Full-size replica of Noah’s Ark pops up in Kentucky


A full-size replica of Noah's ark is the mainstay of a Bible-themed "amusement park" currently under construction in Kentucky. The developers, who claim the structure's purpose is primarily religious, are expecting a flood of visitors to pour into the giant vessel next month, when the Ark Encounter officially opens. Visitors will learn about the history of Christianity through camel rides, high-speed zip lines, animatronic animals, and fine dining.

The project, brainchild of Ken Ham, evolution-denier and president of the Creationist Christian organization Answers in Genesis (AiG), is partially funded by the secular state of Kentucky through sales tax incentives, despite the fact that it is a for-profit enterprise. Adults will have the opportunity to “experience the pages of the Bible like never before” for $40, while people with kids will have to pay $28 for a 1-day ticket for their young ones.

Ham claims that, once completed, the Ark will become the world’s biggest timber frame structure. It took thousands of workers two years to build the 510-foot-long, 85-foot-wide structure in Williamstown, northern Kentucky. Beside various educational programs, the structure will also feature an upscale restaurant on the top deck.

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