Ocean Signal Confirms Certification Approvals

Ocean Signal the marine communication and safety specialist will commence the first deliveries of its highly acclaimed SafeSea products this month following receipt of approvals for usage in worldwide markets. The SafeSea EPIRB and SART products have been given the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Wheelmark certification for Europe which applies to both leisure and commercial shipping, together with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval for all classes of vessels including SOLAS ships.

Following an enthusiastic reception throughout Europe at shipping and boat shows the company is now able to commence delivery to its customer base with confirmation that manufacture will continue in the UK.

the possibility of some lower costs in far east manufacture, Managing Director Alan Wrigley is determined to maintain high quality and flexibility of supply, "We have considered manufacturing elsewhere but we have exceptional expertise here in the UK and I am determined to deliver our promise that the SafeSea range will be built to the highest quality essential for this critical market. This means we need to control that quality at every stage of production. This is not possible if we manufacture elsewhere. We have gone through a process of exhaustive development and testing over the past year and we are confident that we have a very special range of products. Manufacturing here also allows us to continue our programme of new product development and bring those new products to market much quicker."

Since its launch in early 2010 Ocean Signal has built a network of dealers throughout Europe which is expanding continuously in both the leisure and commercial marine markets.

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