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 Sparkman & Stephens 48
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Sparkman & Stephens 48
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£110 304 GBP | Prix répertoriés €130 748 EUR
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Description of Sparkman & Stephens 48

Sparkman & Stephens, SS 48 sloop - A gem for the connoisseur.


The Sparkman & Stephens boats are legendary. For decades, their designs and sailing characteristics have been considered by the best of the best, and the S & S have proven it by clearing the racing tracks all over the world time and time again.


 This specimen, Bohemia, has not put its noble lineage to shame. It became No. 3 in the Admirals Cup twice - and has several other distinguished places in large, classic races such as Around Gotland, where it has repeatedly run as winner.


The Farösund shipyard on Gotland is also the boat's construction site, under ongoing inspection by the well-known Swedish designer Olle Enderlein, with an aluminum hull, teak on deck / cockpit and Honduras mahogany in superstructure and shelter.


It can be hard to detach the gaze from the beautiful, classic lines at the first encounter with Bohemia in the water. Perfection! The same joy reappears on board, on deck and in the cockpit at the sight of the fine teak deck. It has been modernized with plotters etc. in the cockpit, but not in a way that interferes with the classic look. For example winches, rudder wreath, compass housing and dorados are the original ones.


About shelter there are three separate cabins with a total of six berths plus two sea berths in resp. SB and portside of the main salon. The aft cabin has a spacious wardrobe at the entrance and two wide single berths on each side. The main salon has a large pantry arrangement in a sharp U-shape at the entrance on the SB side, distributed with an oven, sink and storage space on the three sides. Opposite is the very large navigation table. A classic and well-functioning interior, where everything is beautifully clad with wood.


 Bohemia is in fine condition everywhere. The aluminum hull is in semi-hard 8 mm 575 SIS saltwater-resistant alloy (4120 DIN) and in 2017 was professionally measured for corrosion and found in perfect condition (report available). In recent years, the hull has been cleaned down, primed and freshly painted; all teak on deck and in the cockpit has been replaced and appears exemplary; engine / gear was removed and completely renovated in 2016, just as several other replacements and improvements have been made. The result of the careful, ongoing maintenance is that Bohemia today appears beautiful, outside as well as inside, ready to sail.


Bohemia is - as the headline says - a gem for the connoisseur, elevated above modeling in timeless majesty, and as such she will be seen and admirably appreciated in any port worldwide.


Sparkman & Stephens 48 Bohemia is a unique one - contact the Yacht Basen for more information or to make an appointment to see it!


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