B & B Boat Builders Core Sound 17 à vendre

Ferry Nab, Cumbria, United Kingdom, Royaume-Uni

£3 950 GBP

B & B Boat Builders Core Sound 17 - Core Sound 17 - On Coaster 5 trailer
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B & B Boat Builders Core Sound 17
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£3 950 GBP
B & B Yacht Designs
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Ferry Nab, Cumbria, United Kingdom, Royaume-Uni

À propos de B & B Boat Builders Core Sound 17


The Core Sound 17 was the first kit that American firm B & B Designs developed and remains one of their most popular with close to 400 plans and kits sold to date. The Cat Ketch rig is simple to use and along with an efficient hull gives the boat sparkling performance. Built by a retired boat builder this super example of its type is constructed to a very high standard, has rarely been used and is in fantastic condition. Ideal for exploring coastal creeks or perfect for lake sailing. Now includes an Indespension Coaster 5 trailer.


Constructed from marine ply with stitched and glassed seams the internal structure has been epoxied for a hard wearing finish. All woodwork has been painted and varnished to a high standard giving a beautiful finish. The hull has been antifouled as the boat was intended for use from a salt water estuary base.

The kick up centreboard and rudder give a minimum draft of 7 1/2" and a maximum draft of 3' 6" allowing almost any area to be accessed. There is a well for an outboard and a second well to house the fuel tank.


There is a Honda 5hp outboard available by separate negotiation.

This is larger than necessary for lake use but the boat was equipped for use on tidal waters where the extra power provides a useful safety margin. The engine has been serviced annually.

Sails and Rigging

The Core Sound 17 has a Cat Ketch rig which is a simple, inexpensive and balanced rig. Quick to set up, versatile and efficient underway it is easy to use for expert or novice alike.

The two free-standing masts are alloy in the lower section with Sitca Spruce tops. The main mast is situated close to the bow with the mizzen mast just aft of the middle of the boat. The mainsail is larger than the mizzen and this fact can be used when reducing sail in high winds. The un-stayed masts are comparatively short keeping the centre of effort low and reducing heeling angles when under way. There is a third mast stepping point for use with only one mast stepped. In order to reef you can simply un-step one mast and re-step the second mast in the third mast-step position. Alternatively sail can be reduced by taking turns round the mast.

The Cat Ketch rig was much favoured by working boatmen and fishermen of America's Eastern coast for many years until sail gave way to power. In order to free the crew for other work the sails are self tacking which makes for very easy manoeuvring and sail handling.

The sails can be stored rolled around the mast and covered with a slip on sail cover.

The sails are by Goacher Sails and are in "as new" condition.


The purchase price is for boat only and the inventory includes:

  • Sails and rigging
  • Sail covers
  • Oars


Other Equipment

Lytham Pride, Tiller

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Courtier / Concessionnaire Informations

Maiden Marine Ltd

Ferry Nab
Bowness on Windermere
LA23 3JH
United Kingdom
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