Trawler Long Range Onn Off Yacht for sale


Listed price €669,830 EUR

 Trawler Long Range Onn Off Yacht
General information
Trawler Long Range Onn Off Yacht
Used power boat for sale
£571,173 GBP | Listed price €669,830 EUR
Length overall
23.70 metres
100,000 kg

About this Trawler Long Range Onn Off Yacht


Luxury Trawler 23m. One Off yacht in sublime condition. Designed by the world famous designer Pieter Beeldsnijder, known for designing superyachts. Furnished in solid teak throughout, and 24mm. teak deck in perfect condition.


This yacht was built uncompromisingly for the owner with submarine captain on the business card. In the period Between 1977 and 1980 it was transformed into an expedition ship and has subsequently traveled about 35,000 nautical miles - from the Baltic Sea to Cyprus around the Mediterranean and also visited Norway 7 times . So this ship has proven its good sailing properties in all weather conditions.


Perfect for permanent stay on board all year round anywhere in the world, it is fully insulated and is covered by a large central heating system as well as of course all other necessary comfort equipment one can expect from a yacht of this nature.


A complete survey has been carried out in 2021 without mistakes at all.



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P. Beeldsnijder


Van der Molen Skibsværft


Rondspant joggeld, hakroer


Staal - 8 mm - Mørkeblå (2015)

Konstruktionsform og materiale:

Staal / Aluminium - 2 komponenter Hvid (2015)


Rammer af messing, 10 cm sikkerhedsglas





YEAR 1965

REBUILT 1980 (complete new built from 30 centimetres above the waterline)

REFIT 2005

BUILDER/CONTRACTOR Hull : Shipyard Van der Molen - Zaandam - Netherlands

ARCHITECT Construction: P. Beeldsnijder

Interior: P. Beeldsnijder

HULL Heavy displacement round bilged.

Hull built in 10 / 8 mm steel with aluminium superstructure and steel

bulwarks. Ballast in concrete blocks on each side approach 60 x 60

x 60 cm in aft ship.

Hull was measured in 2016 and thinnest point was 6,9 mm at the


6 watertight compartments by 5 bulkheads, of which 1 has a

watertight door. There are several watertight hatches from the main

deck to the lower areas that can be closed.

Inside of the bull works are closed.

Steel docking/bumper strips.

Steel sea railings and at the wheelhouse is a varnished cap rail.

Steel anchor chain hawse pipes.

SUPERSTRUCTURE The superstructure on the main deck is constructed in steel the

wheelhouse is constructed in aluminium.

Aluminium radar/navigation mast.

DECKS Steel fore deck painted with anti-slip paint.

Aft deck and side decks have 45 mm teak that is connected with

stainless steel bolts to the steel deck.

The upper deck has 38 mm teak that is connected with stainless

steel bolts to the steel deck.

These deck have been sanded and recaulked in 2007-2008.

OTHERS Steel hatches / skylights.

Stainless steel fittings, hardware and steel bollards. Steel sea

railings ( 90 cm) with teak cap rail near the wheelhouse.

Aft deck lockers underneath tender cradle.

WINDOWS Security 10 mm safety glass windows in brass frames in the

wheelhouse two windows can be lowered.

Storm blinds for saloon windows.

No wipers but all three windows have a clear-view-screen (2 of them

are not starting themselves need a help with starting)

TANKS Fuel 2 x ± 7500 litres steel tanks with inspection

manholes and cross over pipe + valve.

Electronic capacity meter reed contacts.

Tanks last opened in 2008.

1 x ± 1500 litres steel tank.

No capacity meter.

Tanks last opened in 2008.

2 x ± 750 litres steel day tanks.

With gauge glass capacity meters.

Tanks last opened in 2008.

Fresh water 2 x ± 5500 litres steel tanks with inspection

manholes and cross over pipe + valve

Gauge glass capacity meters.

Tank insite painted with 2 component system in


Grey / Black None (direct overboard).


Lubrication oil Steel tank with inspection manhole ca 400 litres.

Tank fill Station on Port and Starboard for Fuel. Lub oil by

deck integrated fill station on SB side.

Water fill is inside.

INSULATION Thermal Hull/down to waterline and Superstructure

insulated by rock / glass wool.

PAINT SYSTEM Superstructure continuously maintained and

touched up by professional painter colour white.

Two component system by De IJssel.

All corners have an epoxy filler in order to create

everywhere round corners.

Hull last painted in 2015. Colour dark blue one

component Intersean from International.

Underwater hull last antifouling painted in July

2015. Underbody system one component by

International Intersean.


MAIN ENGINE Single Mitsubishi Type 6-1180 365 Hp

6 cylinder diesel engine, built in 1978

Continuous rating ± 365 Hp at 1500rpm.

Engine with turbo charging, inter cooling system with wet exhaust

and silencer.

Cooling liquid is anti-freeze.

± 10.400 engine hours and overhauled / entirely checked in 2006

with ca 7500 hours.

MONITORING By integrated system for main engine, generators, bilge alarms etc.

There is also a separate exhaust temp. meter.

Video screen for the engine room.

CONTROL SYSTEM Cable control system in wheelhouse for yacht control including

steering and bow thruster.

GEARBOX Reintjes hydraulic gearbox 1974 reduction 4.94 : 1

Cooler with heat exchanger.

PROP SHAFT ± 170 mm Ø steel shaft.

Automatic shaft greasing.

Equipped with rope cutter.

PROPELLER 1x Brabant Lips

3 blade bronze propeller with ± Ø 1700 mm.


GENERATORS 1 x ± Mitsubishi / 15 kVa (at 1500 rpm) 220/380V 50Hz

In sound shield box from 2005.

Exhaust with water lock and water – exhaust gas separator.

Start and stop controls at engine room.

± 4.700 hours

1 x ± Mitsubishi / 6 kVa (at 1500 rpm) 220/380V 50Hz

In sound shield box from 2006.

Exhaust with water lock and water – exhaust gas separator.

Start and stop controls at wheelhouse and engine room.

± 2.000 hours

AIR-CONDITIONING The entire air-conditioning unit in the engine room has been new

installed in 2006. The vaporisers units in the cabins and saloon are

still original.

HEATING SYSTEM Kabola 50 kCal. heating system new installed in 2006.

HYDRAULIC Installed in the engine room for bow thruster, anchor winch and

POWER PACK stern anchor. This pump can be disconnected not running all the


There is a separate hydraulic pump installed 2006 for the steering

system that produces with every main engine revolution the same


BOWTHRUSTER Hydraulic ± 50 Hp, controlled from wheelhouse.


STEERING GEAR Make Selford Sweden, heavy duty equipment with emergency


DIVING COMPRESSOR 1 x Bauer compressor 225 bar (special for diving).


FUEL SYSTEM 220 V transfer pump and 24 V pump and racor type filters for the

engine and generators.

FRESH WATER SYSTEM 24V hydrophore electric heavy-duty pump with pressure tank.

Emergency 24 V pomp available.

System with UV light and micro filter installed in 2008

Hot water system by ± 80 litres boiler that can be electrical heated or

by the heating system.

TOILETS Manual fresh water flush toilets.

BILGE SYSTEM 2 x 110 V electric heavy-duty pumps for the bilge system


Manifold for bilge compartments and direct overboard.

DECKWASH & 1 x 110V electric heavy-duty pump.

FIREFIGHTING SYSTEM With deck connections on side decks and foredeck.

VENTILATION Engine room:

Make 110 V electric heavy duty mechanical ventilation system. One

side air in other side air out.


Natural air ventilation throughout the yacht by hatches/skylights.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Professional electrical installation built by de Keijzer from Holland

1980 and well looked after over the years.

Available power on-board 12 / 24 / 110 / 220 / 380V

Separate main panels / switchboards that includes aut. fuse-breaker

and switches, indication / control lamps, on bridge and engine room.

Batteries Start set main engine: 1 x 24V consisting of 2

batteries of totally ± 135 Ah. Year 2020

Inverter set : 1 x 24V consisting of 4 batteries of

totally ± 1000 Ah. Year 2018.

Seaworthy stowed in box behind wheelhouse.

Service set: 1 x 24V, consisting of batteries of

totally ± 1000 Ah. 2020. Seaworthy stowed in box

in engine room

Emergency bank: 1 x 24V for VHF, consisting of 2

batteries of totally ± 235 Ah. year 2020

Seaworthy stowed in box in lockers behind the


Each generator has its own battery for starting that

is charged by the generator itself.

Chargers 1 x 24V- 50 Amp. make Victron for service group


1 x 24V- 50 Amp. make Victron for sockets and

lights. (2006).

1 x 24V- 8 Amp. make Victron for main engine

start batteries (2020).

1 x 24V- 8 Amp. make Victron for emergency

batteries (2020).

1 x 24V- 8 Amp. make Victron for invertor

batteries (2020).

Inverter 1 x 24V / 220V – 3000 Watt make Victron (2006)

Shore power Shore power intakes for 220/380V on aft deck.

Ship shore transformer installed in 2006.

Lighting Interior lights 24/110/220V

TL-lamps in engine room.

Deck lights 24V

Halogen spots on aft deck and in 2 in mast 110 V.


ANCHOR WINCH 1 x Double gear model, hydraulic model with chain wash.

With steel chain stoppers and Devil’s claws.

Chain length counter available.

Controlled by remote control from foredeck.

2 x ± 380 KG galvanised steel Pool type anchors stowed against

steel hull plates / pockets.

2 x 120 meter Dammen A1 galvanized chains of 20 mm.

STERN ANCHOR 1 x Single gear model, hydraulic capstan models.

Controlled by remote control from aft deck.

1x ± 300 KG galvanised steel anchor, stowed against steel hull

plate / pocket.

CAPSTANS Vertical type on aft anchor winch.

TENDER CRANE 2 x steel booms that can lower the tender all manually handled.

Max load ± 1000 KG.

DAVITS Pair of stainless steel davits with manual winches.

COVERS & CUSHIONS Sun awning Over boom behind wheelhouse.

Winter covers For deck lockers.

OTHERS Fenders 12 x fenders.

Stainless steel fender holders for 12 fenders.

Mooring lines Various as present.


AFT DECK Spacious area with seat and also where the tender is stored with

deck lockers available. There is a capstan on the aft deck for line

handling. There is also a seperate drum with a 50 meter nylon rope

for towing or handy for stern to mooring in bays in Scandinavia or

the Mediterranean. Fresh water connection with hose available on

starboard side.

SUN DECK Area behind the wheelhouse that is easy accessible and spacious


INTERIOR JOINERY The interior is excellently built in Dutch traditional style in varnished

& DECORATION teak ceilings are of Oregon pine.

Carpets on floors.

Messing fittings and hardware.

Curtains of fine standards in saloon.


Accessible by watertight door from inside via the corridor and

watertight hatch from the foredeck.

Spacious area with storage space for fenders and mooring lines,

tools and much more and here is the anchor winch located.


Open area with access to all areas with entrance to deck,

storage area below the floor, cabins, forepeak and to the

wheelhouse by stairs Headroom up to ± 195 cm.



REFRIGERATOR 1 x 220 V front load model.

1 x custom build in locker.

FREEZERS 1 x 220 V front load model.

COOKER 4 flame gas

2 flame electric

OVEN 1 x gas





OTHERS Bread oven.


NAVIGATION LIGHTS As per international rules.

COMPASS Observator fluid compass overhead ’96 electrical reader

underneath that is connected to the autopilot.

LOG Make Seafarer.


WINDMETERS Yes with wind speed.


AIS Yes, 2017

RADARS Furuno FR8050 Daylight Range 48 .N.Miles

Furuno FR360 Analog Range 36 .N.Miles

CHARTPLOTTER Navtronics type Geonav HTC chartplotter

With quote fish software and CPN software.


AUTO PILOT Scan steering + joysticks in wheelhouse & remote control with cable.


SEARCHLIGHT 2 x heavy ones with big range.

HORN Air pressure.

SEA CHARTS Included.


OTHERS Barometer / Clock / Hygrometer.


VHF 1 x Furuno handheld.

1 x Shipmate RS7000 (salon).

1 x Sailor compact RT2047 (in wheelhouse).

1 x Sailor RT4822 DSC (in wheelhouse).

SSB RADIO Yes not sending but only receiving for weather charts.

PHONE/FAX Yes Nokia with chip and fax not working.

COMPUTER 1 computer for internet at observation seat wheelhouse.

1 x for navigation at the steering position.

INTERNET / WIFI Wi-Fi antenna at wheelhouse and the signal for the tablet is also

available at the saloon.

INTERCOM/ LOUD HAILER Raytheon MK. With speakers on fore deck, aft deck, anchor peak

and in accommodation.

TELEVISION Seatel installed in 2006



LIFE SAVING AIDS 2 x 6 person’s life rafts in container 2010 (expired)

FIRE FIGHTING 2 x portable CO2 firefighting extinguishers in engine room and

several other fire-extinguishers at various location (expired).




SAFE BOX 1x key built-in model in storage area.

MONITOR/CAMERA Monitoring by camera in engine room and on aft deck.

OTHERS Flags Set of international code flags


General ships-plan, tank- and piping plan and electricity plan.

Manuals for most equipment in Dutch, German or English language.


Several for main engine and generators and other equipment.


Several in toolbox and workbench.



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