Trinity Yachts Chooses Dometic's Air Purifier

Superyacht manufacturer Trinity Yachts is currently installing Dometic Marine's new innovative In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier aboard two new 50m and 51m vessels. The In-Duct Breathe Easy system received an industry renowned IBEX Innovation Award on 28th September 2010, reflecting its unique design and ability to provide a clean air environment in superyacht living spaces.

Although the new product was unavailable at the time of the vessels' riginal specification, Trinity was keen to recommend the units to the private owners as according to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Billy Smith, 'The inclusion of the most efficient technical systems on our vessels goes hand in hand with building quality boats.'

Billy Smith continues, 'Our vessels come with a standard installation of air renewal systems but we were impressed with this product as it offers a continual and superior second stage of purification that works directly within the existing ducting of an air-conditioning system. When these two vessels were originally specified the product didn't exist, but as soon as we heard of it we made recommendations to the owners. We see the In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifier as a welcome refinement to Dometic's air conditioning and heating system and we are anxious to try it.'

Ed Todd, Director of National OEM Sales adds, 'At Dometic our goal has always been to lead the way in innovation and design, so we are delighted to have won the IBEX Innovation Award for In-Duct Breathe Easy. When we have a relevant product suitable for an individual application we update our customers accordingly. Once our engineer Bill Liptak had created a concept In-Duct Breathe Easy in mid-2009 we knew our builder clients would be excited. We made a presentation to Trinity who recognised the potential and went on to recommend the unit to their project managers.'

The In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifier is simply and cost-effectively installed within the air-conditioning ducting line and uses the system's blower to move air through the air purifier. Operating silently, it purifies and cleanses air using Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh Technology (see 'About the Technology') with UV light. Each time the air circulates it is further purified and cleansed of harmful mold spores and contaminants.

The unit takes up little space so if retrofitted will require no alterations to be made to any existing design drawings. There is no need for any mounting hardware as a section of the A/C ducting is cut out and the circular In-Duct Breathe Easy tube simply inserted, then the ducting is re-attached to it. The Breathe Easy is available in sizes to match all standard duct diameters.

The In-Duct Breathe Easy unit is also highly relevant for installation during a vessel's refit and refurbishment as during such extensive work there are a myriad of solvents and glues used all of which give off dangerous odor-free emissions. Coupled with the smell of new fabrics and carpets a recently refurbished vessel, although looking in pristine condition could contain highly contaminated and polluted air.

A clean air environment is important onboard any vessel but a superyacht has many sources of pollutants, bacteria and allergens. It processes its own waste, has extensive machinery and equipment emitting odors and frequently has more than one galley producing cooking smells.

Furthermore when cruising at sea in areas of strong sun and high temperatures owners and guests often remain inside the vessel for long periods of time and when doors are opened incoming air is salt and moisture laden and of high humidity. Conversely when moored in densely populated city marinas or ports polluted air enters the vessel.

To provide a healthy and pleasant environment for owners, guests and crew members, it is imperative that the air is quickly and constantly purified. Using the air-conditioning system's own ducting will ensure that pockets of mold are unable to grow as the entire vessel's air is purified.

About the Technology

The Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh is constructed of metalized foam. This minutely intricate structure provides 2200% more surface area for holding the molecular catalytic coating than is possible with a simple screen structure.In addition, through the science of nanotechnology, the titanium-dioxide catalyst is restructured at the molecular level to have an increased number of contact surfaces. This provides 70% more atoms on the catalytic surface for improved reactivity with contaminants.

The metalized foam structure and the catalyst's nanotechnology create maximum photocatalytic activation for more thorough purification of air. This means fresher, cleaner and healthier air onboard. The system has been proven to reduce microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, and pollen by 90% to 100% and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 80% to 100%. VOCs emanate from materials such as carpeting, curtains, plywood and adhesives and are known to cause a variety of health problems.

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