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At diYachting we have an experienced team to help you get your vessel MCA Coded.

The complexities of the MCA Code of Practice and MLC can be daunting for both new and experienced yacht owners. Thanks to the experience of diYachting’s management team, having prepared a whole host of yachts for the coding process, the journey is stress free.

The rules are fairly simple: for yachts registered under the UK red flag states, including both commercial yachts and private yachts intending to occasionally charter, conformity with the MCA Code of Practice is mandatory. The MCA standard is respected world-wide, meaning it isn’t just relevant to red flag states, it is also useful to yachts under other flags.

Bringing your yacht into compliance will be a simple process with diYachting guiding you through. Following an initial consultation the process starts with our Technical Services Manager, David, who will inspect the yacht and compile a list of what is required in order to comply with the regulations.  A quote of the required items will then be compiled, and once agreed, David will return to the yacht and install all the necessary parts. The team will then organise the survey and all the paperwork for you including your MLC compliance.

diYachting will then stay with you as your MCA Managing Agent handling key compliance dates, managing safety gear servicing and replacement, renewal of certificates and will visit the yacht for the necessary inspections.

A great example that typifies diYachting’s expertise is the fitting of bespoke engine room fire suppression systems; to comply with MCA rules, a fire containment system is required to ensure the upmost in quality and safety, whilst maintaining a yachts stylish interior, diYachting specialise in fitting premium systems, in keeping with our dedication to handling the entire process to the highest standard.

The consultancy, practical and administration elements are all covered by our expert team. The quality we assure, along with the peace of mind, makes the choice simple when deciding how best to manage your yacht.

Contact management@diyachting.co.uk | +44 (0) 1702 535258

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