CYRUS YACHTS Vitters BD 80 for sale

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Listed price €2,350,000 EUR

General information
Used sail boat for sale
£2,021,076 GBP | Listed price €2,350,000 EUR
Name of boat
Length overall
24.10 metres
5.84 metres
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

About this CYRUS YACHTS Vitters BD 80



RCD Status: The yacht conforms with the essential safety requirements of Directive 94/25EC or RCDII (2013/53/EU as appropriate (Recreational Craft Directive) and is marked as Category A – “Ocean”


Hull Construction:

  • Hull, deck, structure and superstructure of advanced composite sandwich construction using Epoxy resin and glass and carbon roving in order to achieve a lightweight, strong and stiff composite construction.
  • Solid laminate in all areas of structural hull penetrations like propeller, rudder shaft, shaft bracket, thrusters, etc.
  • There is a false bow, acting as a crash box.
  • Exterior of hull faired and painted with epoxy barrier coat primer.
  • Topsides are spray painted white with metallic finish (Du Pont Paint metallic white).
  • All bilges and deck locker finished with protective epoxy painting.
  • Keel box and mast step foundation made of E-glass/carbon construction.
  • Bulkheads made of E-glass over a Core-Cell-core with local carbon tapes.
  • All visible bulkhead surfaces covered with wooden veneer, applied by vacuum bagging or finished and painted.
  • A system of limber holes is piped throughout the structure of the complete vessel to allow water to drain into the Iowest parts of any specific bilge.
  • The following bulkheads are built as watertight:
    1. The bulkhead between forepeak and owner’s head (collision bulkhead).
    2. The bulkhead between technic room and dinghy bay.


Deck Construction:

  • Deck consists of main deck and cockpit and a semi raised deckhouse.
  • Deck shell is framed by major transverse bulkheads and longitudinal and transverse beams.
  • Main deck and cockpit made of E-glass over a 20-30 mm Core-Cell-core with unidirectional carbon tapes on inner and outer skin.
  • Local carbon reinforcements in all high loaded areas.
  • Deckhouse top built in carbon sandwich. Deckhouse top with moulded handrails (p/s
  • Deck beams made of E-glass over a Core-Cell-core with carbon capping.
  • The following areas laid with best Burma teak of a nominal finished thickness of approx. 8 mm when new:
    1. Cockpit.
    2. Main deck on fore ship.
    3. The inside of swim platform.
  • All teak planks glued to the deck under vacuum and without any visible fixings.
  • Remaining deck surfaces are painted white, with non-skid surface wherever required for CE.



  • The yacht is equipped with an FRP-toe-rail, painted in hull colour. This has a width of approx. 400-500 mm and a height of approx. 100 mm at chainplates, rising at the stem to approx. 120mm. In the cockpit area the toe-rail is designed to form a approx. 500mm high bulwark.
  • Integrated features:
    1. Deck cleats.
    2. Stanchion bases.
    3. Chainplates for V1 and D1 with covers.
    4. Pad-eyes.
    5. Halyard and liferaft lockers.
    6. Halyard channels.
    7. Moulded foot-stop acc. to CE.



  • All chainplates are incorporated in hull laminate and hull structure to achieve maximum stiffness. Verticals are earth-connected.
  • Shroud and backstay chainplates carried out as carbon construction with stainless steel bushings according to mast supplier’s specification. 2 x Shrouds (V1+D1). 2 x Backstay.
  • Runner chainplates (2) made from stainless steel.
  • Chainplates for forestay, inner forestay and Code 0 made as below-deck composite supports for furlers and inner forestay tensioner.


Keel & Rudders:

  • Lifting keel: with shallow draft of 2.8m and a deep draft of 4.4m.
  • The lift keel system is a APM type with Carbon box. It has two operating points, keel up or keel down, and has a hydraulic lifting cylinder and a locking cylinder.
  • The keel is a stainless keel fin with bolted lead bulb (of approx. 10 tons). The bulb material is lead with approx. 3% antimony.
  • The keel is provided with a manual lock that allows supporting the yacht under the keel when ashore.
  • Steering system with two wheels, operating twin rudders.
  • The yacht is equipped with two semi balanced carbon/epoxy rudders with carbon rudder stocks.
  • Each rudder mounted within two self-aligning bearings and stuffing box.
  • The composite bearing housings laminated to the hull and to the deck.


  • All the machinery and equipment are arranged to allow maintenance, repair, and replacement with reasonable ease. All vibrating or moving items fitted on anti-vibration mounts.
  • All pipes in the machinery space are polished, painted or coated and marked in a way that enables allocation with the associated system diagram.
  • Where pipes pass through a watertight bulkhead the penetration is watertight.
  • All through hull fittings are fitted with sea cocks, in accordance with classification requirements. All through hull fittings and sea cocks will be in bronze.


Engine & Gearbox:

  • Steyr SE196E35, 6-cylinder marine diesel 4-stroke, turbocharged engine, with Variprop folding propeller.
  • Rated power: 140 kW (190 hp) at 3500 RPM.
  • In addition to the standard features the engine is equipped with:
    1. 1 x 24V-220A alternator for service batteries.
    2. 1 x 24V–55A alternator for starter batteries.
    3. 1 x Hydraulic pump via PTO.
  • A trolling valve is installed to allow for full hydraulic power when running at slow speed.
  • Dry exhaust system – water and gases separated.
  • The exhaust is lead below the transom with water discharged below DWL.
  • Engine control via Steyr panel, mounted on starboard steering pedestal.
  • Control panels featuring the following functions installed near starboard steering pedestal:
    1. Oil Pressure and oil pressure alarm.
    2. Motor temp and high temp alarm.
    3. Engine on/off.
    4. Engine start/stop.
    5. RPM.
  • All engine data is provided to yacht’s monitoring system.
  • Additional start/stop and engine hour counter in the engine room.


Maintenance & Performance:

  • Engine operating cruising speed: 8.5 knots.
  • Engine top speed: >10 knots.


Propulsion & Steering:

  • Bruntons Variprop propeller – a four blade folding propeller, approx. diam. 700-750mm.
  • JP3 steering system with wire/chain transmission and sheaves with high load bearings.
  • Pedestal’s custom made according to designer’s drawings.
  • Steering wheels of carbon fibre with teak wood rim.
  • Prop shaft made of high-grade stainless steel AISI 329.
  • Shaft is mounted with Aquadrive flexible coupling and thrust bearing and supported by a foil shaped stainless steel propeller bracket with water-lubricated rubber bearing and a second water lubricated rubber bearing at the stern tube.



  • An electric retractable Side Power bow thruster is fitted in the forepeak.
  • An electric retractable Side Power stern thruster is fitted in the aft technic room.
  • Both are controlled by proportional joystick at starboard steering pedestal and from remote control.

Hydraulic System

  • The hydraulic system operates the following functions:
    1. Bowthruster.
    2. Stern thruster.
    3. Passerelle.
    4. 5 x cockpit winches.
    5. Furling boom.
    6. Headsail furler.
    7. Code 0 furler.
    8. Keel locking cylinders.
    9. Headstay real time adjuster.
    10. Boom vang.
    11. Backstay cylinder.
    12. Cunningham cylinder.
    13. Inner forestay tensioner.
    14. Outhaul cylinder.
  • Additionally, a hydraulic mast jack as stand-alone unit is installed.
  • The dinghy crane is also hydraulic.
  • Vang quick release valves and emergency hydraulic off buttons are installed on both steering pedestals.
  • Hydraulic functions are powered by the following systems:
    1. Main circuit: - The main circuit is PLC controlled and powered by 1 x generator PTO driven pump.
    2. 1 x main engine PTO driven pump; 2 x 5kW 24V electric pump units Bosch-Rexroth.
  • The hydraulic layout is carried out in a way that a failure in the system does not lead to a complete system breakdown. The system is provided with all necessary equipment, like coolers, stainless steel oil tank, oil filters, an oil level indicator, temperature gauge, filler and discharge valve, pressure and return oil filters.

Electrical Systems

Voltage Systems:

  • C Zone digital switching and separate standalone hydraulic Beckhoff PLC.
  • A CAN bus system, featuring all necessary components like shore connection, monitoring modules, control modules, chargers, system switches, shunts, inverters, interfaces and GSM module is installed.
  • System provides full redundancy by closed circuit installation.
  • A 230V AC, single phase, 50Hz system is provided.
  • Power supply from generator, shore power inlet or domestic batteries via Mastervolt combi units.
  • System installed for:
    1. Air conditioning systems.
    2. Engine room ventilation.
    3. Galley appliances/fridges
    4. Battery chargers.
    5. Inverter for 230v
    6. Electrical outlets.
    7. Entertainment systems.
  • A 24V DC with grounded negative is installed with power supply from domestic batteries.
  • System installed for:
    1. Bilge systems.
    2. Main hydraulic pumps.
    3. Internal / external lights.
    4. Navigation lights.
    5. Navigation systems.
    6. Emergency systems.
    7. Fridge.
  • Main electrical control panels are installed:
    1. In technic room.
    2. At chart table.
  • Secondary electrical panels are installed throughout the yacht.


Battery Banks:

  • Service batteries: Mastervolt Lithium Ion Ultra 5000, 24v, 180Ah each x 6 (1080 Ah total).
  • Engine start batteries: 2 x Mastervolt 12v 130Ah x 2 as 24v.
  • Service and engine batteries mounted in custom boxes under saloon floor at base of companionway.
  • Generator start battery: Zenith AGM 12v 130 Ah (located just forward of the generator).
  • Batteries for the thrusters: Mastervolt Lithium Ion – located in the aft lazarette near gen set.


Note: large 24v battery bank allows full day of sailing without generator.


Battery Charging:

  • Battery chargers – 3 x Mastervolt 24/100c (located in a locker central / inboard from port guest cabin).
  • Mastervolt Mass Sine 24v/5000A inverter (located in the aft lazarette).



  • 1 x 24V-220A alternator for service batteries.
  • 1 x 24V–55A alternator for starter batteries.



  • Fischer Panda lightweight 25i 230v generator with sound shield.
  • Generator exhaust halyard system and guided to transom.


Shore Power:

  • 2 x 230V AC, 32A shore connection inlets, placed on portside transom locker (1 for air-con & 1 for service).
  • 25m fireproof cable on cable drum with adapters for all Mediterranean shore power systems supplied.


Other Electrical:

  • Switches for lights provided with integrated dimming devices.
  • Additional to the outlets described in accommodation, the following 230 V outlets are installed:
    1. 1 x in engine room
    2. 1 x in technic room.
    3. 1 x in deck recess close to mast.
  • The following 24 V outlets are installed:
    1. 1 x in forepeak.
    2. 1 x in engine room.
    3. 1 x in technic room.
    4. 1 x in transom area.
    5. 1 x in deck recess close to mast.
  • A monitoring system, featuring the following information is installed:
    1. Main engine information.
    2. Hydraulic system.
    3. Black water system.
    4. Grey water system.
    5. Bilge system.
    6. Fresh water system.
    7. Fuel system.
    8. Electric system/generator.
    9. Engine room temperature.
    10. Fire alarm.
    11. 5 x Video cameras in engine room, technic room, on pulpit – flush mounted, on first spreader (looking afterwards) and on mast top.
    12. Fridges/freezers.

Plumbing Systems

Fresh Water & Water Heating System:

  • System provided with:
    1. 2 x Pump with accumulator tank or VSD system.
    2. 1 x Electric s/s warm water boiler 80 litres.
    3. Check valves and filters.
    4. 1 x Manifold for cold water supply.
    5. 1 x Manifold for hot water supply.
  • System provides water for:
    1. 3 x Head sink and shower (hot/cold).
    2. 3 x WC (cold).
    3. 1 x Transom shower (hot/cold).
    4. 1 x Transom water outlet (cold).
    5. 1 x Galley sink (hot/cold).
    6. 1 x Galley ice maker (cold).
    7. 1 x Deck wash system (cold).
  • 1 x Cold water connection suitable for Gardena system on transom.


Sea Water System:

  • A manifold with two seawater strainers is fitted in the engine room.
  • Both inlets with filter and valve. The seawater manifold is sized to allow adequate supply to all consumers when the main engine and generator are running.
  • Sea water system piping: Copper-nickel piping system with bronze valves.
  • The system supplies:
    1. Main engine.
    2. Generator.
    3. Sea water pump/firefighting.
    4. Air-conditioning.
    5. Water-maker.
  • A sea water pump for deck wash and firefighting fitted.
  • The system can be operated with seawater and with freshwater by connection to freshwater system via Y-valve.
  • Outlets close to mast and inside anchor locker.



  • The vessel is fitted with a water-maker. Panel by galley under sink.


Bilge Pumps:

  • The vessel is divided into 6 bilges:
    1. Forepeak.
    2. Chain locker (self-draining).
    3. Forward bilge (under owner’s area).
    4. Machinery space.
    5. Aft bilge (under guest area).
    6. Lazarette.
  • Each bilge compartment (except chain locker) is equipped with automatic switch and with water sensor and level alarm to starboard steering pedestal and chart table.
  • Bilges connected to a manifold and drained via engine/diesel pump and AC driven bilge pumps.
  • The bilges can be monitored via yacht’s monitoring system.
  • All pumps discharge overboard below waterline via siphon breakers and non-return valves.



  • The system has been modified and improved since initial build.
  • On port side there are 3 new tanks made of PE 100. Each interconnected. Two tanks of 200 litres and one tank of 260 litres. Total capacity of the 3 tanks approx. 660 litres.
  • On starboard tank there is a single large plastic tank. Capacity: 900 litres.
  • Total fuel capacity approx. 1550 litres.


Fresh water:

  • Two s/s freshwater tanks installed and coated from inside.
  • Total capacity: 1,500 litres.
  • Each tank has a filler line to side deck and a ventilation line to opposite side of yacht.
  • Each tank has an individual level indicator with display at chart table.
  • s/s fittings are labelled with “Water”.
  • Tanks provided with baffles and with hatches of suitable size and location to allow for inspection and cleaning.
  • Tanks provided with UV-light-sterilizers.


Grey Water System:

  • Grey water from sinks, showers, air conditioning and washer dryer is collected in grey water tanks forward and aft.
  • One composite grey water tank installed with a total capacity of 400 litres, discharging via electric pump overboard.
  • Each tank has an individual level indicator connected to monitoring system.
  • Tanks provided with baffles and with hatches of suitable size and location to allow for inspection and cleaning.


Black Water System:

  • 3 x Black water tanks installed close to WCs beyond waterline, each with a capacity of approx. 45 litres and discharging via gravity via seacock below waterline.
  • Additionally, each tank has a deck waste fitting for shore connection.
  • Each tank has an individual level indicator connected to monitoring system and a warning lamp for “full” inside close to WC.
  • Tanks provided with hatches of suitable size and location to allow for inspection and cleaning.
  • Black water system piping: Vetus “no smell” piping.
  • The system serves the following electric 24V toilets with macerator pump:
    1. 1 x Tecma breeze with bidet function and soft closing function.
    2. 2 x Tecma breeze with soft closing function.
  • Tecma touch screen panels for all toilets.

Navigation Equipment

  • Brookes and Gatehouse latest Zeus3 package, with CZone management system, all new and installed Jan-Feb 2021.
  • 12” B&G displays on both steering pedestals and at chart table.
  • 4 x 30/30 displays under folding flaps in sideboards aft of cabin wall.
  • A B&G autopilot system is installed (and consists of twin Rexroth low friction cylinders and a stand-alone 24V Rexroth Powerpack.
  • Simrad VHF.
  • 2 x Recessed compass in white colour.

Domestic Equipment


  • 1 x Dishwasher.
  • 1 x Gimballed Techimpex electric induction cooker with 4 hobs, oven and grill.
  • Electric oven/microwave Miele.
  • Dish washer Siemens.
  • Worktop with single integrated sink.
  • Sink waste macerator.


Refrigeration System:

  • The refrigeration system is by Frigomar.
  • The system consists of two independent seawater cooled fridge units, one 24 V, one 230 V installed to act as back-up for each other.
  • The fridge system features the following four custom-made units:
    1. 1 x Upright fridge 8°C, approx. 350 litres – under counter forward.
    2. 1 x Upright freezer, approx. 300 litres – under counter forward.
    3. Top loading fridge-freezer – sunk below counter (aft of cooker).
    4. Cockpit fridge.
  • In addition, a small front opening Isotherm fridge with ice-box mounted above counter at aft end of galley.


Heating & Ventilation:

  • Webasto Blue Cool air-conditioning and heating system, in all cabins.
  • The system consists of a chiller, located in the engine room that cools/heats fresh water, which is pumped through an insulated piping loop, out to air handlers located in the living spaces where the air is cooled/heated.
  • The following air handler units integrated in accommodation space, each thermostatically controlled with variable speed control and LCD display.
    1. 1 x Owner’s cabin.
    2. 1 x Crew cabin fwd.
    3. 2 x Guest cabins aft.
    4. 2 x Salon.
    5. 1 x Galley.
  • Design criteria of approx. 70.000 BTU for cooling and 30.000 BTU for heating.
  • A ventilation system to provide forced ventilation for all cabins, wet rooms and galley is installed.
  • All fans provided with filters and silencers.
  • A ventilation system to provide forced ventilation for transom lockers and forepeak is installed fitted with manually operated watertight closures for use when not at sea.
  • Engine room ventilation provided by:
    1. 1 x Watertight inlet fitted on the coach roof side.
    2. 1 x Watertight outlet fitted on the coach roof side.
  • The ducts have water traps, acoustic insulation and stainless fire gates.
  • Inlet fan controlled by pressure and the outlet fan controlled by temperature.



  • 60STV Satellite TV system (for Europe).
  • Sat TV in all cabins, radio in all cabins.
  • Owner’s cabin equipped with a Samsung TV, hidden behind panels aft on port bulkhead.
  • Each guest cabin fitted with 1 x Fusion MS AV 700 unit and a Samsung TV mounted hidden on swing outdoors forward of the bed.
  • Deck salon with 1 x 3D TV, size approx. 46” on TV lift.
  • Sonos music system.


Navigation Lights:

  • Navigation lights of LED – Lopo-lights type.


Underwater Lights:

  • 1 at stern, LED type flush fit mounted facing down.


Summary of Accommodation:

  • Boat is equipped with a main companionway featuring a transverse sliding door.
  • Interior style bright and modern, but still cosy and matching high quality sailing yacht standard, and also of lightweight construction.
  • The inside of lockers have automatic switched lights and veneered with cedar in the living areas and white painted in the heads and galley lockers.
  • All interior panels, surfaces and bulkheads made of FRP sandwich and covered 40-60% with wooden veneer, applied by vacuum bagging, remaining areas finished and painted.
  • Veneer: bright colour bamboo.
  • Removable panels for accessing technical equipment easily (HiFi/TVs/Air handlers/piping/wiring etc.).
  • All interior floorboards made of FRP sandwich. Floorboards without visible fastenings and removable to allow access for storage room and systems.
  • Veneer: bamboo like above mentioned.
  • A robust non-skid carpet for the salon and galley for protection of floorboard when passage making or racing.
  • Ceiling with removable panels. Ceilings mounted with Velcro to a supporting grid – all new headlining panels installed Nov / Dec 2020.
  • All hatches with sliding mosquito nets/blinds fully recessed in ceiling and provided with white trim, by OceanAir.
  • All interior doors made of FRP sandwich and covered with wooden veneer, applied by vacuum bagging. Doors without visible frames.
  • Owner’s and guest bathroom worktop surfaces are finished painted GRP with moulded wash basin.
  • All cabin floorboards, all non-structural bulkheads and joinery rubber mounted.
  • Layers of insulation material in critical area e.g. over the propeller or between noise sources and accommodation areas installed.
  • Headroom:
    1. Owner’s and guest areas: 2.10m.
    2. Deck salon: 2.10m.


Windows, Hatches and Portlights:

  • At saloon:
    1. 3 x forward facing windows
    2. 4 x opening deck hatches
    3. 2 x aft windows in deck and 2 in aft end
    4. 4 x (2 each side) saloon windows in the hull
  • Aft cabins:
    1. Hull windows to their bathroom and an opening deck hatch in the cabin.
  • Crew cabin:
    1. Has an opening deck hatch.
  • Owner cabin:
    1. 2 x hull windows each side (4 total)
    2. 1 x deck hatch
    3. The ensuite has an opening hatch and a deck prism
  • All deckhouse windows have OceanAir sunshades.
  • Windows provided with sunshades attached from outside.
  • Accommodation hatches:
    1. The boat is equipped with flush mounted carbon hatches.
    2. All accommodation hatches have OceanAir sun blinds and mosquito blinds.



  • Grab rails throughout the complete interior.
  • Shower doors: acrylic glass.

Description of Layout

Owner’s Cabin:

  • Owner’s cabin layout as indicated in layout plan, with double bed, accessed from either side. Seating starboard side aft. Storage unit and TV on port.


Owner’s Head:

  • Owner’s head layout as indicated in layout plan.
  • Mirror.
  • Double moulded wash basins.
  • 1 x Tecma toilet.
  • 1 x Shower with acrylic glass shower door.
  • Towel rail
  • Locker with devices for brush and paper.
  • 1 x Outlet 230V. Ceiling lights.  Mirror lights.


Guest Cabins:

  • Each with two single beds side by side, drawers under the beds, locker, TV.
  • 2 x Outlet 230V.
  • Ceiling lights.
  • Berth lights.


Guest Heads:

  • 2 x Guest head layout as indicated in layout plan.
  • Starboard head is acting as day head and provided with two doors.
  • 1 x Mirror.
  • 1 x Moulded washbasin with tab.
  • 1 x Tecma toilet.
  • 1 x Shower with acrylic glass shower door.
  • 1 x towel bar.
  • 2 x Towel hooks.
  • 1 x Locker with devices for brush and paper.
  • 2 x Outlet 230V.
  • Ceiling lights.


Crew Cabin:

  • Crew cabin layout as indicated in layout plan.
  • Lower single bed locker.
  • 1 x Outlet 230V.
  • Ceiling lights.
  • 1 x Switch (at entrance) for lights.


Deck Saloon:

  • Deck salon layout as indicated in layout plan.
  • Dinette on starboard, with U shape seating and dining table (table with two support legs that are manually adjustable to lower and raise it).
  • To port is a small seating area handily close to the drink’s fridge (aft of galley) and the glass / bottle stowage units.
  • Triple outlets 230V.
  • Ceiling lights.
  • Indirect lights under furniture protrusions.
  • Chart table forward on starboard side, with instruments and electric panels recessed behind dark Perspex doors.


Galley (Part Forward of the Saloon on the Port Side):

  • Galley layout as indicated in layout plan. Galley matched in style and surfaces - the salon accommodation.
  • Locker space for storing dinnerware, cutlery, provisions, etc.
  • Bottle locker. Freezer. Cooker. Two fridges. Isotherm fridge. Dishwasher. Single sink. Glass stowage locker.


Engine Room:

  • The machinery space is divided into an engine room under salon floor for main engine and generator, accessible via a properly bolted and insulated big hatch in salon floor and a technic room located aft, accessible via cockpit floor and hatch in deck locker longitudinal bulkhead.
  • The technic space is equipped with:
    1. Neon lights; 230 V outlet; Bench wise; Marine toolkit; Box and locker for tools, and spares.
  • Engine/technic room acoustically insulated with Rockwool and sound seal leaded sheets covered inside with Alucobond panels.


  • Cockpit as per layout plan with two helms aft and a large freestanding central dinette forward.
  • Pedestals including fold up foot supports located in the cockpit floor.


Cockpit Dinette:

  • The dinette consists of two U-sofas and one table with fold leaves to extend it. 
  • The teak table is adjustable in height.
  • The dinette includes the following features:
    1. Stainless steel rail aft and outboard of the dinette acts as support for the backrests.
    2. Small compartments and shelves.
    3. Shoe lockers located inside aft cockpit sides (p/s).
    4. Cockpit fridge – on starboard side forward against the saloon coaching.

Deck Equipment


  • The rig set up is with fully battened in-boom furling main sail, roller furling self-tacking headsail and furling code 0 on a semi fixed stay.
  • Rig supplied by Southern Spars with a high modulus fractional rig, with 20° swept back spreaders.
  • V-Shaped standard modulus Southern Spars carbon boom with hydraulic in-boom furling system.
  • Mast, spreaders, boom and poles painted in Awlgrip “off white”.
  • This rig is custom designed and built for fast and comfortable cruising and for semi-professional racing.
  • The mast collar chocked with Spartite.
  • Mast and boom provided with internal conduits for wiring and with internal protection against noise coming from loose halyards, backstay or wiring.
  • Suitable mounts and provisions incorporated for all lights, antennas and for navigation equipment.
  • All furlers mounted recessed below deck.
  • 1 x Reckmann UD4s- hydraulic headsail furler with carbon foil and real time adjuster switch mounted to cockpit steering pedestal.
  • 1 x Reckmann CZ hydraulic Code 0 furler. Switch mounted to cockpit steering pedestal.
  • 1 x Removable staysail furler for staysail on its own stay.
  • A removable inner forestay with under deck tensioning cylinder can be used for passage making and heavy weather.
  • Split backstay.
  • Runners for use in conjunction with inner forestay or when under engine, provided with retriever lines.
  • Lewmar deck hardware.
  • Lewmar, Beckhoff PLC hydraulics.
  • Magic trim Cariboni cylinders for jib and push button trimming and winch trimming simultaneously.
  • The yacht is fitted out ready for sailing with all necessary equipment like all deck gear, jammers, pad-eyes, search light, horn, mainsail track.
  • A hydraulic mast jack with 2 x hydraulic cylinders located outside the mast with manual pump for mast pressure adjustment is installed.


Rig Dimensions:

  • I: 30.30m.
  • J: 8.15m.
  • P: 29.45m.
  • E: 9.80m.
  • BAS: 1.97m.
  • LP 93%: 7.58m.
  • ISP: 31.50m.
  • SPL: 8.57m.



  • 1 x Foredeck light on the forward side of the mast. LED.
  • 2 x Pairs of spreader lights under first pair of spreaders. LED.
  • 2 x Pairs of spreader lights beyond first pair of spreaders. LED.
  • 1 x Windex light. LED.



  • 2-4 climbing steps painted colour of mast, near masthead.
  • 2-4 folding stainless steel steps for accessing the boom.



  • 3 x Dimmable LED boom lights on underside of boom (2700K).
  • 2 x Exits for main sheet (mid boom).
  • 1 x Exit for preventer line.
  • 2 x Grooves for main sail cover.
  • 2 x Grooves for cockpit sun awning.
  • 2 x Attachment point for topping lift.
  • 2 x Pad eyes for emergency main sheet (end of boom).
  • 2 x Storage for spare sail battens.
  • 1 x Extendable pole for dinghy lifting.


Sail Handling:

  • Main:
    1. Mid boom sheeting 2/1.
    2. Bridle mainsheet arrangement leading from traveller track on coach roof top via boom to mast.
    3. Sheet guided via mast through bulwark to cockpit winches (p/s).
    4. Traveller track with pin-stops, supported by 2 x tie-rod below deck.
    5. Main halyard guided through bulwark to portside cockpit winch.
    6. Spare halyard on mast winch.
    7. Preventer line to mast winch.
  • Headsail:
    1. St-jib-sheet 2/1 guided through bulwark to cockpit winches (p/s).
    2. Provisions for later installation of transverse107% tracks on side deck.
    3. 1 x Jib halyard to mast winches, provided with halyard lock.
  • MPS/Code 0:
    1. Code 0 sheets guided to cockpit winches.
    2. 1 x Code 0/MPS halyard guided through bulwark to starboard cockpit winch, provided with halyard lock.
    3. 1 x MPS halyard guided through bulwark to mast winch.
  • Staysail:
    1. Sheet using jib sheet system.
    2. 1 x Halyard guided to mast winch.
  • Spinnaker:
    1. Spinnaker equipment structurally prepared, but not installed.


Standing Rigging:

  • Standing rigging is discontinuous Southern Spars EC6+ carbon.
  • Furling forestay is s/s rod.
  • Inner forestay is of PBO.
  • Backstay with bridle is of carbon.
  • 2 x Mast tie-rods below deck.


Running Rigging:

  • Vessel is equipped with good quality halyards, sheets, etc.


Halyard locks:

  • 1 x Jib halyard.
  • 1 x MPS top halyard.
  • 1 x Staysail halyard.



  • Lewmar winches. Finish black/dark grey.
  • Cockpit winches:
    1. 2 x Hydraulic 88 self-tailing cockpit primaries mounted on bulwark.
    2. 2 x Hydraulic 77 self-tailing cockpit secondaries mounted on pedestals inside cockpit.
  • Mast winches:
    1. 2 x Hydraulic/manual 77 self-tailing mast winches mounted close to mast, one to port and one to starboard with switch on deck.
  • Accessories:
    1. 6 x Lewmar OneTouch 10” alloy handles.
    2. 6 x Winch covers in white canvas.



  • In boom furling Mainsail by One Sails, Forte 210C new 2019.
  • Self-tacking furling jib by One Sails, Forte 210C new 2019.
  • Code 0 by Incidence Sails, semi fixed stay on roller furler.
  • MPS sail set on bow pad-eye.
  • Storm staysail set on removable inner forestay.


Sail Locker at Bow:

  • The sail locker is equipped with an aluminium ladder for easy access. It is fitted out with light, 24 V outlet, bars and hooks for stowing equipment, rope locker and shelves.


Lazarette Lockers:

  • Large aft lazarette using full width of the yacht and with two hydraulic opening hatches that hinge on the forward edge. Space for dinghy stowage. Fitted out with a crane, lights, bars and hooks for stowing lines and equipment, shelves, Brackets to stow diving cylinders vertically.
  • Side lockers at the cockpit for general stowage.
  • Life raft lockers integrated into both sides of the bulwark.



  • 1 x Pulpit, consisting of two halves, custom made. 2 x Pushpit, custom made.
  • 16 x Stanchions (8 each side). 4 x Opening gate stanchions.
  • 2 x Gates for transom and gangway access.
  • 2 x safety lines in Kevlar, tensioned with turnbuckles.
  • Transom with manually operated stern flap acting only as bathing platform.
  • The transom flap covers an integrated stair down to the bathing platform, installed with 2 x Spotlights, Stair lights and a retractable swimming ladder.
  • A telescopic hydraulic retractable Passarelle is installed into starboard side of transom and is fitted with carbon stanchions and LED lights.
  • An Opacmare hydraulic crane is installed in the lazarette to lift the dinghy. It has a 300-degree movement and is easy to control.
  • A foldable white painted carbon ladder is provided, suitable for accessing water from the side deck.
  • Carbon flagpole.


Anchoring & Mooring Equipment:

  • The yacht is equipped with two anchors, a main anchor and a smaller second anchor, stored in forepeak.
  • Main anchor:
    1. The anchor is located under the bowsprit.
    2. Lewmar 61 kg Delta stainless steel bow anchor.
    3. 100 m of 12 mm high strength stainless steel chain with marks every 10m provided.
    4. Chain connected via high strength anchor line strop to chain locker.
  • Second anchor:
    1. Type: Fortress FX125 aluminium bow anchor.
    2. 30 m of 12 mm high strength stainless steel chain with marks every 10m provided + 60 m nylon line.
  • Anchor winch:
    1. A Lewmar V6 hydraulic anchor winch is mounted in a recess below main deck level and is placed in a way, that emergency operation via manual handle is possible. It has stainless steel foot switches with cover mounted at the cockpit floor by the helms and has a Lewmar windlass remote control.
    2. For relieving the chain, an anchor line strop with devils’ claw is provided.
    3. Chain locker: a laminated chain locker is installed inside the forepeak, equipped with rubber mats, fixed point for chain attachment. It may be accessed via a Lewmar Ocean hatch via the forepeak.
    4. A Lewmar handheld chain counter is installed inside anchor locker.
  • All cleats fully recessed into bulwark:
    1. Bow: 2 x Retractable aluminium cleats, V&D 263-AN, drained to waterline.
    2. Midships: 4 x Retractable aluminium cleats, V&D 263-AN, drained to waterline.
    3. Stern: 2 x Retractable aluminium cleats, V&D 263-AN, drained to waterline; 2 x Small retractable stainless-steel cleats inside of stern flap.
  • 10 x inflatable fenders in light grey colour with lt. grey covers.
  • Mooring lines.
  • 80m nylon towing line.
  • Aluminium telescopic boathook.


Covers, Canvas & Cushions:

  • Foldable sprayhood for main companionway, fully recessed in deckhouse top when folded down.
  • Sprayhood made from Sunbrella fabrics and Strata windows over Carbon tubes.
  • Foldable bimini for cockpit dinette, fully recessed in cockpit floor when folded down.
  • Bimini made from Sunbrella fabrics over Carbon tubes.
  • 1 x Set of sunshades in bronze colour for deckhouse windows.
  • 2 x Covers for helm station instrument panel.
  • 6 x Covers for winches.
  • 1 x Main sail cover.
  • 1 x Closure for bimini side, attached to guardrail.


Tender & Outboard:

  • Pischel Ribline 3.3m Tender and 30 HP Suzuki outboard.
  • Opacmare hydraulic tender crane, new in 2020.
  • Dinghy stored in aft lazarette / dinghy garage.
  • Tender garage provided with deck openings.
  • The Pischel tender is equipped with bathing ladder, lifting strops, VHF radio, anchor and line.


Safety Equipment:

  • 2 x Liferaft of 6 persons each.
  • 10 x SOLAS Inflatable Lifejackets.
  • 10 x Elastic Lifelines.
  • 1 x Set of flares and smoke.
  • 1 x Signal lamp.
  • 1 x Search light combined (battery and plug).
  • 1 x EPIRB.
  • 1 x SART.
  • 1 x Jon Buoy MOB.
  • 4 x Navigation shapes (3x black balls, 1x cone).


Fire-fighting equipment:

  • Smoke alarm with detectors in all rooms and connected to yacht’s monitoring system.
  • An FM 200 system is mounted in the engine room.
  • Bottle and a manual remote control installed outside the engine room.
  • Seawater firefighting system supplied by seawater system is installed.
  • Fire extinguishers and blankets fitted in the accommodation areas, according to certification requirements.

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Maximum speed
19 kph
Cruising speed
15 kph
Number of berths
Broker/Dealer Information

Berthon International

The Shipyard
SO41 3YL
United Kingdom
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