Top fishing boat tips  

You might not be able to control the success of your fishing trip, as far as the number of fish caught, but you can certainly improve the performance of your boat. By properly maintaining your fishing boat, you’re preventing problems from happening in the future, saving you money, and stress.

Here is our guide to maintaining your fishing boat.

  • The first thing to check is the battery charge. It should be full of charge and acid. Be careful not to overcharge your battery. This will boil the acid out and will reduce the life of battery considerably.
  • If your fishing boat has problems starting, check the kill switch lanyard. Sometimes, the lanyard cap weakens and the button on the kill switch will be jammed in stop mode. To check, remove the lanyard and press the button. If the engine starts, replace the lanyard with a new one.
  • Next thing to do is check your fishing boat connections. Fuel and oil hoses tend to leak, allowing air inside. If hoses or connections appear hard, replace the hose and the clamp.
  • Next, check the engine mounting bolts, and the steering cables by moving them in both directions. If they are difficult to move, grease the cables. If the cables are still difficult to move, then change them.
  • Inspect the lower unit, checking there is no water in the oil. The oil should be full.
  • Check there is no fishing line tangled around the shaft of the propeller. While the propeller is off, grease the prop shaft splines.
  • Now check the power trim and tilt. Tilt the engine to the up position and remove the plug. The oil level should be level with the threads.
  • Another important check for your fishing boat is the wiring. The wiring may have deteriorated, especially if your fishing boat has been stored over winter. If this is the case, be sure to replace any wiring. Ignoring this could lead to a dangerous accident.
  • Make sure you check the bilge pump and aerator for cracks. And finally, check the plug is on drain.
  • Don’t neglect your fishing boat trailer. This will also require regular maintenance. Check the hub bearings and replace if necessary. Check for signs of water or rough spots on bearings. Grease the trailer jack, and check the wiring and lights.
  • Maintaining your fishing boat and trailer will ensure your boat lasts longer. That means more fishing trips for you! You’ll find that putting a little effort into the maintenance of your fishing boat will pay dividends in the end.

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