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EVO Yachts R4 walk around
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EVO Yachts R4 walk around
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£502 308 GBP | Prix répertoriés €597 400 EUR
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available in different versions and layouts

Technology and elegance, quality and innovation, functionality and beauty. Evo 43 is a new way of living the sea. The Evo 43 is a fast day cruiser with lines that are muscular yet sleek and minimalist and represent form & function at its very best (also available as Open version).

The Evo Yachts range combine traditional style with innovative technologies and cutting-edge design, to give form to luxury vessels of exceptional great elegance, set off by modern lines and practicality and all without giving up on comfort and safety for owners and guests.

Evo Yachts, which began its adventure with the Evo 43 a 13-metre day cruiser, continues to work on new ideas and new projects with dedication and a focus on the key values that represent the company and make it unique.

The design of the Evo 43 is sleek and minimalist with cleats, anchor, fenderhooks which fold away in the deck to leave the lines completely clean. The hydraulically operated anchor locker features a lifting nose which prevents the anchor from being accidentally wound in or out. The anchor and roller are made from polished stainless steel.

Design Form and function

The cleats and fenders fold away to leave the lines completely clean and enhance onboard safety. In its entirety, the design deems to follow the dictates and style codes of the “minimalism”, but, on closer examination a clear Italian identity stands out, especially in the attention paid to detail and in the choice of precious materials such as glass, solid teak, Plexiglass, leather and choice fabrics. Great attention was paid to liveability and to the use of space above and below deck during a preliminary ergonomic study.

Evo 43 can seat up to 12 people on board and has 4 beds in 2 separate cabins plus a bathroom with shower to ceiling, allowing unforgettable day trips, but also short cruises in comfort.



Verwurzelt in der Tradition, aber mit Blick auf die Zukunft

Evo Yachts ist eine Marke im Jahr 2015 geboren und ist das Ergebnis der langjährigen Erfahrung seiner Designer, die im Bereich des Segelsports seit 2008 mit Leidenschaft arbeiten, mit Geschick und der Fähigkeit eine neue Linie von Yachten zu erstellen, ein Produkt aus unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen und in hochwertiger, perfekter Qualität aus italienischer Fertigung.

DISCOVER EVO 43 - 13 Meter Innovationen und exclusive Details

Das Design der Evo 43 'ist schlicht und minimalistisch mit Stollen, Anker, fenderhooks, die in dem Deck wegklappen und die Linien völlig sauber zu verlassen. Der hydraulisch betätigte Ankerkasten verfügt über eine Hebenase, die den Anker verbirgt. Der Anker und Walze sind aus poliertem Edelstahl.

DESIGN Form und Funktion

Alle Evo Yachten kombinieren traditionellen Stil mit innovativen Technologien und innovativem Design und Form die den Yachten eine außergewöhnliche große Eleganz verleihen. Durch moderne Linien und Funktionalität und das alles ohne auf Komfort und Sicherheit zu verzichten.

Evo Yachten, die die Serie mit der 43 Evo als Daycruiser startet, setzt auf neue Ideen und neue Projekte mit Engagement und einem Fokus auf das wesentliche und machen somit die Yacht einzigartig.


Evo Yachts è un brand nato nel 2015 ed è il frutto di una lunga esperienza dei suoi ideatori, che operano nel settore della nautica da diporto dal 2008.

Passione, competenze e capacità hanno dato vita a una nuova linea di yacht, che racchiude in ogni singola imbarcazione la qualità impeccabile del Made in Italy.

SCOPRI EVO 43 13 metri di innovazione e dettagli esclusivi

Evo 43 ha un design filante e minimalista. Per assicurare la massima pulizia delle linee le bitte e il sistema di ancoraggio sono a scomparsa, i parabordi si bloccano all’interno di innesti automatici anch’essi a scomparsa nella coperta. Il vano ancora ad apertura idraulica ospita un musone a ribalta, sistema che, oltre ad assicurare la pulizia delle linee, evita che l’ancora possa essere filata accidentalmente. Musone e ancora sono in acciaio inox lucidato.

Il pozzetto, rivestito interamente in teak, è configurabile liberamente grazie a sedute modulari a cubo, un tavolo da pranzo estensibile e un’ampia wet bar. Un mobile, chiuso da uno sportello a ribalta, contiene i piani cottura a induzione con 4 fuochi e lavandino a scomparsa.

La beach-area, grazie ad un sistema a comando digitale, cambia completamente: le sponde laterali di murata “XTensions” si aprono idraulicamente e in meno di trenta secondi incrementano del 40% lo spazio fruibile, trasformando così il pozzetto in una terrazza pieds dans l’eau di 25 mq configurabile a piacimento – lounge o salottino, prendisole con sdraio integrate o piattaforma tuffi.

Questa e altre funzionalità possono essere comandate al tocco di un iPhone: la barca si trasforma per incrementare il comfort e lo spazio e raggiunge una larghezza massima di 6,3 metri, propria di una categoria decisamente superiore.

Lire la suite

2 * Volvo IPS 500
Heures moteur
Capacité en carburant
1 000 litres
Vitesse maximum
70 km/h
Vitesse de croisière
61 km/h
Nombre de cabines
Nombre de couchettes
Capacité de passagers
Capacité en eau potable
400 litres
Détails supplémentaires sur le nombre de cabines
Further Details:

The all teak cockpit features an area that can be easily configured thanks to modular cube-shaped seats and also houses an extending dining table and large wet bar, including an induction hob and sink.

A full beam locker is located under the cockpit: it hauses the seafty equipment and can be used for stowage. The 180 litre ice box is housed under the captain’s seat and has a highly functional system of racks.

At the touch of a button, the beach area can be completely transformed. The hydraulically operated bulwark

extension slide out and in less than thirty seconds it increase the usable space by 40% to create a 25 square metre terrace that can be used as a lounge, sitting room, sun deck with built-in deck chairs, or diving platform.

You can command the platform and other functions from your iPhone, just the touch of a button enhances comfort and space by increasing the beam to a maximum of 6.3 metres which is usually only found on much bigger boats.

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