, fade or tear. But, even if you get a second-hand, lightly used canvas for a few hundred dollars, it can make your boat stand out.

You can improve the look and functionality of your canvas by making minor changes like adding screens or replacing a worn canvas with a new, better-coloured one. Also, try increasing its height, creating a bigger enclosure, or adding a retractable sunshade system.

Fix The Flooring

The vessel floor is exposed at all times, so it's likely worn out within the first few years of the boat's life. The same goes for carpeted flooring if you haven't taken the time to clean and maintain it over the years.

For this reason, you can hire a steam carpet cleaning service to wash your carpet thoroughly.

But we suggest getting a brand-new custom-fit carpet once and for all. The new buyers will appreciate it and might be willing to pay a good price since the floor looks so fresh.

Update Interior Outlook

A potential buyer is likely to examine the interior of your boat, so keep it in good condition.

Replace the cushion fabric, set a new comfortable mattress, and replace old appliances.

It will help if you repair any damaged furniture and re-sand all the cabinets and worktops. Varnishing your furniture will also give it extra shine.

If your interior is in terrible shape, consider hiring a carpenter who could do the work for you. This may be a relatively costly option, but it will make sure your boat is in perfect shape to be resold.

Upgrade The Boat Engine

If you've regularly been using your boat, chances are you already service your boat engine frequently.

If not, checking the condition of your boat engine is a priority; make sure it is well-maintained and perfectly running.

If you get it professionally serviced, save all the receipts to show to the potential buyer. This will give you an edge over your competitors as it guarantees good engine condition.

Incorporate Technology

Add the latest technology or at least update old machinery to help your boat stand out for buyers. Consider installing or upgrading the following:

Wi-Fi: For most people, having Wi-Fi wherever they go is a necessity. Offering internet onboard is the quickest and one of the cheapest ways to amplify your boat's value for prospective buyers.

LED lighting: LED lights are energy-efficient, and they make your boat look aesthetically appealing.

You can incorporate recessed LED lighting or lighting strips depending on the size of your vessel. Add them around your cup holders, under counters, and below the front of your seat cushions.

All you need is an adhesive or a drill to attach LED lighting securely. But be mindful of not going overboard with lighting as it can throw some buyers off.

Sound system: People buy recreational boats to have fun, and nothing says that more than a good sound system.

If you don't have a sound system, consider getting one. And if you do, try upgrading it. You don't have to spend a lot on the latest speakers but having some that function properly is necessary.

Install USB Charging Ports

In a world characterized by electronics, it is beneficial to have charging ports anywhere you go – the same holds for your vessel.

Although you can use a power adapter to connect your USB-powered device to an AC outlet, some people look for a more feasible option.

Installing a USB charging port will cost you approximately $20 / £15 / €17, making it a cheap way to upgrade your boat. Add it in areas where people would use them: bedsides, bath areas, and the kitchen.

USB outlets also come in different colours and finishes, so you don't have to compromise your vessel's décor.

Fit More Cup Holders And A Cell Phone Cradle

As there can only be so many tables on the boat, cup holders are a viable replacement.

Whether someone wants to have a relaxing lunch on the boat or throw a lavish party, cup holders are always a must. And it's pretty cheap to add them!

Your boat will likely have some cup holders already, but adding a few more can enhance the vessel's value.

Moreover, having a cell phone cradle is a bonus as they are easy to install and doesn't cost much. For example, you can choose an adjustable mount and cradle for less than $80 / £60 / €65.

Add A Cabinet Door Trash Can

Many boats don't have in-built trash cans, which means you're always looking for a place to dispose of your trash. Unfortunately, using plastic shoppers to bulk your garbage together is inefficient because it only leads to higher plastic waste.

You can solve this problem by getting a behind-the-door trash can that costs barely anything. Then, mount it with screws or adhesive, and you're good to go.

Wrapping Up

As the value of recreational boats keeps increasing, it is relatively easy for you to resell your vessel. But as there is high competition, you need to make sure your boat has all the necessary updates, which will attract buyers.

Also, upgrading your boat does not necessarily have to be costly. Instead, you can invest in cheaper improvements such as adding LED lighting, cup holders, and USB charging ports.

Since boat sales are skyrocketing due to the pandemic, now is an excellent time to enhance your vessel's resale value.

If you're unsure how to begin the selling process, head over to TheYachtMarket and get exceptional deals for your valuable recreational asset.

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