Azimut Azimut 66 Flybridge for sale

Liguria, Italy

Listed price €1,890,000 EUR

Tax Not paid / Excluded

Azimut Azimut 66 Flybridge - V Marine Azimut 66 Flybridge external view
General information
Azimut Azimut 66 Flybridge
Used power boat for sale
£1,640,928 GBP | Listed price €1,890,000 EUR
Tax / VAT status
Not paid / Excluded
Exterior Stefano Righini, Interior Style Dept. Azimut MC
Length overall
20.80 metres
Length waterline
16.47 metres
5.18 metres
1.08 metres
41,650 kg
Liguria, Italy

About this Azimut Azimut 66 Flybridge


Electronic tools for navigation:

AIS (Raymarine 700), Rudder angle indicator, Radar Antenna (Raymarine Open array Magnum), Chain counter (Quick), Display (Raymarine i70s), GPS (Raymarine RS150), Joystick (CGT/REXROT), Autopilot (Raymarine p70Rs), Plotter with GPS antenna (Raymarine Axiom Pro 12), VHF Radio (Raymarine Ray90), Yacht controller.

Staging and technical:

Water pressure pump, Deck Shower, Twin Steering, Stern Thruster (10 kw), Directional Spotlight (Electric), Electric Flaps, Hard top, Fire Extinguishing System (Seafire), Flaps Indicators, Anchor Chain Washdown, Courtesy Lights, 5 Underwater lights, Gangway (Opacmare 2,86m), Platform (Up&down), Entry door, Teak Cockpit, Water harbor connector system, Stabilizers (Seakeeper NG16), cockpit table (teak), Stern Winches.

Domestic Facilities onboard:

Air Conditioning (92000 BTU), BBQ/Grill (on the Flybridge), Safe (in master cabin).


Radio AM/FM (Fusion), 3 TV (Salon, VIP, Master cabin).

Kitchen and appliances:

Oven (Miele), Refrigerator (steel at sight in the kichen), ICE Maker (in the cockpit), Washer dryer, Dishwasher, Ceramic hot plate (Miele).


Bimini (on bow (hydraulic version)), Cockpit Cover, Cushions, Window Cover.

Accessories notes:


Being an icon isn't just a question of image, style or the ability to innovate. It is all this and then just a little bit more. It means being chosen by the market as a must-have product, one that stays true to its identity over time and continues to amaze with its high performance and sophisticated design.

In the category of yachts around 65 feet, the Azimut Fly range epitomizes all the above, with more than 300 Azimut 62 and 64's sold around the world since 2002.

This model perfectly incorporated the brand's finest ingredients, starting from the exterior profile. In keeping with the finest tradition at Azimut, this model remains graceful and sporty, but offers more volume and surface area.

The obvious starting point is the flybridge, the largest in its category, with three different areas for entertaining. Next comes the four-cabin layout, offering outstanding liveability, and the new bar area positioned to the fore of the galley, which is ideal for breakfast or for accompanying the pilot during navigation.

The boat's hi-tech soul features solutions inspired by the world of home automation and the automotive sector, but based on parameters defined by naval engineering experts that interpret needs the needs of the recreational craft segment. This is why carbon has been used for the first time to enhance onboard comfort, allowing the volume to be increased while maintaining excellent dynamic stability.

Creativity is also reflected in the interior design, every inch of which reveals its Italian heritage.


All you need at the helm of Azimut's latest yacht is a finger. The technological feather in this craft's cap is its electronic power steering system, the first to be installed on a boat in this class anywhere in the world, with control functions that can be personalized by the owner, who can regulate wheel steering and effort according to speed and piloting style. The result is comparable to the sensation of driving a top of the range sports car.

The continuous research that drives the introduction of innovative solutions and state-of-the-art construction techniques more quickly than the market average, proves once again to be a winning factor.

The use of pure carbon fiber is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while maintaining the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability. On the Azimut 66, this material is used to laminate the radar arch, hard top, upper forward part of the flybridge and foredeck.

The integrated Raymarine monitoring system has been customized in order to provide interfaces with as many onboard systems as possible: from the engines data to the alarms and bilge pumps, from tank levels and discharge pumps to engine room, up to the sound system and the air-conditioning regulation. Its functions can be accessed from both helm stations and remotely by tablet.

Other solutions borrowed from home automation include, on one hand, the possibility of adding more privacy between the galley and the living area, with a crystal frosting divide that can be obscured electrically, and on the other lighting controls, with three pre-set options to create the desired mood lighting environment.


  • Compass
  • Depth Instrument
  • Autopilot
  • GPS
  • VHF
  • Speed Instrument

Safety Equipment

  • Fire Extinguisher


  • Anchor


  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Generator


Navigation elektronische Instrumentation:

AIS (Raymarine 700), Ruderlageanzeiger, Radarantenne (Raymarine Open array Magnum), Kettenzählwerk (Quick), Display (Raymarine i70s), GPS (Raymarine RS150), Joystick (CGT/REXROT), Autopilot (Raymarine p70Rs), Kartenplotter mit GPS (Raymarine Axiom Pro 12), UKW-Funk (Raymarine Ray90), Yacht controller.

Deck und technische Ausrüstung:

Druckwasserpumpe, Cockpitdusche, Doppelsteueranlage, Heckstrahlruder (10 kw), Suchscheinwerfer (Electric), elektrische Trimmklappen, Hardtop, Feuer-Löschanlage (Seafire), Trimmklappen Anzeigen, Ketten-Waschanlage, Nachtbeleuchtung, 5 Unterwasserbeleuchtung, Gangway (Opacmare 2,86m), Plattform (Up&down), Eingangstür, Teak im Cockpit, Wasseranschluss, Stabilisatoren (Seakeeper NG16), Cockpittisch (teak), Verholwinde auf dem Achterdeck.

Anlagen an Bord:

Klimaanlage (92000 BTU), BBQ/ Grill (on the Flybridge), Safe (in master cabin).


Radio AM/FM (Fusion), 3 TV (Salon, VIP, Master cabin).

Küchen-und Haushaltsgeräte:

Backofen (Miele), Kühlschrank (steel at sight in the kichen), Eiswürfelbereiter (in the cockpit), Waschtrockner, Spülmaschine, Ceran-Kochfeld (Miele).


Bimini (on bow (hydraulic version)), Cockpitpersenning, Polster, Persenning für Fenster.


Instrumentación electrónica de navegación:

AIS (Raymarine 700), Ángulo de dirección, Antena radar (Raymarine Open array Magnum), Contador cadena (Quick), Display (Raymarine i70s), GPS (Raymarine RS150), Joystick (CGT/REXROT), Piloto automático (Raymarine p70Rs), Plotter con antena GPS (Raymarine Axiom Pro 12), Radio VHF (Raymarine Ray90), Yacht controller.

Equipo técnico y de cubierta:

Autoclave, Ducha externa, Doble timonería, Hélice de popa (10 kw), Faro orientable (Electric), Flap eléctrico, Hard top, Instalación antiincendio (Seafire), Indicador Flaps, Lava cadenas, Luces de cortesía, 5 Luces subacuáticas, Pasarela (Opacmare 2,86m), Plataforma (Up&down), Puerta lateral, Bañera en teca, Toma agua directa de puerto, Estabilizadores (Seakeeper NG16), mesa de bañera (teak), Winch de popa.

Enseres domesticos de abodo:

Aire acondicionado (92000 BTU), BBQ/ Grill (on the Flybridge), Cajafuerte (in master cabin).


Radio AM/FM (Fusion), 3 TV (Salon, VIP, Master cabin).

Cocina y electrodomésticos:

Horno (Miele), Frigorífico interno (steel at sight in the kichen), Ice Maker (in the cockpit), Lavadora secadora, Lavavajillas, Placa vitrocerámica (Miele).


Bimini (on bow (hydraulic version)), Toldo de bañera, Cojinería completa, Cubre ventanas.


Appareillage électronique de navigation:

AIS (Raymarine 700), Indicateur d'angle de barre, Antenne radar (Raymarine Open array Magnum), Compteur de chaîne (Quick), Moniteur (Raymarine i70s), GPS (Raymarine RS150), Joystick (CGT/REXROT), Pilote automatique (Raymarine p70Rs), Plotter GPS (Raymarine Axiom Pro 12), Radio VHF (Raymarine Ray90), Yacht controller.

Equipement technique et de pont supérieur:

Eau sous pression, Douche de cockpit, Double barre à roue, Propulseur de poupe (10 kw), Phare de poursuite (Electric), Flaps électriques, Hard top, Extincteur(s) fixe(s) (Seafire), Indicateurs de flaps, Lavage de chaine, Éclairage de courtoisie, 5 Spots sous-marins, Passerelle (Opacmare 2,86m), Plateforme arrière (Up&down), Porte latérale, Cockpit en teck, Connexion eau sous pression à quai, Stabilisateurs (Seakeeper NG16), table de cockpit (teak), Winch électrique arrière.

Equipement domestique de bord:

Air conditionné (92000 BTU), BBQ/ Grill (on the Flybridge), Coffre-fort (in master cabin).


Radio AM/FM (Fusion), 3 TV (Salon, VIP, Master cabin).

Cuisine et appareils électromenagers:

Four (Miele), Réfrigérateur intérieur (steel at sight in the kichen), Machine à glaçons (in the cockpit), Lave et sèche-linge, Lave-vaisselle, Plaque vitrocéramique (Miele).


Bimini (on bow (hydraulic version)), Taud de cockpit, Sellerie complète, Tauds de pare-brise.


Strumentazione elettronica di navigazione:

AIS (Raymarine 700), Angolo barra, Antenna radar (Raymarine Open array Magnum), Contametri catena (Quick), Display (Raymarine i70s), GPS (Raymarine RS150), Joystick (CGT/REXROT), Pilota automatico (Raymarine p70Rs), Plotter con antenna GPS (Raymarine Axiom Pro 12), Radio VHF (Raymarine Ray90), Yacht controller.

Allestimento tecnico e di coperta:

Autoclave, Doccia esterna, Doppia timoneria, Elica di poppa - stern thruster (10 kw), Faro orientabile (Electric), Flap elettrici, Hard top, Impianto antincendio (Seafire), Indicatori Flaps, Lavaggio catena, Luci di cortesia, 5 Luci subacquee, Passerella (Opacmare 2,86m), Piattaforma (Up&down), Porta ingresso, Pozzetto Teak, Presa acqua banchina, Stabilizzatori (Seakeeper NG16), Tavolo pozzetto (teak), Winch tonneggio di poppa.

Dotazioni domestiche di bordo:

Aria condizionata (92000 BTU), BBQ/ Grill (on the Flybridge), Cassaforte (in master cabin).


Radio AM/FM (Fusion), 3 TV (Salon, VIP, Master cabin).

Cucina ed elettrodomestici:

Forno (Miele), Frigorifero interno (steel at sight in the kichen), ICE Maker (in the cockpit), Lavasciuga, Lavastoviglie, Piastra in vetroceramica (Miele).


Bimini (on bow (hydraulic version)), Copripozzetto, Cuscineria completa, Teli copri finestra.


Электронные навигационные приборы:

AIS (Raymarine 700), Угол поворота, антенна РЛС (Raymarine Open array Magnum), Сеть счетчик (Quick), Display (Raymarine i70s), GPS (Raymarine RS150), Джойстик (CGT/REXROT), Автопилот (Raymarine p70Rs), Плоттер с GPS антенны (Raymarine Axiom Pro 12), Радио VHF (Raymarine Ray90), Yacht controller.

Техническое оснащение и оснащение палубы:

Автоклав, внешняя душа, Двойной штурвал, Винт кормы - sterntruster (10 kw), регулируемые маяк (Electric), Электрические клапаны, Hard top, Системы противопожарные (Seafire), Индикаторы закрылка, Стиральная цепях, любезность фонари, 5 подводный свет, сходни (Opacmare 2,86m), Платформа (Up&down), Входная дверь, Колодец из тика, Прямая розетка от причала, Стабилизаторы (Seakeeper NG16), cockpit table (teak), Лебедка верпования кормы.

Бытовое оснащение на борту:

Кондиционер (92000 BTU), BBQ/Гриль (on the Flybridge), безопасный (in master cabin).


Radio AM/FM (Fusion), 3 ТВ (Salon, VIP, Master cabin).

Кухня и бытовые приборы:

духовки (Miele), Внутренний холодильник (steel at sight in the kichen), лед-мейкер (in the cockpit), Стиральная машина и сушилка, Посудомоечная машина, Керамическая плита (Miele).


Защитное покрытие лодки (on bow (hydraulic version)), Задвижка колодца, полное подушки, Задвижки для окон.

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2 x Caterpillar CAT C18 ACERT
Engine hours
Fuel capacity
3,900 litres
Maximum speed
59 kph
Cruising speed
52 kph
Number of cabins
Number of berths
Passenger capacity

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