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Antigua & Barbuda, Antigua-Et-Barbuda

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Holland Jachtbouw
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Holland Jachtbouw
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£6 714 964 GBP | Prix répertoriés €7 950 000 EUR
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Nom du bateau
Longueur totale
39,95 mètres
Longueur de flottaison
27,10 mètres
6,37 mètres
Tirant d’eau
4,90 mètres
176 kg
Antigua & Barbuda, Antigua-Et-Barbuda

À propos de Holland Jachtbouw


Built by the Dutch Masters at

Holland Jachtbouw

in 2012,


is quite simply, the best of her breed.  One of the most recently launched



Dykstra Naval Architects



from the original plans of this

1937 America’s Cup winner

and smoothed her lines to

modern hydrodynamic standards

, optimized to the

new J-Class Rule

Her engineering and construction created a

modern classic

, built with “

cutting edge” technology

, engineering and materials, from her

“hybrid” diesel/electric drive

and electrical system, to her

high modulus sparcarbon rigging


electro-hydraulic sail

and boat handling systems. 


is a true “dual purpose” yacht, serving equally successfully as a

“silver service”charter yacht

for up to eight guests, or as a

grand prix racing yacht

of the highest caliber. 

In cruising mode, the yacht has all attributes for easy operation;

hydraulic sail handling, winches, thrusters, and a simple sail-plan

Her entertaining cockpit dresses for

comfortable entertaining

, lounging and dining, and her interior offers all amenities for gracious living aboard. 

For racing, pulpits & lifelines are removed as all deck areas are stripped and


for the efficiencies required at the

absolute pinnacle of yacht racing


record speaks for itself on both counts.   


Project number: 090
Yacht: J-Class Rainbow
Design & Naval architecture: GDNP
Interior Design: GDNP
Shipyard: Holland Jachtbouw
General dimensions
Length overall: 39,95 m
Length waterline: 27,10 m
Beam: 6,37 m
Draft: 4,90 m
Displacement (half load): 176 tons
Tank capacities
Fresh water: 2 x 2.250 ltr.
Fuel: 2 x 3.750 ltr.
Hydraulic oil: 250 ltr.
Sludge: 250 ltr.
Sewage: 1.100 ltr. + non integral tank FWD 600 ltr.
Propulsion arrangement
Main Engine : Scania DI 12 59 M
Propulsion power: 294 kW @ 1800 rpm
Propulsion line arrangement: West Mekan CPP Marine Gear
Propeller diameter 1150 mm
Bowthruster Hydrosta 42 kW
Electrical installations
Battery types: 70 kwh Lithium ion batteries European Batteries
Battery bank: Service 24V VDC, 200Ah
Start 24V DC, 200 Ah
Generator driven altenator, 24VDC
Service bank charger, 50A
Start bank charger, 50A
Battery charges: MSC/VACON
Generators: Whisper 50 kW var. speed
HPS 50 KW main engine
Shore connection: HPS 30 kVA
Classification Authority: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
Class notation: 100 A1, SSC, Yacht, Mono, G3, [_] LMC
UMS (Unmanned Machinery Space)
Flag authority: MCA (LY2) by Cayman Island, Short range
Passengers: Maximum 12 persons

Guest state rooms: 55 dB(A)
Crew accommodation: 65 dB(A)
Master state room: 55 dB(A)
Main salon: 60 dB(A)
In anchor conditions (One generator set at 80% load and AC 50% fan speed):
Guest state rooms: 45 dB(A)
Crew accommodation: 48 dB(A)
Master state room: 45 dB(A)
Main salon: 48 dB(A)
Plating: Almg 4,5 Mn 5083 H321
Web frames: Almg 4,5 Mn 5083 H321
Stringers (extrusion): aluminium extrusion 6060/T6
Stiffeners (extrusion): aluminium extrusion 6060/T6
Piping: aluminium extrusion 6060/T6
Welding: puls-MIG/TIG
Construction principal
The hull built in a longitudinal structure according to the classification rules. Frames (web),
floors and girders built out of plate material with welded on plate material flanges. Stringers are
of extrusion profiles. Tanks integrated in the construction. Plates of increased thickness for
additional strength inserted.
Watertight bulkheads
Collision bulkhead
Mast bulkhead
Lazarette bulkhead
Double Bottom -Tanks
All tanks are to be incorporated in the double bottom. Cofferdams provided in accordance to the
LRS Rules and Regulations.
Tanks pressure tested to the satisfaction of LRS.
Two Fuel Oil tanks
Two Fresh water tanks
Hydraulic oil tank
Sludge tank
One sewage tank & non integral tank FWD
Integrated hull cooling tank

Aluminium keel integrated in the hull construction.
Keel hung type, aluminium rudder with aluminium rudderstock.
Rudder bearings
JP3, spherical hull bearing. Bearings have V- and O-seals. Bearing houses integrated in the
construction. One Feroform pintle bearing at the lower end of the keel.
Steering gear
Custom build, Edson cable steering system. One traditional styled steering pedestal and with
Stainless Steel spoke style wheel.
Emergency Steering:
The emergency steering system is provided by an emergency tiller system, direct fitting on the
rudder stock. Operation by means of a deck fitting to aft deck winch arrangement.
Chemically hardened, laminated glass panels for deckhouse windows supplied by “Yacht
Bow thruster
Manufacture : Hydrosta
Power : 42 kW/55 HP
At Port- and Starboard side amidships a central filling station is provided for the following
• Fuel fill
• Sewage discharge
Circa 80.000 Kg lead ballast stacked and poured in the integrated keel construction.
Interior Floor
The floating interior flooring is supported by an aluminium floor constructed of square tube.
Engine room floor
Engine room, fore peak and lazarette flooring is supported by aluminium square tube or angle
bar with anodised aluminium removable plating.
Engine Room
One Stainless Steel ladder.
Fore peak
One Stainless Steel ladder to deck with teak steps.

One stainless Steel ladder to deck with teak steps.
Paint system
A complete paint system of Awl Grip used and followed by the painter’s specification and the
manufacturer’s direction.
Hull & superstructure thermal insulation
The hull and superstructure insulated with a combination of Rockwool and Technipanel and
concealed with an aluminium foil.
Engine room insulation
Combined sound and A-30 fire insulation with Rockwool blankets. The inside of the engine room
finished with white Bondal plating.
Cathodic protection
Sacrificial, zinc, anodes placed flush in the hull as required.
Teak deck planking (60 x 12mm) on the decks and cockpit floor. The companionway entrance
roof is covered with teak planking.
A mahogany traditional style “dog house” and skylight following the deck plan. The
companionway and skylight are varnished.
One aluminium cockpit will be clad in teak following the deck plan. The cockpit coaming is
One varnished mahogany cockpit table with folding leaves.

Weight optimized interior construction. The interior construction is floating and is not directly
mounted to the aluminium construction.
Bulkheads are insulated for sound and fire following the Classification rules. Sapeli mahogany
finish at owner’s area, crew area is finished in white.
One four bunk crew cabin in the bow.
Double crew cabin on port side.
Central day head and bathroom
Captains cabin with separate bathroom.
Crew Mess
Luxury owner’s and guest accommodations. De Reuter.
Full beam owner’s cabin aft with separate bathroom
One double guest cabin with separate bathroom on portside
One double guest cabin with separate bathroom on starboard
Open salon/dining area in the middle
Companion entrance to saloon/dining
Washing machine
Six burner ceramic hob integrated with oven in a custom gimbaled unit
Micro wave
Custom extractor fan
Crew fridge
Fridge & freezer
Ice maker
Wine cooler
Fore peak
Fore peak is finished in un-faired paint system with gloss finish.
Flooring is removable, anodised, aluminium diamond plates.
Lazarette is finished in un-faired paint system with gloss finish.
Flooring is removable, anodised, aluminium diamond plates.

The sea fastening and storage facilities for glass ware, dinner sets, cutlery and China for an
amount of items for 10 persons installed and integrated in the furniture with the use of wooden
pins, felt and acryl.
All loose furniture and other items, like art, supplied by the owner and located by the designer
& owners representative are sea fastened.
The yacht is equipped with all required systems and installations based on the rules and
requirements of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and MCA short range by CISR (60 miles offshore).
Operation conditions
The systems and installations are designed for worldwide operation and based on the following
Max seawater inlet temperature 32 °C/ 90 °F
Min outside temperature winter condition +10 °C/ 50 °F
Inside temperature winter condition 22 °C/72 °F
Max outside temperature summer condition 35 °C/95 °F @ 85% RH
Inside temperature summer condition 22 °C/72 °F @ 50% RH
Flooring and shielding
Technical spaces, such as the engine room, are finished with aluminium, diamond plate floor.
The floor plates are dimensioned in reasonable size to obtain easy removal and handling. Plated
are mounted on aluminium square tube frames and locked with countersunk, Stainless Steel
Allen bolts. Oil resistant rubber strips are applied between frames and plates.
Material used is 2 tears non-pickled and anodized after completion.
Locations that require daily inspection or maintenance, such as valves, strainers etc, are fitted
with hinged floor plates/guards.
Rotating equipment, such as propeller shafts and intermediate shafts etc, are protected by
removable, painted aluminium covers/guards.
Cable trays carrying primary equipment power lines, are protected in specific areas were
Main Engine exhaust
The main engine is fitted with wet/dry exhaust systems including a muffler and water separator.
The cooled and dry exhaust gasses are run through a GRP pipe to the stern of the boat.
Generator exhaust
The generator is fitted with wet/dry exhaust systems including a muffler and water separator.
The cooled and dry exhaust gasses will run through a GRP pipe to the stern of the boat.

The engine room ventilation is arranged by means of an intake and extraction axial flow fan
type and will be frequency controlled to achieve the most optimum balance in refreshing and air
supply, pressure and temperature controlled.
The Engine Room ventilation is based on an overpressure system to achieve the most optimum
airflow under all conditions. Fan motors are frequency drive controlled to achieve optimum flow
and temperature under all conditions.
Total capacity approx. 8.000 m3/h. Ducts including fire dampers and intake mist eliminator.
Engine Room is equipped with titanium air cooler, cooled with the raw water form the AC chiller
Cooling capacity is 10 kW.
During sailing, shore & anchor operations, the unit provides enough capacity to run without ER
Propulsion line is equipped with a diesel engine and Permanent Magnet unit that can operate as
50 kW E-propulsion or generator under engine power.
Diesel engine
Manufacture: Scania
Type: DI 12 59 M
Liquid cooled 4 stroke diesel engine
Power: 294 kW @ 1800 min-¹
Permanent Magnet (PM unit)
Manufacture: Hybrid Power Systems (by Whisper Power)
Type : Permanent Magnet unit, liquid cooled
Power: 50 kW E-propulsion or generator @1500 min-¹
Marine Transmission
Manufacture: ZF
Type: 360 A
Down angle: 0°
Ratio: 2,917 : 1
Propeller shaft system
Manufacture: West Mekan
Material: Duplex Stainless Steel
Type: 90 EHWS
Propeller: Controllable blades with Skew
Blades: 4
Diameter: ø 1150 mm
Manufacture: Hybrid Power Systems (by Whisper Power)
Type: HPS PM 50 Var Speed
Electric capacity: 50 kW @ max speed
Amount: 1

Seawater system with two inlets, sewater filters and cross over.
The cross over has connections for the main engine, generators, AC chiller and bilge/ FiFi pump.
The water maker has a separate seawater inlet.
Seawater discharge by two standpipes including automatic hull valves.
Integrated sludge tank for oil discharge and FO separator waste, fitted with self closing funnel
and discharge connection for pump out.
The bilge system is combined with the fire fighting/salt water deck & anchor wash system. Both
the bilge pump as well as the general service pump act independently and also can be used as
back up. A suction and discharge manifold will arrange a separation and combination of the
system to provide a back up in case of failure. Apart from both these pumps, an emergency
pump is installed in a separate compartment, powered by a stand alone diesel engine.
The bilge system consists of a main bilge system and a stripping line system, connected to the
bilge water separator.
Main bilge pick up’s will be positioned in the following compartments:
Fore peak
Crew accommodation
Engine room
Owner’s cabin
The yacht is equipped with 3 separate fire fighting systems:
Small fire fighting by means of handheld fire extinguishers, mounted in each area or
compartment as per rules & regulations.
Raw water fire fighting system, provided with electric driven pumps serving a fire main.
A Novec® 1230 gas extinguisher installation for the Engine Room.
Fuel tanks
The yacht is executed with 2 wing- integrated bunker tanks.
Tanks fitted with accessible manholes, dock plugs for drainage, filling and venting pipe
connections, tank level sensors and manual sounding opportunities.
Fuel transfer system
A fuel transfer system is installed in the engine room. The system is executed with a suctionand
discharge manifold.
All bunker tanks and day tank are connected to the manifolds. All bunker tanks have separate
suction and discharge piping.
Transferring of fuel oil is arranged by means of a fuel oil transfer pump. The fuel oil separator
will be integrated in the transfer system.
Fuel treatment by means of a Alfa Laval fuel oil separator.

A fully integrated hydraulic system is installed to drive the
bowthruster, all sailing functions and anchor system.
Two AC driven pumps are connected to a central pressure line.
Total power (hydraulic) 2 x 35 kW.
Special attention is paid to the noise levels of the hydraulic system.
-Anchor system
-Inner forestay tensioner
-Main Halyard winch
-Mast base winches
-Secondary winches
-Outhaul cylinder
-Checkstay cylinder
-Main sheet winches
-Runner winches
-Traveller winches
-Backstay cylinder
Fresh water tanks
The yacht is executed with 2 double bottom- integrated water tanks.
Tanks fitted with accessible manholes, dock plugs for drainage, filling and venting pipe
connections, tank level sensors and manual sounding points.
Hydrophore system
The fresh water hydrophore system is executed with a set of identical, self priming fresh water
pumps, make Headhunter.
The fresh water pumps operate a “master/slave” mode; one of the pumps will be in service, the
other will be switched as stand-by. If the demand of the fresh water exceeds the capacity of
one pump, the 2nd stand-by will start to supply. Arrangement of the pump system will be made
with a pressure switch arrangement.
Water maker system
A SLCE water maker unit (8 m³/24 hrs ) is installed. The water maker system will be a reverse
osmosis type, based on a high pressure piston pump with membranes principle to filter salt out
of the raw water.
Fresh water filtration system
The fresh water system contains an integrated filtration and treatment system to provide a
clean and quality grade of water. This system contains a silver ionisation sterilizer unit which
will be installed in the water supply line.

Hot water system
Hot water is arranged by means of 2 suitable sized boiler units.
These units are heated by indirect fitted electric heating elements.
The complete sewage system is based on a grey and black water system.
Both systems have a combined collecting tank FWD and AFT and will be integrated in the
yacht’s aluminium construction.
Electric controlled toilets are installed. Toilets flushed with fresh water into the grey/black-water
collecting tank.
The sewage tanks can be emptied by a sewage treatment system. This unit removes
contaminants from the wastewater and sewage so this can be safely pumped overboard. The
solids will be collected in a separate sludge tank.
Outside the by IMO specified zones, the tanks can be emptied by a transfer/sludge pump
through a direct overboard connection fitted on one of the engine room mounted stand pipes.
Also a shore suction point connection will be installed to empty the tanks.
An air compressor will be mounted in the engine room. This compressor will serve the air horn
and connections at the ship. The connections are:
Quick release connection in engine room
Quick release connection on aft deck in stainless steel
Quick release connection in fore peak in stainless steel
Connection to air horn in mast
Connection on sea water cross-over
Cooling and freezing is custom build, professional type and engineered in correspondence with
Holland Jachtbouw and the interior designer.
Design conditions
The system is able to reach and hold the temperature by the given conditions:
Outside temperature 35 ºC
Sea water temperature 32 ºC
Cold store temperature + 4 ºC
Freezer room temperature – 20 ºC
Galley refrigerator
The unit is a stainless steel, custom-built refrigerator box, insulated with PU-foam. Size
optimized to the galley layout.
Galley freezer
The unit is a stainless steel, custom-built refrigerator box, insulated with PU-foam. Size
optimized to the galley layout.

Compressor plant
Custom- built compressor plant cools the refrigerators and freezers.
The unit is engineered and build by Holland Jachtbouw to achieve the most efficient location and
The electrical system will be a full hybrid Class approved configuration and suitable for
uninterrupted world wide use as well anchor and port conditions.
The power supply for the yacht arranged through 2 PM units, a ME unit and dedicated generator
unit. Both producing max. 50 kW of electric power each, connected up to a double set of Li-ion
batteries of 35 kWh each.
When the ME unit is running during engine operation, the unit operates as a generator,
powering board systems and charger for the Li-ion batteries.
If required, the same PM unit can operate as a 50 kW electric drive and provide a max of 8
knots E propulsion power.
The dedicated generator unit is driven by a 4 cylinder Steyr engine, running under variable
speed to achieve most optimum load and performance of the engine in relation to the present
electrical load on board.
All power supplies and consumers are connected up to a DC link without heavy switch gear but
equipped with rapid fuses.
The 70 kWh Li-ion battery pack provides a 8-hour silent period during nights or at anchor
without limitations on the use of AC etc.
The main electrical system consists of 3 separate systems:
• DC Power system (DC link - energy, generation & storage)
• AC power system (hotel service loads)
• 24 VDC Power Systems - Start/Service & Emergency supply
DC Power (DC link)
The DC system is designed with the intention that the yacht is operated by means of battery
power or generator power. Apart from this, a 25 kVA shore power system is integrated where
the dedicated generator can operate stand by (power assist).
Connected power sources:
ME PM unit 50 kW
Gen PM unit 50 kW
PS Li-ion battery 35 kWh
SB Li-ion battery 35 kWh
Shore power 30 kVA
From the DC link, the main electric consumers are energized through Vacon converter-drives:
PS & SB hydro pack-drive, each 35 kW
Both AC chiller compressors, 5,5 kW each
Bilge & FiFi pump, 4 kW each
ER Fan, 2 kW

AC Power System
Power sources:
Converter PS 30 kVA
Converter SB 30 kVA
SB converter also acts as shore power unit when plugged in.
24 VDC Power systems
Power sources:
Service battery bank, 24 VDC, 200Ah, in 12-volt cells
Start battery bank , 24 VDC, 200Ah, in 12-volt cells
Radio battery bank, 24 VDC, 200Ah, in 12-volt cells
Emergency battery bank , 24 VDC, 200Ah, in 12-volt cells
Main engine driven alternator 1, 24 VDC-55A
Service battery bank charger, 50 A
Start battery bank 1 & 2 charger, 100 A
Radio battery bank charger, 50A
Emergency battery bank charger, 25A
Distribution systems
Distribution boxes are equipped with AC and DC circuit breakers to
distribute AC and DC though the yacht to all consumers.
Alarm & monitoring system
The yacht’s integrated operation and monitoring system is installed with a industrial type, Class
approved PLC system with the following functions:
On board alarm system
Readouts and alarms for AC and DC systems
Tank levels gauges
Bilge system
Several pumps
Engine Room ventilation
Main generators
Auxiliary generators
General alarm system
Navigation lights
The following navigation lights are installed:
Stern light (2x)
Port light (2x)
Starboard light (2x)
N.U.C. lights (4x)
Anchor light (1x)
Steaming light (2x)

Chilled water system
One central chilled water unit are installed in the Engine Room, serving all fan coil units.
Plant consists of the following equipment:
2 compressors
2 sea water cooled condensers
2 frequency drives for soft start mode and RPM control
Raw & chilled water circulation pumps
Expansion accumulator with pressure gauge and high pressure safety valve
All separate interior spaces will have fan coil units to cool or heat the interior air.
511 HVAC
Interior ventilation by means of natural flow through deck fitted air cowls or mushroom type air
Air extraction through heads and bathrooms by means of electric ventilators.
Extraction air units
All sanitary spaces will have air extraction by extraction fans.
Forepeak & lazarette ventilation
Forced forepeak and lazarette ventilation installed.
All flush deck hatches drained to the central drain. All fan coil
units will be drained to the sewage tank.

High modulus carbon fibre mast including:
Masthead including halyard sheaves, backstay attachment, lightening spike and burgee pole.
Head stay attachment including halyard sheave and lock
Inner fore stay attachment including halyard sheave and lock
Runner and check stay attachment
One set of carbon fibre jumpers
Three sets of carbon fibre raked spreaders
Gooseneck fittings bonded to the mast
Water baffle bonded into the mast at deck level, with drain holes abovecollar
Provisions for halyard exits
Mast Collar (Rubber)
Steps from deck to the gooseneck.
Spinnaker pole arrangement
Reaching strut arrangement
All lights and lighting wires
All lighting and navigation lights
Foundations for electronic equipment on the mast
Internal vents including exits
Aluminium batten car track
Aluminium head slide car
Mast step including hydraulic mast jack system
Painted in Owner’s choice of standard Awlgrip white base colours.
Carbon fibre Box boom including:
Hydraulic outhaul system internally
Mainsheet Attachment
Preventer/downhaul arrangement
Boom lights
Lazy-jack system
Boom finished as per mast
Spinnaker pole of 13 mtr long, ø 290 with tapered ends
Standing rigging:
Carbon fibre continuous composite EC6.
Running rigging:
Full set of Dyneema halyards and sheets. Equiplites have been included on all spare Headsail
and Staysail sheets.

Rigging hydraulics
Check stay cylinder
Outhaul cylinder
Backstay cylinder
Type Fractional cutter rigged sloop
Mast Keel stepped
I 41,65 m
J 15,40 m
P 47,89 m
E 18,24 m
Cruising set of Sails
1 Spectra carbon Mainsail fully battened 482 m²
1 Spectra carbon Yankee 171 m²
1 Spectra carbon Staysail 119 m²
1 Spectra carbon Trysail 11 m²
Racing Sails
1 3DI Mainsail 486 m²
1 3DL Genoa Light 438 m²
1 3Dl Genoa Heavy 420 m²
1 3Dl High Aspect Jib (Blade) 329 m²
1 3DL Stay sail on KZ Furler 125 m²
1 S2 Spinnacker 945 m²
1 A1 Gennaker 931 m²
1 A2 Gennaker 1020 m²
1 A4 Gennaker 1020 m²
1 A5 Gennaker 855 m²
The anchor system is a “traditional” J-Class principle. A 400 LBS/140 kg Poole type anchor will
be stowed in dedicated locker, constructed in the fore peak.
When anchoring, the anchor has to be hoisted out of the locker by means of a loose 24 VDC
winch operated carbon davit. Manual connected onto chain.
Stainless steel Lewmar windlass including chain stopper.
140kg, galvanised steel Poole anchor including 100 meter 14mm U2 link chain. Second
aluminium Fortress anchor of 125 LBS and anchor line is stowed in the fore peak.

The following Lewmar aluminium drum winches will be installed:
2x Primary 120/3 cleat top
2x Secondary 111/4 cleat top
2x Runner 111/3 self tailing
2x Main sheet 111/3 self tailing
2x Spinnaker sheet 111/3 cleat top
4x Halyard 111/3 self tailing
4x Halyard 88/3 self tailing
All winches will be aluminium and hydraulic operated.
Sail handling equipment
Full set of tracks, sheet cars and blocks to operate the following sailing functions:
Blade sheet
Genoa sheet
Spinnaker sheet, braze & tack
Spinnaker pole
Main sheet
Running backstays
All deck equipment will be stainless steel.
Mooring equipment
The following mooring equipment is installed:
20x Full size, Stainless Steel mooring cleats
Removable, stainless steel, tapered stanchions and gate stanchions, fitted on bulwark. 2x
stainless steel railing wires. The railing is 1 meter above deck as per MCA rules.
Life jackets
Life buoys
Immersion suits
Line throwing appliances
Fire extinguishers
Fire blanket


VHF, Depthsounder, GPS, Radio

Outside Equipment

Teak cockpit, Gangway

Other Equipment

RAINBOW, Navigation center

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Scania DI 12 59 M
Capacité en carburant
7 500 litres
Vitesse maximum
20 km/h
Vitesse de croisière
17 km/h
Nombre de cabines
Nombre de couchettes
Capacité en eau potable
4 500 litres
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