PERSICO MARINE Volvo Ocean 65 in vendita

Auckland, Nuova Zelanda

Prezzo di listino €500.000 EUR

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£421.625 GBP | Prezzo di listino €500.000 EUR
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VO65 NO6
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20,39 metri
5,58 metri
Auckland, Nuova Zelanda

Relative informazioni PERSICO MARINE Volvo Ocean 65



Hull, Deck & Superstructure Construction:

  • The hull, internal structure and deck are constructed of carbon sandwich.
  • In the forward slamming area Corecell is used, and the rest of the yacht is kevlar honeycomb.
  • Sprint resin infusion holds the structure together with maximum strength and minimum weight.


Keel & Rudder:

  • Canting keel to +/- 40 degrees with 5 degrees of incline axis.
  • Twin forward daggerboards, inboard triangulation.
  • Twin fixed rudders – composite stocks.
  • Twin 800 litre ballast tanks under cockpit sides at transom.
  • Single centerline 1,100 litre ballast tank forward of mast.
  • Keel and bulb manufactured by Iron Brothers.
  • Canting mechanism and bearings from Cariboni.
  • 3 x Rudders 1 spare.
  • 2 x Dagger boards.


Engine & Gearboxes:

  • 1 x Volvo Penta D2-75 with S-drive.
  • Main engine acts as generator. Full charge in around 1 hour per day.

Electrical Systems

  • As a part of the weight-saving design concept the Volvo 65 employ 24-volt DC electrical systems.
  • This allows weight saving my minimizing wiring size compared to a more common 12-volt DC system.
    Mastervolt lithium-ion batteries saves as much as 70% in weight over more traditional battery technology.
  • These are recharged via two heavy-duty Mastervolt alternators with 150-amp output.
  • The alternators are driven by the main engine, as comparatively low-current-draw equipment, high alternator output, and a very high recharge acceptance rate for the lithium-ion batteries, engine run time is minimized.
  • It takes around one hour a day to bring all systems up to full charge, minimizing diesel fuel usage, meaning less fuel – therefore less weight needs to be carried onboard.


Battery Banks:

  • 2 x Mastervolt Lithium batteries saving around 70% of the weight of traditional batteries with the additional benefit of being very robust.
  • Battery charger.



  • 2 x 150 Amp Mastervolt alternators on main engine.

Plumbing Systems


  • SPECTRA watermaker – Cape Horn Xtreme model. Can be run on one pump for efficiency or two for speed. 15G / hour.


Bilge Pumps:

  • Plastimo on deck bilge pump.
  • Fitted bilge pump in hull.
  • Emergency bilge pump.

Navigation Equipment

  • Radar.

Deck Equipment


  • 99.4’ / 30.30m rig height.
  • 7’ / 2.14m bowsprit length.
  • The deck-stepped mast has a tube length of 28.4m (98’) and is built from High Modulus Carbon Fibre.
  • It was designed in-house by Southern Spars using the DesMan and RigCalc software packages, integrated with the North Sails design software.
  • Structurally, there are 202 pieces of Carbon Fibre pre-preg in each mast tube, with an additional 52 patches of structural reinforcement.
  • The Volvo Ocean 65 sports a 7.68m racing box boom again built from high modulus carbon and weighing 68kgs.
  • Its deep section provides maximum stiffness to weight efficiency and provides extra downwind sail area.
  • With internal locks at the outboard end of the boom, reefing is made efficient for the crew to manage in strong winds.
  • The rigging consists of nine separate stays and is constructed from intermediate modulus carbon fibre, with main stays that have a 26-ton minimum break load.
  • The ECsix carbon rigging is four times lighter than comparative nitronic steel rigging.
  • It has a multistrand construction based on a bundle of small rods for safety, durability, longevity and flexibility in the toughest conditions.
  • Twin topmast backstays and checkstays with deflectors.
  • 2 x Sets serviced at €50,000.
  • Forestay.
  • Stbd check.
  • PT check.
  • Stbd runner.
  • PT runner.
  • Pt D1.
  • Stbd D1.
  • Pt D2.
  • Stbd D2.
  • Pt D3.
  • Stbd D3.
  • Spreaders.
  • Wand horizontal and vert.
  • 2 x Reaching struts.
  • Full set of furlers.
  • Boom.



  • Primaries HARKEN B1111.3 ST.
  • Mainsheet HARKEN B990.3 ST.
  • Driven Pit HARKEN B990.3.
  • Runners HARKEN B990.3 ST.
  • Pit HARKEN B65.2 STR.
  • Pedestals HARKEN MX 2 Spd Carbon.
  • Deck hardware.
  • Winch handles.



  • Mainsail (black).
  • J1.
  • J2 on cable.
  • J3 on cable.
  • J0 on cable.
  • MH0 on Cable Code 0 logo.
  • FRO on cable.
  • A2.
  • Mainsail (TTTOP)
  • J1.
  • J2.
  • J3.
  • J0.
  • MH0.
  • FRO.
  • 2 x A3.
  • Storm sail.



  • 1 x Workshop container, including tools and spare parts.
  • One storage container with cradle, sails, and running rigging.
  • Tool kit.


Anchoring & Mooring Equipment:

  • Anchor.
  • Fenders.
  • Warps.
  • Dock lines.


Safety Equipment:

  • Equipped to cover every possible emergency with the satellite communications, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons or EPIRBs, Personal Location Beacons or PLBs, Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs), and hand held VHF radios along with aviation frequency emergency radios.
  • There is also a long list of other safety equipment that includes life rafts, Jon Buoys for man overboard recovery, extensive medical equipment, flares, a man overboard alerting and positioning system and of course, lifejackets and harnesses.

Work Shop Container

  • Stair tower.
  • Dock steps.
  • Bench grinder.
  • Vice.
  • Tool Box w/misc tools.
  • Charts.
  • Bin plumbing.
  • Bin water maker spares.
  • Spare furlers.
  • Winch spares.
  • Bungs.
  • Deck covers.
  • Misc deck hardware spares.
  • Mast jack.
  • Harness and tethers.
  • Stacking bags.
  • Electronic spares.
  • Stacking posts.
  • Misc rigging hardware spares.
  • Misc spinlock jammer spares.
  • Misc safety spares.
  • Keel hydraulic spares.
  • Engine spares.
  • Foredeck hatch used.
  • Used rope.
  • Spare reaching strut.
  • Radar.
  • Keel fin.

Rib Container

  • Battens.
  • Sleeping pads.
  • Spare covers.
  • Cradle - (2 sets).
  • Boat on frame and splashes.
  • Lifting bar and slings.

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Berthon International

The Shipyard
SO41 3YL
United Kingdom
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