Pedro Boat looks back on successful spring show with eight sold boats!

Pedro boats

With an average of 150 visitors it was pleasantly busy over the last few days on the yard. Cars were coming and going, ships arrived run down and many cups of coffee were served! A number of old friends and a lot of new friends made sure that it was not just a cozy, but also a successful weekend!

In the time up to the show and during the show itself there were 8 ships sold and 14 ships added to our brokerage listings. A number of interested people seriously considering getting a new Pedro built. Several journalists found the show interesting enough to come and take a look. All in all, a very successful Event!

Sales manager R. de Veen: “For those who have visited us, we hope that you experienced the same thing. For those who didn't have the time or opportunity to visit us in the last few days, know that our doors are open for you also after the show. You are always welcome! We actually have only one thing to say to you all after the occasion of the Spring show 2014: thanks again for all your time, interest and confidence in our yard”!

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