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Sydney, Australia

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£520.479 GBP | Precio publicado $650.000 USD
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14,02 metros
Carbon Fibre hull
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Sydney, Australia

Acerca de este INFINITI 46


"Maverick" is an INFINITI 46 built purely in carbon fibre and launched in 2016.
She is a boat with high performance and new technology in her DNA, most prevalently shown in her DSS foil system, which the boat was ultimately designed around.
Since launching the boat has impressed the world over, with top placings on almost all major RORC/ROLEX regattas.
Although they can be seen as a daunting prospect, the benefits of the large DSS foils are widespread and as we see more and more of these being installed on new boats, we have really only scratched the surface with the performance of Maverick.
Now lying in Sydney and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.



Mast / Rigging

The mast is a 2 spreader, fractional carbon from Axxon and is deck stepped.

Details as follows:

- Aluminium Karver mast track with all bolts Titanium

- EC6 rigging new April 2019 (replaced as previous was PBO)

- EC6 backstays new Aug 2019

- Karver halyard locks on 2 x mast head, 2 x Fractional. 1 x Jib.

The boom is also carbon and is set up for three reef mainsail. Reefing can be single line or traditional luff-line and outboard reefs.

Running rigging:

- Halyards new for 2019 Hobart and 7/10 condition


- Bosch compact alternator 24V/150Ah

- House Battery: Mastervolt MLI Ultra Lithium-Ion Battery 24V/5000AH

- Starter Battery: Lightweight Lithium-Ion 15P-EC (60Ah/2200A discharge)

- DC24-DC12 Victron energy charge controller to keep starter battery charged from house

- Switch panel for systems onboard and Mastervolt Battery monitor

- Mastervolt shore charger

- Electric bilge pumps

Safety Gear Maverick is set for Category 1, last audited September 2020.

Inventory as follows:

- Ocean safety 8-man Life raft ISO9650-1(last surveyed Apr 2019)

- 10 x Spinlock lifejackets (with AIS fitted)

- Flares, V sheet etc

- Medical Kit (less controlled substances)

- Grab bag

- 2x fire extinguishers


- hand held compass

- emergency SART and VHF aerials

- refillable emergency water containers 8 x 4L

Engine / Machinery

Engine Make Lombardini LDW1404

Fuel Capacity 85 L

Fuel Type Diesel

Propulsion Carbon fibre retractable propulsion system with Titanium prop shaft.

3 blade Aluminium Prop (prop speed painted) and spare.

Deck Hardware

Full Harken fit-out including:

UPDATED - 5 x Harken 65.3 winches. 2 x electric primaries, 1 x electric mainsheet and 2 x runner. Pedestal now removed.

- 2 x Harken 50.2 pit winches

- Alloy frames for pit and primary rope bags

- Deck gear bag with 2 x tweakers, 2 x Handy Billy's, 4x open blocks/antal clip on hooks

- Winch handles etc

Instruments / Navigation

- Instrument package by NKE (regatta processor)

2* wind wands (1MHU as spare)

- Depth, sonic speedo, (paddle speedo as spare), regatta compass, NKE GPS

- 4 x mast displays (1 of which is multi graphic), 2 x cockpit multi graphics

- Sailor 150 Fleet Broadband Sat Phone

- Handheld VHF with GPS and DSC (Horizon)

- Fixed VHF with DSC and GPS (Horizon)

- Digital yacht AIT2000, CLASS B AIS TRANSPONDER

- Digital yacht SPL 2000 AIS VHF Splitter

- Standalone AIS GPS antenna

- Backup Garmin 19X GPS antenna

- Commset Dual Band Dual Sim Gigabit 4G router

- MOXA n-port 5410

- Mintaka Star Barometer, USB, and Wi-Fi

- Diverse Load sense on Forestay

- Diverse Load sense on GS/Jib tack

- Cariboni PLC to drive Hydraulic systems

- Cariboni sensors on keel rams integrated with NKE displays

- Zebra waterproof touchscreen tablet PC with docking station. Allows wireless connection to instrument to perform navigation tasks from anywhere on boat including on deck.

- iPad for on deck screen mirroring of PC (when PC in dock)

Designed by DSS-creator Hugh Welbourn, the Infiniti 46 is an uncompromised carbon fibre racing yacht principally for coastal and offshore events.

Maverick is fitted with a canting keel and single dagger board option, to complement its lateral DSS foils.

What are DSS foils?

DSS foils have been part of ground breaking yachts for the past ten years, including European Yacht of the Year 2016’s Quant 23; the Baltic 142 which won the Boat International award for naval architecture in 2020; Wild Oats XI for two of her Sydney to Hobart victories; the Infiniti 46 “Maverick” recognised as the fastest offshore monohull of its size in the world.

DSS uses a retractable foil that deploys to leeward to complement the keel of the yacht. Like all appendages DSS produces drag, but it also creates lift, and the lift is the square of the speed. The lift created by the foil reduces the drag of the yacht through the water, increasing speed.

The DSS foil creates Righting Moment (power/stability) in the same way more crew sitting on the side of the yacht does or canting the keel or adding water ballast. This can be thought of as power.

The combination of increased power, reduced drag and significantly less heeling (as much as 30%) and pitching (as much as 42% less) produces a fast, easy to sail yacht with more comfort.

Launch Year 2016

Beam 3.90 m

Draft 3.01 m

Displacement 5600 kg

Deck material Carbon foam sandwich and composite

Keel/ballast Milled steel fin and components all by Cariboni

Designer Hugh Welbourn

Builder Infiniti Yachts

Más información

Datos adicionales de alojamiento

Sail Inventory from Doyle Sails Stratis.

Inventory as follows:


- Offshore mainsail (2 reef) 2016 (delivery)

- Inshore Mainsail (1 Reef) 2017 (Rating condition 7)

- Offshore Mainsail (3 reef) 2019 (7)

- Offshore Mainsail (3 reef) 2021(new deposit paid only)


- J1 structured luff jib 2020 (9)

- J2 structured luff jib 2020 (9)

- J3 structured luff jib 2020 (8)

- J4 furling Solent 2021 (9)

- J4 Jib 2017 (3)

Specialty sails

- GS/Storm stay sail, structured luff, orange 2020 (7) (rig is set up to run triple headed)

- Spinnaker staysail 2020 (unused - 10)

- BRO structured luff 2019 (8)

- FRO structured luff 2020 (9)

- FRO structured luff 2017 (4)

- MHO structured luff 2020 (8)

- R1 structured luff 2019 (8) (Code 0 for ORR rating rules)


- A1.5 2017 (7)

- A1.5 2016 (Delivery 4)

- A2 2018 (6)

- A2 2019 (7)

- A3 2018 (8)

- A4 2020 (8)


- Delivery jib Dacron 2018 little use.

- GS 2019 Structured luff furling (no longer in use due to updated sail plan)

- AP Jib (used for deliveries)

- Mainsail boom cover

- 2* Karver KF (5) furling units

- 1* Karver KF (2) furling unit

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