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 Galease CHIMERA
General information
Used power boat for sale
£180,680 GBP | Listed price €201,150 EUR
Length overall
26.90 metres
5.80 metres
3.40 metres
99,000 kg

About this Galease CHIMERA


Chimera, as the beautiful ship is called, has undergone a massive update in the period 2021-2022 for approx. DKK 2.000.000 (documentation available). All shipyard work is carried out at Ring-Andersens Shipyard in Svendborg, carried out professionally according to all rules and regulations, and the ship is 100% ready to sail.


Chimera today functions as a restaurant/café - but the possibilities for a future buyer are unlimited. Chimera will be suitable for many other purposes, including charter ship, houseboat, office, showroom ect. ect.


Under deck

At the very aft you will find the captain's cabin with associated kitchen and living room, as well as the wheelhouse with all necessary navigation. The midship superstructure consists of a well-equipped bar and a new WC. Below deck you will find a large living room with a bar and space for approx. 40 people for dining - from here there is access to a large engine room with very good space and access to many of the boat's technical installations which are very simple to service.

The ship is in seaworthy condition and can be viewed in Western Jutland.


Please contact Yachtbasen for an appointment for a viewing.



Below are the owner's comments and description of the boat's history.

Chimera was built in 1912 at Shipbuilder J.G.Forbes and Co Ltd. shipyard in Sandhaven in Scotland. She was commissioned by Sir Henry Georges Louis Chrichton, born 1844 and who served The 60th. Prince of Wales Hussars from 1863 to 1874 and The 21st. Hussars from 1874 to 1884. From 1884 to 1895 he commanded as Lieutenant-Colonel of The Hampshire Carbineers Yeomanry. He was an A.D.C. to King Edward the 7th. He was knighted in 1911 and was very close to the king.


Sir Henry had the Chimera built as an a-sailing Yacht rigged as a ketch with two masts and a faithful replica of a Brixham trawler. You could say that it was somewhat extravagant to have a yacht built for yourself in 1912.


The Chimera was equipped with a Mc Kie and Baxter steam engine and with a boiler from Messrs. Anderson, Glasgow in Scotland. This could give the ship a speed of 4.5 knots. The ship was rigged with compartments for nine sailors and aspirants - cadets. The ship had a length of 26.39 m, a width of 5.87 m and a draft of 2.23 m. The gross tonnage was 89.80 tonnes and the net tonnage 45.62 tonnes. It was built from oak.


The name Chimera - pronounced "Kimæra" is from Greek mythology and represents a monster, an illusion or brain spinner. In Greek mythology, it is said that Bellerophon was ordered by King Amisodarus of Lycia to kill the Chimaera, a fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent. There are other murderous accounts of how and by whom the Chimaera was killed.

Unfortunately, Sir Henry only got two years to enjoy his yacht when he and his son were killed in battle in 1914.

In 1917 the ship was sold to The Steam Pilot Company Ltd Cardiff who had a more powerful steam engine installed and chambers for pilots were arranged in the space below deck. The ship was bought for 4,000 pounds. The ship sailed as a pilot ship for the Bristol Channel pilots between the Isles of Scilly and southern England. In the Bristol Channel, raging seas often arose when the wind and current went their separate ways, and it was hard work with 14 days of thorn on the ship. During World War II, the ship was listed on a Royal Navy disposition list as an examination service vessel in the Wales district and for training cadets for the Royal Navy.


In 1947 Chimera comes under the Danish flag, but with a fatal trip home to Denmark.

In April 1947, Johannes Martin Kjøller - 1913 - 1983 learned that the Chimera was for sale in Cardiff, England. He traveled there with his uncle Johannes Koch from Gudhjem, who was a retired captain from the shipping company Torm. A relative, Andreas Koch, living in Esbjerg also traveled with him. Kjøller bought the ship for DKK 50,000.


The trip home went through the Kiel Canal with arrival at Rønne on 14 May 1947. However, it turned out that too little coal had been loaded for the trip, so the boiler had to be fired with wood from the old pilothouses and other equipment. Without this, the Chimera will have been wrecked during the trip, so it was a somewhat untidy ship that docked at Bornholm. After arriving at Rønne, the ship was berthed and shipbuilder Chr. Christiansen began a renovation from mast to keel. The wheelhouse and cabin were moved aft and a 120 HP Hundested diesel engine was installed so the ship was changed to a motor galley and sailed as a cargo ship until 1953. The ship was based in Odense for a number of years. Chimaera was registered in Gudhjem in May 1955 and with the initials OXSS and at the same time changed its name to Chimera. In the same year, she was converted into a passenger ship in Nexø with room for 147 passengers for the route between Gudhjem and Christiansø.


In 1959, Oswald Jensen, Gudhjem- 1892 - 1992, and his two sons Holger and Ewald, bought the ship. Oswald Jensen supported himself as a painter and barber with his own salon, but he took a keen interest in Chimera's well-being and he helped in the spring to prepare the ship. At the age of 90, he still stood in muster as a boy on the ship. He died on 18 Sep. 1992 after celebrating his 100th birthday on 22 Apr. 1992. The son Ewald was trained as a navigator and led the ship for 19 years from 1959 - 78. After this, Poul M. Sonne took over and led Chimera for the next 24 years, where he retired in 2002 at the age of 70.


In 1965 Chimera got a new engine, a Mercedes Benz with 320 HP and sailed two trips daily between Gudhjem and Christiansø. Chimera became what the English call a Happy Ship - lucky or happy ship - and in the years after 1967 managed to transfer approx. 10,000 passengers on two-month sailings to Christiansø every year. Outside the season, Chimera was also used for other purposes, primarily as a replacement in Svaneke when MS Peter - the sister ship - had to go to the shipyard. MS Peter still sails on Bornholm. Also as a tender ship, disembarking passengers from large cruise ships. Among other things. Chimera landed 700 passengers from the Russian ship Mikhail Lermentov from Rønne Red in 1981. Of the many guests who have sailed with Chimera, she goes by the name The rolling lady as she is quite so lively in the lake.


In 1987, an unusual cabaret was played in the hold of the Chimera and the performance was called a resounding success by the press. The cabaret went under the name En bajers tid and the success was repeated in 1988 under the name Cavybaret and which the reviewers called a firework of talent. The performances took place both times in Svaneke in July. From March 1989 and a few years after that, Chimera was used spring and autumn for angling organized by a German operator named Uwe Onken and he allied himself with the former fisherman and harbor warden in Hammershavn, Poul Monsson, Allinge. He knew all the good fishing spots on the North Bornholm coast and the Germans loved to hear his stories on board during the fishing. In 2004 - from 28 Sep. to 3 Oct. - were there Bornholm specialties on board the Chimera in Dragør and Nyhavn, where local restaurants had Bornholm specialties on the menu. A total of nine selected food producers were on board, and there were also Bornholm artisans and representatives of the tourist industry on the ship, and these events were incredibly well attended. In 2005, after Chimera had ceased to sail Christiansø, the Christiansø crossing tried to establish a coastal route between Nexø and Hasle with calls at Svaneke, Gudhjem and Allinge. This was not a success.


In 2006, Chimera was sold to the shipping company Nordline in Svendborg, which operated fishing and tourist sailings in the inner South Funen waters with two other smaller ships, and beer tasting and wine tours were arranged with the ship. The ship was sold for DKK 1 million. to the shipping company Nordline and it proves the truth of the old rule that a ship's value depends not so much on its age as on its maintenance. In the years 1978 - 2002, under Poul M. Sonne, Chimera had undergone very extensive repairs and maintenance. Most of the ship's bottom and many frames were renewed and in the autumn of 1985 the ship got a new keel and keel. A new deck was laid and two new light metal masts were installed. The ship got a new Caterpillar engine of 320 HP in 1987 at a price of DKK 325,000. The same engine that sits in the ship today.


Chimera belv launched the same year as Titanic.

Chimera entered the water in 1912, the same year as Titanic, and the story we got from Niels Højlund from Svendborg tells us that Sir Henry Georges Louis Chrichton, who had Chimera built, sat on the board of Titanic. We are of course proud to be the owner of the ship and that Chimera is still sailing after - at the time of writing - now 109 years. The Titanic rests in its grave at the bottom of the sea and was, according to what was said at the time, the only ship that could not sink. Chimera is still sailing.


Current owner buys Chimera on 27 July 2020.

In 2012, Chimera was laid up and lay at Peter Ring-Andersen's Shipyard in Svendborg until the owner found her in the spring of 2020. We, or rather I (current owner) had for many years dreamed of becoming the owner of a ship and the dream was always, that the ship should be and look like a ship and not a floating barge.


Owner finds Chimera for sale at North Sea Ship Agency - Hagland in Esbjerg. We left for Svendborg, where Chimera was at the shipyard at Peter Ring-Andersen - Denmark's oldest shipyard and which is today run by Peter and his son Jesper and daughter Louise, who is the 5th generation. Again, Kirsten didn't want to move beyond some old, rocking open ships, but I crawled off with Peter as the driver.


Chimera had been lying and knocking ballwork for 8 years and clearly bore the mark of that. There were trees and grass growing in a thick layer on the deck and the railing was very tender with rot and at the same time everything was a messy chaos up and down. I have since found out that Peter's remark that, paint does a lot, is not always enough for what we subsequently got done. However, he also says that paint cannot do everything. But when I came back to Kirsten I had no doubt that it would be our ship.


On 27 July 2020, we took over Chimera and had suddenly become owners. And the plan for what we were going to use the Chimera for was laid out a good while before the purchase, as we wanted to make sure we had space at the dock in Nordby. I had been to the municipality and talked to harbor officer Arne Blaabjerg Jensen and was told that Fanø Municipality wanted to build a harbor with old wooden ships, so our purchase could not have come at a better time. The plan was to place an old ship like the Chimera at the quayside as a Cafe and cultural ship with a small shop with Fanø products. So with the municipality's promise of space, we let Peter Ring-Andersen's Shipyard get started with the restoration of the ship.


First the Chimera had to be towed over from where it had lain and cradled for the past 8 years and it didn't take many moments before there were questions from Gudhjem on Bornholm about what should happen to the Chimera. Peter informed them that it was a couple from Fanø who wanted to restore her and we immediately received an email announcing our project and how happy they were that she should not be cut up. That was what she stood for if no one would take loving care of her.


On 11 Aug. In 2020, Chimera was pulled out of the water and we got a glimpse of how she made her way to the bottom. Peter immediately set about high-pressure cleaning the many exciting stands that lived safely and well below the waterline. Kasper and I got down to business on the deck and got the deck high-pressure cleaned, rough and waterboard for grass growth and rot. In the many subsequent pictures, you will be able to see the change progress and in the year 2021 - a year after the start - how Chimera looks today.

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Information on the boat and equipment is provided to Yacht Basen by the owner of the boat. Yacht Basen can not be charged for any errors in the information.

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