OYSTER MARINE LTD Oyster 725 for sale


£1,995,000 GBP

General information
Used sail boat for sale
£1,995,000 GBP
Name of boat
Length overall
22.78 metres
5.84 metres

About this OYSTER MARINE LTD Oyster 725


From 2016, this terrific bluewater cruising yacht was built to sail the world. Oyster 725, ROSINHA has a powerful yet manageable rig with V boom for the mainsail and powered front sails. She has been used for private use in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean with some cruising on the East Coast of the USA. She has proven herself to be a wonderful platform for family use. She is in sparkling condition and comes with smart vertical hull windows in the saloon. She is ready to sail.


RCD Status: The yacht conforms with the essential safety requirements of Directive 94/25EC (Recreational Craft Directive) and is categorised A – “Ocean”

Hull, Deck & Superstructure Construction:

  • White hull with grey caveta line and boot top lines and black antifouling.
  • The composite hull skin is reinforced with a matrix of stringers and floors both above and below the waterline.
  • Bulkheads are plywood.
  • Limber holes and/or tubes are installed at appropriate points.
  • Stringers, bulkhead-landings and floors are formed over a non-structural, inert, polyurethane foam.
  • The deck laminate incorporates an end-grain balsa for both insulation and panel stiffness.
  • In load-bearing areas the core is replaced with either marine plywood, or for additional strength, backing plates/ large washers.
  • The deck laminate specification engineered by High Modulus for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.
  • All through bolted fittings and cored areas subject to local compression loads have high­ density inserts.
  • Additional reinforcements are included in the way of the keel recess, the keel longitudinals, mast bulkhead, P-bracket, forestay and hull stringers.
  • Air Draft: 99’6.5” / 30.35m.

Deck Structure:

  • Recessed anchor chain locker with hinged lids and a flush-fitting type locking device. This locker is divided.
  • Within the aft deck there is a large locker, which will allow the stowage of two 13kg propane type, or other bottled gas cylinders. This locker drains/vents overboard and has a flush hinged lid and flush fitting catch.
  • Custom Rondal flush hatch, fitted with twin gas struts, drain channels, rubber seal and positive closing, gives access to a full width, large lazarette locker . Forward of this there are two further flush Solimar deck hatches above the aft cabin.
  • Forward of the mast, between the coachroof coamings, is stowage for the dinghy.
  • Fuel and water tank deck fillers are installed within recessed traps in the side decks.
  • A rope stowage hanging bar and folding access step is provided in the lazarette.

Hull and Deck Connection:

  • The hull to deck connection is achieved by the deck sitting on a return flange moulded into the hull.
  • The hull and deck are joined mechanically as well as with a GRP bond over the joint between the flanges.
  • The deck edge Incorporates a bulwark with a clean GRP finish with a 'rolled' edge.
  • 6 x 38mm (1.5") internal scupper drains are installed along the deck edge preventing topsides from staining when decks are washed down.

Deck Finishes:

  • The weather deck, cockpit seats and sole areas are finished with quarter-sawn teak planking. This is laid using epoxy adhesive, with no visible fastenings.
  • The areas either side of the main companionway are also laid with teak, together with open top shallow stowage troughs.
  • All locker hinges and catches are recessed into Teak planking.

Bathing Platform:

  • The stern design incorporates a platform instep which is finished with teak slats.
  • This area includes a fold-down stainless steel bathing/boarding ladder with oval tube treads and three moulded GRP steps, trimmed with teak treads, Incorporated into the transom.

Deck Saloon Roof Detail:

  • The vessel is fitted with a curved roof to the main saloon deckhouse and recessed windows.
  • The main saloon roof has a white GRP finish aft of the sprayhood, which folds into a recessed trough.
  • Forward of this, white non-slip deck paint is applied to the central area. 
  • A pair of stainless steel grabrails are also fitted, one each side.

Keel & Rudder:

  • The keel is a high performance bulb manufactured as a lead casting with approximately 2% antimonial hardening. 
  • Ballast weight is approximately 15,000kgs (33,000lbs).
  • The hull has a GRP keel stub incorporating a wide footprint area and facilitating secure attachment of the ballast keel.
  • This stub creates a deep bilge sump with suitable limber holes.
  • The keel is bolted to the GRP keel stub with Nickel aluminium Bronze (NAB) bolts.
  • The keel is designed to combine moderate draft with good sailing performance, due to its efficient shape and relatively low centre of gravity.
  • A solid stainless steel rudder stock is bonded to the rudder, which has a substantial, partially-balanced, GRP blade, foam filled.
  • This is fitted to a solid, protective skeg.
  • The bottom pintle is attached by way of a through-bolted bronze heel casting.
  • The rudder middle bearing has its own greaser and incorporates top and bottom roller bearings.
  • The top of the rudder stock terminates at deck level and is covered by a stainless steel screw-in deck plate.
  • This facilitates the use of a stainless steel emergency tiller from a usable position on deck.


Engine & Gearboxes:

  • Volvo Penta D4-2251-F turbo-charged diesel engine rated to 225hp. 3,313 hours @ 04-08-20.
  • ZF63A gearbox, which gives a 2.68:1 reduction ratio and incorporates an 8-degree down angle.
  • The engine instruments include alarms for low oil pressure and high water temperature, plus a rev. counter, hour meter, oil pressure and water temperature gauges. These are installed within the cockpit coaming.

Engine Mounts and Shaft Couplings:

  • Aquadrive couplings are installed at the inboard end of the shaft and this coupling also incorporates a thrust bearing.
  • The engine is mounted on flexible mountings.
  • Engine room fire extinguisher with auto/ manual release unit and a discharge indicator that is clearly visible.
  • Twin engine Racor filter 75/500FGX with change over and vacuum condition gauge.

Propulsion & Steering:

  • Whitlock Mamba torque rod linkage system with twin pedestals, each incorporating carbon fibre Y spoke wheels.
  •  4-bladed, 762mm (30") diameter Brunton Varifold folding propeller connected to the engine via a 51mm (2") diameter stainless steel propeller shaft, through a bronze cast P­ bracket and stern gland fitted with a remote greaser.
  • Ambassador rope cutter on prop shaft with prop speed.
  • The stainless steel propeller shaft is designed to be withdrawn from the outboard end to facilitate maintenance. An anode is fitted on the shaft and onto the propeller.
  • A Sleipner 285 electric, 20hp, 300mm tunnel bowthruster is installed in the forepeak with joystick control panel at the port steering pedestal.
  • This is powered by a 48v battery bank (split with engine start and genset start banks).

Electrical Systems

Voltage Systems:

  • The yacht's DC electrical main house supply is 24V.
  • The system incorporates a Mastervlew Easy Control Panel acting as a voltmeter, ammeter and ampere/ hour meter.
  • Safety 'kill switch ' mounted at the steering pedestal to allow Isolation of powered deck gear.
  • Mains 220V AC circuit with 8 double, 13 Amp, 3-pin sockets, one each located In the aft cabin, two aft guest cabins, chart table, saloon, galley and both forward cabins.
  • Units are from the Vimar "Idea" Range with black chrome "Classica” surrounds.

Battery Banks:

  • A bank of 2V cell gel batteries delivering 1,250Ahr.
  • 24v, 55Ah navigation battery bank, charged from main service batteries via 2 x 20A DC-DC convertors with voltage and current monitoring at the D.C. panel.
  • Power from a separate pair of 12v batteries, wired in series to give 24v, rated at 800 Cold Cranking Amps (EN) is devoted to engine and generator starting.
  • There is also a separate 24v battery bank rated at 800 Cold-Cranking Amps (EN) that is linked to the engine and generator start batteries to form a 48 volt battery bank for powering the bowthruster.
  • There is an emergency parallel switch between engine/generator battery bank and domestic battery bank.
  • All batteries are positively secured.
  • All battery stowage areas are vented.
  • 220V 24/5000 Sine inverter for sockets/ domestic loads.

Battery Chargers:

  • Charging of the engine start batteries is via a 70 Amp, 24v alternator.
  • Charging of the domestic battery bank from the engine is via a Mastervolt 150 Amp, 24v second engine alternator, linked to a Mastervolt Alpha Pro Regulator to optimize charging rates and to protect from over-charging.
  • In addition to alternator charging, the engine and domestic batteries can be charged by twin Mastervolt Chargemaster 24v 100 Amp, which feed on 220v from generator or dockside power.
  • The generator starting battery is charged by its own 24v alternator.
  • 2 x Mastervolt Chargemaster 24v, 50Hz, 100 Amp battery chargers, independently controlled.


  • The engine is fitted with a 70 Amp 24V alternator to charge the engine start batteries.
  • A second, Mastervolt ISO Amp 24V alternator is also installed, for charging the domestic batteries, controlled by a Mastervolt Alpha Pro Regulator.


  • Onan 22.5 kW, 220v AC, single phase, 50 Hz, 4-cylinder diesel generator, producing 61Amps at 1,500 rpm, in an acoustic hood. 4949 hours (Oct 2020).

Shore Power:

  • 1 x 32 Amp 220v dockside power cable, 3-core double- insulated PVC, 2 .3m (70') in length.
  • A Hubbell socket is located in the transom step.
  • The dockside end of the cable is fitted with a 3-pin, 32 Amp plug.

Hydraulic Powerpack

  • A Lewmar "Commander 400", 24v BSP, with twin motors and 3-station manifold, powering - Anchor Windlass, StaysaiI Reckmann Furling Unit and Genoa Reckmann Furling Unit.

Plumbing Systems

Fresh Water & Water Heating System:

  • 1.25kW Immersion heaters, one fitted in each of the two hot water calorifier tanks.


  • Seafresh 208A-220V watermaker. This delivers approximately 140 litres/h with product gauge, remote panel in the forward locker of the aft hallway. New membranes and pump 2020.

Bilge Pumps:

  • Electric bilge pump Utility Puppy 3000 with Par hydro air switch mounted in the bilge.
  • High level bilge alarm.
  • Henderson MkV double action manual bilge pump (rated at 135 lpm) operated from the cockpit and fitted with metal deckplate.
  • Each bilge pump is fitted with a Whale type strum box.

Grey & Black Water:

  • 3 grey water tanks.
  • The tanks are each fitted with a float switch and a Whale "Gulper" pump, to give automatic evacuation of all showers and washbasins.
  • The galley sinks pump directly overboard via an electric Whale "Gulper" pump.


  • Deck fillers for 2 x fuel and 2 x water.
  • A tank gauge system is installed and linked to all tanks, and there are also calibrated dipsticks.


  • 2 GRP tanks 2000 litres (440 gallons) installed under the saloon soles.
  • These are connected via a fuel transfer pump, so the supply tank to the auxiliary engine and generator can be topped up as required.
  • The tanks are fitted with multiple Inspection covers.
  • Each tank has a remote deck filler and back-up dipstick.
  • Internally painted with inert gelcoat and fitted with baffles and breathers.
  • Two fuel filter/water separators operating centrifugally are installed with warning lights at the electrical panel for the engine and generator fuel supplies.

Fresh water:

  • 2 GRP tanks totalling 1000 litres (220 gallons) installed under the aft guest cabin soles.
  • Treated with inert gelcoat, with baffles and provided with multiple inspection covers.
  • Each tank is filled from a remote deck filler and fitted with a back-up dipstick. 
  • The tanks are connected via a link pipe and shut-off valves. Both tanks have breathers.
  • 2 insulated 73 litre (16 gallon) hot water tanks, heated by the engine's heat exchanger, or by thermostatically-controlled, 220V, 1.2SkW Immersion heater elements.
  • Both have thermostatic safety blender valve.
  • The hot and cold pressurised freshwater system is supplied by a high capacity water pump.


  • Gas quality, flexible hose to cooker.
  • Supply line pipe size 12mm overall diameter (1/2”) soft seamless copper.
  • A gas regulator is fitted with a flexible connector.
  • Electric fail­safe solenoid shut-off valve is in the gas line, within the gas bottle locker, with an illuminated, rocker switch to operate it fitted in the galley.
  • 2 x 13kg Propane cylinders.


  • There are 2 bronze manifold systems in engine room.
  • The manifolds fed by one 51mm (2") and one 63.5mm (2 .5") strainer and seacock. This supplies all saltwater requirements (except saltwater flush WCs) including engine and generator coolant, via individual isolating valves.
  • Heavy duty water strainers are heavy-duty, 50mm (2") and 63 .5mm (2.5").
  • Seacocks are quarter-turn, de-zincification resistant (DZR) copper alloy reinforced ball valves, with stainless steel handles and bronze through-hull fittings. The main engine and generator exhausts have a GRP standpipe (without seacock).

Navigation Equipment

  • Raymarine gS Series Hybrid Touch Chart Plotter at starboard helm with Integrated HD colour Radar and built-in 50-Channel GPS interfaced to the autopilot.
  • Raymarine eS Series Hybrid Touch Chart Plotter at chart table
  • Raymarine i70 (x 6 units), multi-function display: Water Depth; Deep/Shallow Alarm; Course; Course Over Ground; Sea Temperature; Current Boat Speed; Speed Over Ground; Average Speed; Trip Log; Total Log; Apparent/True Wind Speed; Apparent/True Wind Direction.
  • ST70 long arm masthead windvane.
  • Raymarine SPX SOL automatic pilot with a hydraulic drive unit and Raymarine P70 head on port pedestal
  • Raymarine SmartController wireless Autopilot remote.
  • 4kW Radome is mounted on the mast.
  • Wireless connectivity via WI-FI and Bluetooth.
  • GPS antenna on the pushplt.
  • Raymarine Ray 240E, Class D-DSC VHF radio-telephone with masthead antenna and second handset and speaker in cockpit.
  • 2 x large groundplates and copper strip for possible future retrofit of SSB.
  • Cable from lazarette (typical ATU installation location) to chart table.
  • Raymarine IP Camera to be fitted to aft antenna post.

Port Pedestal:

  • 1 x i70 Instrument.
  • 1 x p70 Autopilot head.

Starboard Pedestal:

  • 1 X i70 instrument.
  • Raymarine gS165 with remote handset.


  • 4 x i70 instruments.

Chart Table:

  • i70 Multi-function display (flush mounted).
  • Raymarine 240E VHF with horn for hailer functions.
  • Furuno NX300 Navtex, inc. antenna on mast.
  • EchoMax dual band radar target enhancer.
  • Ray 650 AIS transceiver.


  • Sailor: Fleet250: BGAN satellite telephone with voice data. Data rate 280kbps max. Includes 25m antenna cable.
  • Sailor: FB-BKT: FB250 antenna bracket.

Domestic Equipment


  • 3 Frigoboat 50F, 24V, and refrigeration compressors. One, fitted with a keel cooler, has its evaporator plate dedicated to cool the front-opening galley refrigerator. The other 2 units are heat exchanger/ seawater-cooled via a self-priming, raw water circulation pump and are dedicated to cooling the top-opening freezer box.
  • A 4 burner gimballed gas cooker with oven.
  • Twin sinks.
  • AC sockets: 1 per cabin, 2 salon, 2 galley
  • Cooker hood: with speed control and light. This is a 220V unit running off inverter, shorepower or generator. Recirculating type via filter.
  • Bosch WVT1260 washer/ dryer.
  • Dishwasher – Fisher and Paykel dishwasher at galley (discharges into same greywater box as washing machine).
  • Charcoal water filter on galley cold supply.
  • Manual foot operated saltwater outlet at galley sink (taken from manifold in engine room).


  • Hot and cold freshwater deck shower at transom.
  •  4 Dometlc Masterflush electric freshwater flush WCs.
  • 3 polyethylene toilet holding tanks.
  • Each tank is configured for gravity discharge with additional ability to pump out from on deck and electric tank capacity gauges.

Heating & Ventilation:

  • 6 on-deck dorade boxes with stainless steel cowls.
  • All heads have extractor fans.
  • Air con – 4 units providing 48,000 BTU. Owner’s cabin: 12,000 BTU handler, condenser unit in engine room.Aft port cabin: 8,000 BTU handler, condenser in engine room.Saloon: 1 x 16,000 BTU Self Contained unit on the port side.Forward starboard cabin: 1 x 12,000 BTU Self Contained unit with duct to forward port cabin.
  • Owner’s cabin: 12,000 BTU handler, condenser unit in engine room.
  • Aft port cabin: 8,000 BTU handler, condenser in engine room.
  • Saloon: 1 x 16,000 BTU Self Contained unit on the port side.
  • Forward starboard cabin: 1 x 12,000 BTU Self Contained unit with duct to forward port cabin.
  • There is no air conditioning fitted in the aft starboard cabin or galley.

Entertainment Equipment:

  • Saloon.

Samsung: DE40JU6400. HD Widescreen LED smart TV with euro tuner, HDMI connection to Apple TV and fusion AV750. TV audio out connected to fusion aux input. Fusion: MS-AV/50: FM tuner CD/DVD player. Bluetooth built in, connected to TC audio output. Aux 2 connected to Apple TV optical output. Zone 1 wired to saloon and galley speakers. Zone 2/3 wired to cockpit speakers, zone 4 wired to aft cabin speakers. Wireless control via fusion link app for Apple devices.Fusion: Universal dock: the dock is compatible with Apple devices inc. iPhone 5/6 as android devices. USB socket for memory sticks.Lindy: Optical to line level adaptor with 1m optical cable: Converts optical output from Apple TV to line level output connection to fusion. Enables airplay when the TV is off.Fusion: FM-504: 4ch zone amplifier connected to zone 1 on saloon head unit.Apple TV 3: Media streaming device with HDMI connection to cabin TV. Internet connection via yacht spot/shore WI-FI.2 x JL Audio: C5-65OX: 165mm coaxial speaker with external crossover with 4 speakers.Dolphin: EYE-Q: Magic eye IR repeater for Apple TV.

  • Cockpit.

Fusion: MS-NRX200i: Waterproof remote control for cockpit stereo mounted on pedestal.Fusion: FM-504: 4 ch. zone amplifier connected to zone 2/3 on saloon head unit.2 x JL Audio: MX770-CCX-CG-WH: 4 Waterproof speakers.

  • Chart table.

AG Neovo: SX-17 Plus: Black 17” LCD display connect to PC DVI output.Nexcom: NISE 3600E: Mini PC with Intel 15 chip, 240GB SSD, 8GB RAM, with Windows 7 professional operating system. DC powered with remote panel containing 2 x USB 2.0 sockets and a power button.  CD/DVD drive to be portable USB model.Victron: ORION DC-DC: 12VDC filtered power supply for PC components.Inventica: YACHTSPOT 4G. EU/ ASIA VERSION: Wireless client 400mW wireless card and router, provides connection to shore hotspots and also 3G/4G data networks.Shakespeare: 5248/LMR400: WI-FI antenna with LMR coaxial cable assembly.Comrod: AP21/LMR400: Mast-mounted 4G cellular antenna with LMR coaxial cable assembly.Netgear: GS116: DC powered 16 port gigabit Ethernet switch. Unmanaged. For yacht LAN/wifi.Logitech: UNIFYING: Wireless keyboard and mouse with spare wired keyboard and mouse. Keyboard with UK layout.Cisco: WAP371: WI-FI access point, simultaneous dual band, allows portable devices to access 4G data, shore WI-FI data and PC shared files.Startech: USB 3.0: USB 3.0 7 port hub DC powered.Actisense: NGT-1-USB: NMEA 2000 to USB data convertor. Provides instrument data to MAXSFA.


  • Downlighters in polished chrome, with reading lights at each berth and over reading areas.
  • LED light rails give indirect lighting in the hull port areas of the saloon, aft cabin and aft port guest cabins.
  • Light switches and 220v sockets in chrome.
  • Low level red LED step lights: 1 to galley and steps to aft passageway on same circuit breaker.
  • Low level red LED step lights to main companionway.
  • 3 overhead red LED: galley, aft passageway, chart table.
  • Low level red LED step lights in aft cabin.


Summary of Accommodation:

  • Lined exposed hull and deck surfaces are lined with fabric-covered panels, demountable for access.
  • Insides of upper lockers in heads and galley are white mica laminate.
  • Lower lockers are white Flocoat.
  • Lockers in the saloon and all upper lockers in cabins are timber-lined with removable fabric covered outboard panels.
  • Hanging lockers lined with cedar wood.
  • Cabin soleboards are removable and fitted with flush lifting rings and machine screws into captive inserts and sit on a rubber gasket.
  • Under sole stowage in galley area is provided by hinged soleboards with retaining baskets beneath.
  • All drawers use metal runners with a soft-close.
  • Door furniture executed in chrome.
  • Off­ white headlining fabric.

Joinery Style:

  • Teak quarter sawn interior joinery using the vertical grain.
  • Sculpted fiddles and grabralls.
  • "Shadow-gap” joints between joinery panels.
  • Solid, shaped teak and stainless steel grab handles.
  • Solid "framed" styled doors, with laid veneers and soft-close seals.
  • Kick recesses in aft berth and saloon settee sides.
  • Soleboards in teak random planking parquet.
  • Upholstered and padded panels for headboards, seating and berth sides.
  • Rolled edge, vinyl-covered mouldings for the saloon deck/coachroof carlln line.
  • Off-white inside frames to deck saloon windows.
  • Wide sole margins in solid teak.

Hatches, Windows and Ports:

  •  GRP and glazed main sliding companionway hatch closed off by a vertical­ sliding washboard of acrylic, fitted with a stainless steel ventilation grille.
  • Alloy-framed, custom-made, deck saloon windows in toughened/ laminated, smoked glass with 2 forward opening windows. Outer window frames are black powder-coated.
  • The forward deck saloon windows are l7mm thick and side windows are 12mm.
  • Opening windows are supported with gas struts.
  • Alloy-framed, Gebo opening hullports, with removable flyscreens fitted throughout.


  • The saloon sofas, navigators seat, aft cabin sofa, dressing table stool, aft cabin headboard and berth surround are in grey Alcantara.
  • The kick panel below the saloon settee fronts are upholstered with a contrasting textured fabric.
  • Mattress covers have zippered side openings and vinyl on the underside, enveloping a high quality composite foam mattress, profiled for ventilation.
  • All sea berths have lee cloths.
  • Double berths have split mattresses allow for a central lee-cloth.
  • All coachroof and hull ports have curtains or blinds in off­ white.
  • For safety, the hull port outboard of the cooker is not fitted with a curtain or blind.
  • The deck saloon windows have pull-down Oceanair Skysol blinds.
  • Oceanair Skyscreen blinds with integral mosquito mesh are fitted to all overhead deck hatches.
  • Crew covers for the saloon and chart table seating.

Description of layout:

  • 10 berths, in 5 cabins with 4 heads and showers.
  • The owners’ cabin has a double berth offset to port of the centreline, with 2 under-berth drawers, a sofa, dressing table, a pair of large hanging lockers and various other cupboards.
  • Full length mirror.
  • 2 overhead deck hatches provide ventilation and also double as escape hatches.
  • A door leads forward to starboard to the en-suite heads compartment with separate stall shower.
  • There is a pull-out stainless steel ladder that gives deck access via the starboard aft overhead hatch.
  • A central door from the cabin leads into the corridor running forward beneath the cockpit.
  • Forward of the master cabin, also accessed from doors leading off this corridor, are a pair of guest cabins, one either side.
  • Each cabin is ventilated by an overhead hatch opening under seats within the guest cockpit.
  • These also double as emergency exits.
  • To starboard is a twin berth cabin.
  • It is provided with over and under single berths and a hanging locker.
  • Forward in this cabin, but only accessed from the corridor, is a wet locker that drains to the bilge for hanging oilskins.
  • To port is a double berth guest stateroom, with under-berth drawers, an en-suite WC and stall shower.
  • This cabin also has a hanging locker and large drawers under the berth.
  • The WC/Shower compartment is shared with the starboard side twin cabin and also acts as a day head.
  • A set of steps lead up from the aft corridor into the Deck Saloon, which features a large u­shaped settee to port, with a large table.
  • When using the three, folding alloy chairs provided, there is comfortable dining for eight to ten.
  • To starboard is the outboard-facing chart table and, at the forward end of the saloon, a small settee.
  • A bookrack is installed in each saloon hull port recess, just aft of the chainplates.
  • Forward to starboard is a locker with a U-Line SS95 icemaker.
  • As standard the main bulkhead is partially open to the galley area with a joinered box encapsulating the mast.  
  • Down two steps, forward of the saloon to port, the galley provides a spacious, safe area to work in whilst at sea.
  • A door forward to port leads to a twin berth crew cabin, fitted with lockers beneath the lower berth, a  hanging locker and door to its own, en-suite forward combined heads/shower stall/wet room.
  • A central door forward from the galley leads to a double guest/crew cabin to starboard.
  • This has a double berth, outboard locker, 2 large drawers under the berth, hanging locker and door to its own, en-suite forward heads/shower stall.
  • The forepeak is simply fitted out as a sail store, with hull battens, a floor and an anodised alloy tubular rail, with canvas panel, to form a storage partition retaining sails and/ or fenders to one side. It is accessed via its own deck hatch.
  • Incorporated into the boat are grab rails at the companionway, the Deck Saloon deck head and at other locations, to give one secure handhold in each cabin and heads compartment, where appropriate.
  • In addition the saloon, galley, aft cabins, forward guest and crew cabins also all feature a shaped grab rail along the carlin line.


  • All horizontal galley work surfaces are covered with satin finish Avonite.
  • These surfaces incorporate Avonite fiddles/ upstands and twin stainless steel sinks.
  • Adjacent to one sink this Avonite surface incorporates routed draining grooves.
  • Rubbish bin.
  • Gimballed cooker in stainless steel with 5 burners, grill and oven is fitted, protected by a flame failure gas cut-off device.
  • The cooker has an electronic ignition system for all functions.
  • A heavy gauge fiddle rail is fitted around the top of the cooker, which has a pair of adjustable clamping pan holders.
  • A harbour lock and cooker crash bar are fitted and the cooker is housed in a moulded GRP surround with radiused corners for easy cleaning.
  • For additional safety an electric gas solenoid valve controls the gas flow from the bottle and is operated remotely by a neon switch near the cooker.
  • A fire blanket is fitted above the inboard counter.
  • A front-opening stainless steel refrigerator and an insulated, top-opening, GRP freezer box are built in.
  • The refrigerator has an automatic door light.
  • The freezer box is finished internally in GRP and is fitted with a drain, plug and shut-off tap plumbed to the bilge area.
  • A large stainless steel strut is fitted to support the galley freezer lid.
  • The freezer box is constructed of closed cell, PVC foam with a vapour barrier.
  • 125mm and 150mm of insulation are used on the sides and the bottom of the freezer respectively. The top is 100mm thick. These boxes will be fitted out with shelves in the refrigerator and baskets in the freezer for food or drink stowage.
  • Vegetable cool drawer/additional fridge in forward bulkhead.

Heads/Shower Compartments:

  • 4 WC/Heads compartments are fitted with electric freshwater flush toilets.
  • Each compartment has an Oyster custom white moulded washbasin under­ mounted to a satin-finished Avonite surface from the Oyster standard colour range. Hansgrohe quality mixer taps and thermostatic shower controls are installed, together with a matching towel rail, toothbrush tumbler, soap dispenser, toilet roll holder and toilet brush.
  • The finish is joinered timber and mica laminate.
  • There are lockers for washbag, cleaning materials and linen stowage.
  • A curtain is fitted in each compartment where there is no separate shower stall.
  • Each compartment has an extractor fan.

Deck Saloon:

  • Access to the Deck Saloon from the cockpit is via a set of teak timber steps, with teak and stainless steel handrails.
  • A vertical drop-down, smoked acrylic washboard, fitted with a stainless steel, ventilation grille, is installed in a sealed box, which is drained.
  • Flush­fitting locks enable the washboard to be set at two different heights.
  • The saloon table is fabricated of crown-cut veneer running Port to starboard with a folding extension leaf below. The hand hold cut outs on inboard corners have contrasting inlay border. There is a locker beneath with horizontal bottle storage.
  • TV on electric lift behind seating at aft end of saloon port side at 38”. There are book rails on saloon shelve behind TV.
  • An outboard-facing navigation station is located aft to starboard.
  • The Deck Saloon is extremely light and airy, with 2 opening ports.
  • There are seascape vertical hull ports in the hull – 3 on each side.
  • Forward in the saloon is a locker that is fitted with an icemaker.


  • The aft cockpit has a central walkway through between twin wheels.
  • The guest cockpit is over 3m long and self-drains through four 38mm (1 1/2 ") diameter cockpit drains.
  • The helmsman's cockpit has twin custom GRP steering pedestals incorporating all the controls and instruments.
  • Each pedestal has a SIRS Marine Major compass with internal lighting and a substantial stainless steel grab rail and a twin dinks holder in front of each pedestal.
  • 24V waterproof 3 pin socket at steering pedestal for searchlight.
  • A mechanical single lever engine control is fitted to the inboard side of the port pedestal, and there is also a mug holder.
  • Both helm stations have a permanent backrest cushions on a curved stainless steel tubular frame.
  • Varnished teak-topped table with two fold-down leaves and an insulated, top-opening, with Frigomatic DC refrigeration which is keel cooled. The table in a stainless steel frame incorporating fore and aft foot bars. It also has a cover.
  • 4 cockpit lockers, 2 under each side seat.
  • The aft 2 have rope tail lockers.
  • Lewmar hatches are beneath the forward cockpit locker lids giving ventilation to the guest cabins below.

Engine Room

  • The engine bearers form a self-contained sump.
  • A limber tube runs through the sump to enable any bilge water from the aft part of the yacht to run forward into the main bilge sump.
  • The engine room is built of Barrifloor sound insulating plywood and the entire area is insulated with a foam and barrier insulation using 60mm of foam with two layers of high-density polymer sandwiched between it.
  • A central hatch forward gives access to the engine space.
  • Another hinged hatch is fitted over the generator.
  • The engine room has 24V lighting.
  • Jabsco blowers are Installed and switched at the DC electrical panel for extraction ducted to the transom and evacuate the hot air from the engine space after the engine has been shut down.
  • FM200 automatic fire extinguisher. There is a further automatic fire extinguisher mounted within the generator sound shield.

Deck Equipment


  • Formula Spars aluminium white painted full battened mainsail with cutter rig and with Antal short batten cars to reduce the height of the mainsail stack when stowed.
  • 3 sets of streamlined, aluminium, tapered spreaders to accept discontinuous rod rigging with tip-cups.
  • Two tangs for flag halyards - 1 x Starboard and 1x Port.
  • Aluminium masthead construction including: Brackets and U-bolts for external spinnaker blocks, sheaves for 2 Genoa, 1 aft service/passerelle and 1 mainsail halyard; Facility for mounting masthead electronics; Headstay fitting to accept eye/jaw toggle assembly; Backstay fitting to accept eye; Boom topping lift connection; Windex type Wind Indicator at masthead.
  • Mast section is H 4524 and is increasingly tapered up to the masthead.
  • Integral aluminium staysail system, including sheave box and sheave for halyard.
  • All halyards are run internally and exits are protected with stainless steel chafe guards.
  • Spinlock ZS1618 and ZS 1214, high load rope clutches for yankee and staysail halyards.
  • Carbon V boom for fully battened mainsail with separate luff and leach reef lines.
  • Anodised aluminium mast collar.
  • 2 aluminium winch bases one on the side of the mast and one on the aft face of the mast.
  • 4 x 250mm stainless steel cleats.
  • Mast gaiter cover matching the colour of the sprayhood.
  • One watertight plate inside the mast, with water drain holes above deck.
  • Two conduits from the mast foot to the masthead, to run the electronic wires for following equipment: VHF antenna; Wind instruments; Steaming light - Aqua Signal 55 - switched on the yacht's main distribution panel; Deck Floodlight - switched to the steering pedestal for easy access in case of emergencies; Radar; Aqua Signal 40 tri-white Iight at masthead; A boom light over cockpit; Radar reflector.
  • One adjustable mast base plate.
  • Manual, hydraulic mast jack, complete with pump handle and set of aluminium shims.
  • 3 x Folding steps at gooseneck.
  • Two welded sheet brackets with swinging toggle to receive sheet block, including reinforcement.
  • 2 x A260-SE-030 hydraulic backstay tensioners with mechanical lock.
  • 1 Hydraulic mainsail clew outhaul tensioner in the boom.
  • 1 x A850-VC-060 boom vang with gas return for positive support.
  • 2 x A260-SE-030 hydraulic backstay tensioners with mechanical lock. 1 Hydraulic mainsail clew outhaul tensioner in the boom.
  • 1 x Navtec A320-MF-02S, 2-speed, 3-function, remote hydraulic control panel, fitted with stainless steel cover plate in the cockpit.
  • Discontinuous stainless steel rod rigging.
  • Single point 2:1 mainsheet system.
  • 2 x Mainsheet footblock 'Racing' 155mm single.
  • 2 x Lewmar genoa sheet tracks with cars with 80mm control line high load sheave, plain end stops and plunger stops.
  • 2 x Lewmar double 175mm sheave "Racing" footblocks on GRP custom bases for genoa and staysail sheets.
  • 2 x Lewmar staysail sheet tracks, with plunger holes, cars with plungers and pair of alloy end stops.
  • Staysail sheet leads via 2 GRP tubes and 2 x 130mm single 'Racing' foot blocks each side.
  • 4 x Spinlock jammers inside boom for reef and outhaul lines.
  • 1 x Lewmar 155mm - upstand block and 1 x 130mm padeye on deck for mainsail halyard to lead to winch.
  • Spinnaker package: Carbon painted pole, vertically stowed on mast, with butt hoist winch, 2 halyards + jammer, pole topping lift + 1 jammer, 1 fore guy, 1 pair of sheets, 1 pair of guys, inc blocks, deck fittings.
  • Dyneema Passarelle halyard which doubles up as a spare halyard.
  • The primary main halyard is drawn as 2:1 complete with appropriate jammer on the mast.
  • 2nd Genoa halyard with snap shackle and jammer on the mast.
  • 2:1 main halyard block and extra line to reduce the winch and clutch loads.
  • Dyneema lazyjacks.
  • Genoa and Staysail halyards at a fixed length made to fit to short Antal pin stop tracks and then the tension is adjusted by a separate removable line.
  • A set of Gottifredi Maffioli running rigging.
  • 2 folding mast steps at masthead.
  • Echomax 230 radar reflector on mast.
  • Boom light (twin) over cockpit table, warm LED type.
  • Single pair of downlights on lower spreaders.
  • Tri white navigation light at masthead, switched at DC panel.
  • 2 x No strike ion dissipators at masthead and mast step bonded to keelbolt.
  • Dyneema boom preventers with a 2nd foreguy with clutch and deck blocks to suit.
  • Running backstays in 12T Kevlar gray PVC covered staves.
  • Prodder/Sprit suitable for tack of asymmetric spinnaker, including TDF x/x eve option.
  • Towable genoa cars and rope clutches – with fixed back stops.
  • Lewmar Commander 400 (6 functions) Powerpack controls backstay rams, Vang and outhaul via buttons on pedestal.

Headsail Furling:

  • Reckmann RF-90-3 hydraulic genoa furling, with RS profiles.
  • Manual fur ling backup and integral length adjuster.
  • Dual control buttons are provided for each headsail furling direction, so the sail may be furled from either side of the cockpit, to optimize visibility during operation.

 Staysail Furling:

  • Reckmann RF-90-3 hydraulic staysail furling, with R40 profiles.
  • Manual furling backup and integral length adjuster.
  • Dual control buttons are provided for each staysall furling direction, so the sail may be furled from either side of the cockpit, to optimize visibility during operation.


  • 2 x Lewmar 88-3 EST three-speed, electric, stainless steel, self-tailing primary winches, on cockpit coamings.
  • 2 x Lewmar 68 CST two-speed, manual, chrome, self-tailing, secondary winches on cockpit coamings.
  • 1 x Lewmar 65 CEST two-speed, electric, chrome, self-tailing mainsheet winch to starboard abaft the helmsman.
  • 1 x Lewmar 54 CST two-speed, manual, chrome, self-tailing, reefing control line winch fitted beneath the gooseneck, on the aft face of the mast.
  • 1 x Lewmar 65 CEST two-speed, electric, chrome, self-tailing, mainsail halyard winch fitted on deck.
  • 1 x Lewmar 65 CST two-speed, manual, chrome, self-tailing, yankee and staysail halyard winch fitted on the mast.
  • 3 x White PVC winch handle pockets - 2 in cockpit and 1 on mast.
  • 5 x Lewmar winch handles.
  • 2 x 25cm Chrome Lock-in.
  • 2 x 25cm Chrome Powergrlp Lock-in.


  • Sail Area with 150% Foretriangle: 310.0sq m (3,337sq ft).
  • I: 93’ / 28.35m.
  • J: 27’4” / 8.33m.
  • P: 83’ / 25.3m.
  • E: 30’2” / 9.20m
  • Mainsail. 6 x Full-length carbon battens, shelf foot, three rows of reefing points each with custom leech reef blocks. Tri-Radial
  • Set of Ronstan Series 30 mainsail cars.
  • Furling # 1, 130% genoa.
  • Furling # 1, Staysail.
  • A2 (Oxley snuffer).
  • A3 (furler).
  • Sails by Dolphin Sails using Dolphin GLXD Dyneema/Carbon Laminate.


  • Heyco large model marine toolkit in sealed box.
  • 3 x Astron alloy folding chairs with canvas covers.
  • Tool for opening fuel and water tank covers.
  • Battery Electrolyte Tester/Hydrometer.
  • Fuel and water funnels.
  • Dustpan and brush.
  • Deck scrubber, sponge and bucket with lanyard.
  • Ensign staff.
  • 2 x 13kg Propane gas bottles.
  • 2 sets of keys for Timage washboard lock.
  • Set of drawings and schematics for systems, including: Seacock diagram. Bilge and greywater system.  Freshwater and fuel systems. Major components location schematic. Numbering code list for wiring. DC lighting wiring schematic. DC charging schematic. Gas Installation. AC schematic. Docking plan.
  • Standard Oyster Owners' Manual.
  • Besenzoni hydraulic passerelle.
  • Help pop up seat – sockets to at starboard side helm (non-lift up lid) Stowage in lazarette for when not in use.
  • Shelves in the Lazarette to improve storage.
  • Jabsco Ultra saltwater deckwash/ fire pump at bow with hose. Connection in anchor locker.
  • Freshwater deck wash outlet in cockpit at pedestal base.

Custom Stainless Steelwork:

  • Stainless steel bow pulpit with Aqua Signal SS port and starboard lights.
  • Stainless steel stern pushpit with gate for boarding with an Aqua Signal SS stern light and ensign staff socket as well as teak slatted seats port and starboard.
  • 760mm (30") stainless steel stanchions and bases with double stainless steel wire guardrails.
  • Pair of gateway stanchions, fitted with stainless steel hinging ladders for boarding, but which close up to form the side-gates. These ladders are for boarding from the dock or dinghy.
  • Stainless steel stemhead fitting with twin bronze rollers.
  • Stainless steel chainplate assemblies.
  • 5 x pairs of custom stainless steel folding Aqualine cleats, fitted onto the bulwark with chafe strips.
  • 2 x pairs of 203mm (8") stainless steel cockpit cleats for sheets.
  • 4 x Stainless steel guard rails over forward dorade boxes which have tank breathers.
  • Stainless steel hinged ladder, with safety drop-nose retaining pin, on bathing platform.
  • Stainless steel cockpit table framework with foot bars.
  • Stainless steel grabrails on cabin top and forward coachroof.
  • 2 x stainless steel upholstered backrest rails fitted at the helm positions.
  • Large fold-down sprayhood fitted over custom stainless steel hoops, which stows neatly into a trough in the superstructure.
  • Stainless steel grab handle to aft hoop of sprayhood frame with leather cover.
  • Bimini, with stainless steel hoop frames, to shelter both helmsman and guests In the twin cockpits.
  • S/S Antenna post on aft deck for satellite communication.
  • Fishing rod holder mounted on the pushpit.

Anchoring & Mooring Equipment:

  • Lewmar V6 vertical gypsy/drum type, hydraulic anchor windlass.
  • The windlass is two-way and is operated on deck by adjacent foot switch controls.
  • 100 metres of 14mm calibrated, galvanized chain.
  • The chain is fastened at its 'bitter end' to a through -bolted stainless steel attachment with a substantial lanyard.
  • There is wiring for a second anchor windlass
  • Kedge anchor – Spade S140 (galvanised) stored in sail locker, 20m x 12mm chain, 100m x 20mm octoplait.
  • 6 x large heavy-duty fenders with lines attached.
  • 1 x Anchor chain relieving strop - 7m x nylon 16mm.
  • 1 x Boathook.

Covers, Canvas & Cushions:

  • Sprayhood in grey Weathermax, with window panel stitched in its forward portion and central zip, to protect main companionway. Leather cover to sprayhood grab rail.
  • Mainsail cover and mast cover in Sunbrella with waterproof lining.
  • Full cockpit bimini in grey Topgun, 2019.
  • Winch and helm covers in grey Weathermax.

Tender & Outboard:

  • Removable stainless & teak chocks on foredeck for RIB, including folding lashing pad eyes and stainless ratchet straps.
  • Pischel 4.0m tender with 50Hp outboard and overall cover.

Safety Equipment:

  • 6 x Stainless steel U-bolts/padeyes for safety harness attachments in cockpits, 2 for helmsman and 4 for crew/guests.
  • 1 x White Ocean Safety horseshoe buoy with light, drogue and bracket.
  • 2 x 6 man liferafts.
  • Hydrostatic release units fitted to liferaft stowage.
  • Webbing jackstays including Wichard folding pad eves forward and aft.
  • EPIRB mounting bracket for pushpit.

Fire-fighting equipment:

  • FM200 Automatic Fire Extinguisher System to engine space with remote indicator light.
  • 1 x Automatic Fire Extinguisher within generator sound shield.
  • 4 x 1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers for accommodation
  • 1 x Fire Blanket for galley.
  • 1 x 2kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher - mounted in lazarette locker.

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Fuel capacity
2,000 litres
Number of berths
Drinking water capacity
1,000 litres
Broker/Dealer Information

Berthon International

The Shipyard
SO41 3YL
United Kingdom
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