NEW ENGLAND BOATWORKS Rambler 88 for sale

Saint Barthelemy

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Used sail boat for sale
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Length overall
27.00 metres
7.11 metres
Saint Barthelemy

About this NEW ENGLAND BOATWORKS Rambler 88





Race, Class/Division, Overall, Line Honours

151 Miglia, 2nd, 2nd / 220, Yes*

Giraglia Inshore, 3rd, -, -

Giraglia Distance, -, 9th / 182, Yes

Rolex Fastnet, 18th, 31st / 333, Yes

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, 2nd, -, -

Voiles de St. Tropez, 2nd, -, -

Rolex Middle Sea, 1st, 24th / 99, Yes


* Record - 13h 50m 43s.




Race, Class/Division, Overall, Line Honours

Caribbean 600, 1st, 1st / 57, Yes**

Voiles de St Barth, 2nd, -, -

NYYC Annual Regatta, 2nd, -, -

Newport Bermuda Race, 3rd, 3rd / 85, Yes

Palermo Monte Carlo Race, 1st, 21st / 36, Yes

Rolex Maxi Yacht Cup, 3rd, -, -

Voiles de St Tropez, 17th, -, -

Rolex Middle Sea Race, 1st, 64th / 116, Yes


** Record - 1d 13h 41m 45s




Race, Class/Division, Overall, Line Honours

Caribbean 600, 1st, 3rd / 60, Yes

Voiles de St Barth, 5th, -, -

Myth of Malham Race, 2nd, 13th / 126, Yes

Cowes Dinard St Malo Race, 1st, 1st / 148, Yes

Channel Race, 1st, 1st / 115, Yes

Fastnet Race, 1st, 64th / 312, Yes

Rolex Maxi Yacht Cup, 3rd, -, -

Voiles de St Tropez, 3rd, -, -

Rolex Middle Sea Race, 1st, 21st / 95, Yes




Race, Class/Division, Overall, Line Honours

Volcano Race, 1st, 1st, Yes***

Around Ireland, 1st, 1st, Yes****

Palermo to Monte Carlo, -, 20th / 40, Yes

Maxi Worlds (Sardinia), 2nd, -, -

Voiles de St. Tropez, 6th, -, -

Rolex Middle Sea, 6th, 12th / 95, Yes

ARC (Gran Canaria to St. Lucia), 1st, 1st, Yes*****

IMA Med Challenge Series 1st overall


*** Record - 38 hours 20 minutes

**** Record - 50 hours 24 minutes

***** Record - 8 days 6 hours 29 min




Race, Class/Division, Overall, Line Honours

Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, 1st, 2nd / 9, Yes

RORC Caribbean 600, 1st, 3rd / 56, Yes

Les Voiles de St. Barth’s, 1st, 1st / 10, -

NYYC Annual, 10th, -, -

Transatlantic Race, 1st, 4th / 34, -

RYS 200th Anniversary Regatta, 1st, 8th, -

Rolex Fastnet, 4th, 231st, 2nd

Voiles de St Tropez, 11th, N/A, -

Rolex Middle Sea, 2nd, 7th / 103, Yes

Solas Sydney Harbour Race, 3rd, 3rd, -

Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race, 5th, 32nd / 84, -

Atlantic Ocean Racing Series 2015, Winner Overall


Hull, Deck & Superstructure Construction:

  • Carbon Pre-preg with Nomex and Foam Cores.
  • Water ballast – 1,400 Kilos each side, in aft wing tanks.


Canting Keel & Rudder:

  • 2018 Persico manufactured lighter steel keel fin and smaller bulb to JYD design and engineering to 7m draft.
  • Original 2014 Wyman manufactured keel fin and bulb to JYD design and engineering to 6m draft.
  • Core (NZL) manufactured carbon pre-preg dagger boards (2) to JYD design, plus a spare set.
  • Twin rudder seup with spare set in storage.
  • Lifting Sideboard Foils installed May 2015, removed June 2018.
  • Keel Fin Monitoring: Custom instrumentation and logging system from Kinetic Scientific allowing continuous logging at 200 Hz for up to 50 hours of the following data:
    1. Time.
    2. Keel position.
    3. Keel ram hydraulic pressure.
    4. Keel pin strain.
    5. Keel strain via fibre optic strain gauging via Epsilon Optics.
    6. Attitude, acceleration and rate at both fore and aft keel bulk heads.
    7. Latitude/Longitude, COG/SOG, TWS/TWA.
  • Post event data analysis capability allows keel fatigue cycle counting.

Hydraulic Systems

  • System design, custom manifolds and custom keel rams by Central Coast Hydraulics with controls by Kinetic Scientific provide integrated Engine Management and Hydraulic Control for operation of:
    1. 1x Steyr SE266S36 6-cylinder 192kw turbo diesel with direct CAN control.
    2. 2x engine driven hydraulic pumps.
    3. 1x ZF45 transmission w/electronic shift and hydraulic propeller retraction.
    4. 9x hydraulic powered winches.
    5. 12x hydraulic sailing rams.
    6. 2x hydraulic keel rams.
    7. 1x hydraulic water ballast pump.
    8. Port & stbd engine cooling water inlets with auto tacking.
  • Control inputs via:
    1. 7x custom membrane panels.
    2. 24x winch foot switches.
    3. 2x Emergency Stop.
    4. 19x discrete function buttons.
    5. Multi-function handheld wireless.
    6. 2x shift/throttle propulsion controls.
    7. Touch screen.
  • Interfaced to WTP3 for monitoring via B&G H5000 displays.



  • Keel - Engine driven Danfoss Series 90 100cc.
  • Winch/Ram - Engine driven Danfoss Series 45 60cc.



  • Keel - Dual-redundant opposing rams.
  • Sailing system rams -
    1. J1 Tack/J2 Stay by Cariboni w/position sensing.
    2. Stay - J4, GS by Navtec.
    3. Deflector - Top, Mid, Lower by Navtec w/position sensing.
    4. Tackline - Port, Stbd by Cariboni.
    5. Jib sheet - In/out, Up/Down by Navtec.
    6. Main - Outhaul, Cunningham by Navtec.
    7. Prop - Up/Down by Navtec w/position sensing.



  • Keel canting rail-to-rail fully loaded: ~10 seconds.
  • Primaries capable of 400 spindle RPM, all others capable of 200 spindle RPM.
  • Maximum line retrieval rates (meters/second):
    1. Pit & Mainsheet: 2.9.
    2. Primary: 6.2.
    3. Runner: 3.3.
    4. Traveler: 2.1.


Engine & Gearboxes:

  • Factory 24V option.
  • Steyr 192 Kw main engine.
  • Spare prop.

Electrical Systems

Voltage Systems:

  • Identical, independent House and Start systems with cross over provision providing dual redundancy.
  • Semi-custom distributed DC switching based on Garmin EmpirBus & Oceanic Systems distribution modules with touch screen user interface.
  • Extensive use of TE Raychem Type 55A ultralight wiring throughout the yacht.

Battery Banks:

  • 24V 180AH Genasun GLi LFP Lithium battery bank with dedicated monitoring system.



  • 24V 120A API 42i continuous-rated alternators deliver >50A at idle.

Plumbing Systems

Fresh Water & Water Heating System:

  • Pressure water: Fresh and Salt water pumps Flojet R4325343A 17 litre per minute.



  • Spectra Ventura 150 - 24 litres per hour.


Bilge Pumps:

  • Fore & Aft Jabsco 23920-2313 Utility Puppy 3000 30 litre per minute with roving pickup hose and remote-control actuation.
  • Pneumatic hatch seal with auto inflation.
  • Port & stbd system bay flooding alarms.


Fresh water:

  • Fresh water: Port & Stbd forward; Aft centre ballast.

Navigation Equipment

  • Processor: B & G WTP3; 8x 6-Channel analog modules; 5x 2-power serial modules.
  • Displays: 6x mast mounted B&G 3030s displays; 11x B&G H5000 displays; 1x B&G 12” Zeus3.
  • Wind: 3x B&G 213 1.4m wand.
  • Heading: iXBlue Hydrins fiber optic gyro compass; B&G ZG100.
  • GPS: Hemisphere A320 w/GLONASS constellation support & 20Hz option; Hemisphere A320 w/augmentation via iXBlue Hydrins; B&G ZG100; Garmin 19x; True Heading AIS GPS; Handheld Garmin GPSMap 78.
  • IMU: iXBlue Hydrins; B&G Rate Gyro.
  • Speedos: 3x Signet paddlewheels bow + port & stbd aft.
  • Rudder Angle: 2x Gill Blade 60 high resolution sensors at angles of ±15º.
  • Water Ballast: 2x Headhunter SYM-X tank level sensors.
  • Depth: Airmar DST200.
  • Barometer: B&G.
  • MOB Buttons: Port & stbd helms.
  • Load: 2x Tackline via Diverse load pin; Headstay via Diverse load pin; J1/J2 tack via Diverse load pin; J4 tack via Diverse load pin; GS tack via Diverse load pin; Top deflector via Diverse load pin; Mid deflector via Diverse load pin; Low deflector via Diverse load pin.
  • Position: J4 tack ram via internal transducer; GS tack ram via internal transducer; Top deflector via internal transducer; Mid deflector via laser range finder; Low deflector via laser range finder; Keel angle via Kinetic Hydraulic Controller; 2x daggerboard via Kinetic Daggerboard Position Sensors.
  • PC Computers: Dual redundant Getac B300-G5 ruggedized notebook computers.
  • Radar: Navico BR24 4G broadband radar. Plus spare.
  • Router: Peplink HD2 MAX.
  • WAN: 2x worldwide 4G; Ship-to-Shore Wi-Fi; Cobham Sailor FB250 - Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 250 w/handset.
  • Wi-Fi: Above and below deck access points.
  • VHF: Garmin 300i 25W VHF; 2x iCom M72 handheld VHF.
  • AIS: True Heading CTRX Graphene w/integral antenna splitter.
  • Antenna: Ultrawhip masthead VHF antenna w/ LMR-LW400 and lightning arrestor.
  • Sat Phones: 2x Iridium 9575 Extreme hand sets.
  • Night Vision: FLIR night vision scope.
  • Binoculars: Steiner.
  • Compass: Port & stbd lighted binnacle compass integrated into helm stations.
  • Endoscope: Karl Storz Borescope w/inspection ports at daggerboards & rudders.
  • Lock Sensors: Main full hoist; Masthead port & stbd; J1/J2, J4, GS; 3x boom reef.

Domestic Equipment


  • 2x enclosed heads with Planus Race toilets and fresh water sinks.


Heating & Ventilation:

  • 24V Transvend 2-liter water heater.



  • White & red lighting through entire accommodation space.


Summary of Accommodation:

  • Pipe Berths: 10x per side.
  • Hanging lockers: 25 hooks per side w/lighting.

Deck Equipment


  • 2019 Lighter Southern Spars High Modulus Carbon Pre-preg Mast with increased I measurement, new halyard locks and Carbo-Link continuous Solid Carbon Standing Rigging with improved windage and stiffness.
  • Southern Spars High Modulus Carbon Pre-preg Boom with reef locks.
  • 2014 Southern Spars High Modulus Carbon Pre-preg Mast with halyard locks and Continuous EC6 Rigging.
  • Custom rolling aluminium mast and boom supports.
  • Shipping cradle for mast.



  • Full set of Harken Hydraulic Winches.
  • Spinlock rope Jammers.
  • Pit - 2x Harken 1111 w/speed rings.
  • Primary - 2x Harken 1125 oil bath w/speed rings.
  • Traveler - 2x Harken 990.
  • Runner - 2x Harken 1130.
  • Mainsheet - 1x Harken 1111.
  • All winches driven by Central Coast Hydraulic 200cc motors.


New Sails for 2021 (All by North):

  • Mainsail.
  • J2.
  • J4.
  • FR0.
  • IRS Staysail.
  • Drifter.
  • A2.



Sails (All by North):


Sail, Description, Condition,  -

M1, First mainsail recut to first reef for delivery use, Good, Delivery

M3, 2017 Race Main, Good, Race backup

M4, 4/18 Race main, Excellent, Race

J1-2, Hank-on J1, Good, Mast 1

J1-3, 4/19 Hank-on, for new mast, "I" moved up 750mm, Good, Race

J2F-4, Furling sail, Good, Mast 1

J2F-5, 4/19 Furling sail for new mast, "I" moved up 750mm, Excellent, Race

J4-3, 1/18 Furling sail, Good, Backup

J4-4, 4/19 Furling sail, Excellent, Race

GS-3, Furling sail, Excellent, Race

IRS-2, New March 2020, Excellent, Race

FR0-2, Current race sail, Good, Race

MH0-4, August 2019, Excellent, Race

MHBlade, Current race sail, furling, Good, Race

Trysail, Current race sail, Good, Race

Storm jib, Current race sail, Good, Race

Drifter-2, New March 2020, Excellent, Race



Safety Equipment:

  • Water ballast/firefighting/crash pump capable of ~400lpm.
  • All offshore safety equipment.


Mooring / Logistics:

  • Lifting slings and shackles for the yacht.
  • Dock lines.
  • Custom fenders.
  • Anchor rode.
  • Anchor.
  • Passarelle.

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Berthon International

The Shipyard
SO41 3YL
United Kingdom
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