Metamarine TNT 46' Corsa à vendre

Rome Fiumicino, Italie

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Metamarine TNT 46' Corsa
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Metamarine TNT 46' Corsa
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£252 761 GBP | Prix répertoriés €300 000 EUR
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+ BROKER'S FEE - included truck + spare parts
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Nom du bateau
Tommy One
Metamarine Shipyard
Longueur totale
14,50 mètres
2,70 mètres
Tirant d’eau
0,80 mètres
6 000 kg
Rome Fiumicino, Italie

À propos de Metamarine TNT 46' Corsa


Dedicated to racing, destined to win. TNT 46 “TOMMY ONE” is a technological distillate obtained from the Metamarine shipyard using innovative design techniques combined with experience gained over years of competitions. This Metamarine product is aimed at satisfying the competitive needs of the most demanding owner who demands performance at the limit of the category, safety of use, basic reliability and last but not least, high aesthetic impact.

The Spartan and ergonomic cockpit is equipped with a large window that offers a wide view to the occupants, who are seated aligned on a row with 2 wraparound and cushioned seats. For shock absorption, the seats have been anchored to a structure that uses a pair of forks for motorcycle use, which are fully adjustable in compression, rebound and braking based on the weight of the specific occupant.

The generous openings in the upper part of the passenger compartment allow comfortable and dignified access to the helm station. The standard instrumentation is clearly visible at a glance and logically positioned. The central steering wheel offers an optimal optical driving perspective, the steering wheel-throttle-steering wheel movement is short and natural.

The hull Made of Kevlar-PVC foam-Kevlar sandwich has a 23 ° angle at the top. In the stern part of the hull 2 redan contribute to considerably hyperventilate the hull, this means that the sliding friction in this case is significantly reduced. Therefore smoothness and high watertightness are the design musts of this brand new Metamarine hull. All Metamarine hulls are printed with the infusion technique, this allows to obtain a resistant and light hull as the mesh / fiber ratio is very low.

The wheelhouse consisting of a central rudder operated hydraulically, it guarantees neutral and precise turns at all speeds. A peculiarity of the steering system is given by the fact that the attitude correction system is implemented in real time by the respective throttles placed inside the passenger compartment. This feature of the flap system offers the pilot the possibility to correct the attitude of the boat at high speeds, without waiting for the usual response times.

The Metamarine TNT 46 “TOMMY ONE” is equipped with 2 x 950 hp engines raised to 1.100 hp housed in the large engine room, where ample space is reserved for the technicians all around, aimed at improving the speed and ease of inspection / intervention. In addition, the large volume of the engine room and the eye-catching air intakes placed on the hull guarantee a constant flow of air to the intake of the engines themselves. The engine hood hides an air / water separation system inside to protect the engines from any infiltrations.

The boat is all equipped with GPS, satellite mobile, aeronautical tank of 1100 liters, amortized seats, new flaps, the boat is homologated also to navigate as pleasure boat not only for competitions. At last record the max speed was 116 knots. There are also a lot of spear parts and special tools for working on engines.


2021 - 2nd place at Cowes – Torquay – Cowes

2020 - World Record Messina – Vulcano – Messina at 86,54 mph

2019 - UIM Long distance World record Offshore, category 50 feet – Zannone/San Felice Circeo

2019 - 1st place at Poole Bay 100 place

2017 – UIM World Record Offshore Endurance Crotone

2012 – 2nd place PBA World Championship Key West - Florida

Hull, Deck & Superstructure Construction

Kevlar- PVC foam - Kevlar sandwich

Machinery + transmission


2 x Seatek engine biturbo 950hp brand new at 0 hours

2 x Seatek engine biturbo 950hp prepared to 1100hp reconditioned new


2 x Metamarine couple transmissions reconditioned new:


The internal friction of the transmissions is extremely low thanks to the special profile of the gears which are kept to 2 on one axis and 3 on the other. When configured for Diesel engines the Metamarine transmissions can support 3500 Nm at 3200rpm Weight: 140 Kg Materials: hard anodised ERGAL, INOX stainless steel, bronze. Ratios: interchangeable with external transmission case, the transmission ratio takes place in just a few minutes. Lubrication: autonomous, no oil pump. Cooling: internal interspace with forced circulation of sea-water. Trim angle 10° External length 1450 mm

1 x JollyDrive couple transmission

4 x Hering props couple

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2 x Seatek engine biturbo 950hp prepared to 1100hp + other two at 0 hrs
Heures moteur
Capacité en carburant
1 100 litres
Vitesse maximum
190 km/h
Nombre de cabines
Nombre de couchettes
Capacité de passagers
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Courtier / Concessionnaire Informations

M20 Marine SRL

Mr Massimo Malaspina
Via Sabaudia 60
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