How To Make The Best Boat Picnic Ever

Dinner party

As the summer tide settles in, it’s the right time to prep your boat and get ready for an excursion out into the deep blue. 

But wouldn’t it be better to take along a few friends and loved ones for a spectacular picnic on the boat?

Statistics show that over 140 million people around the world are active participants in recreational boating, which means that people love to hang out with their friends on their boats.

If you haven’t done it already, now would be a good time to try. Here are some pointers to help you prep for the perfect boat picnic.

Make Your Boat Picnic-Ready

A few simple additions and upgrades can make your boat the perfect picnic destination. We suggest starting with the following:

Update Your Carpet and Decking

If you’ve had your trusty steed for many years, chances are that it isn’t the prettiest boat on the port. The carpets and deck likely show signs of aging, so it’d be a good idea to give it a facelift before sending out the picnic invites.

Boats endure exposure to the sun, moisture, air, and salt, making a little rust and degradation inevitable. And you don’t want your guests to be focused on your worn-out carpeting and decking, would you?

Update the carpets, decking, and even get new seating while you are at it. Also, don’t forget to get an inspection of the engine. You don’t want the boat breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

Add Cabin and Cockpit Lighting

It’d be wise to replace your old boat lighting with modern LEDs to enhance the ambiance of your boat. Proper lighting can help you create cosiness and warmth on board, and with LEDs, you’ll save a lot of power.

While you are at it, also get dimmers to create a lovely atmosphere for the party. In fact, with activity-oriented lighting, you can get the lighting just right for dinner, a party, or a laid-back evening.

It’s a minor but highly effective upgrade that will heighten the beauty around you. This can also be especially helpful if you are planning your picnic for the evening time.

Install A Sound System

Installing the latest marine stereo system and speakers will get you party-ready. Your picnic will surely be one to remember if you have some great tunes playing. It will also be a sure-fire way to improve the ambiance around you and your guests.

However, make sure that you only get authentic marine audio gear because it’s fog-proof, salt-proof, water-resistant, and UV-resistant. In addition, the speakers, knobs, and controls should all come with their own sealed covers and end caps to keep your boat safely rocking to the music throughout your picnic.

Add A Portable Power Supply System

What good is a stereo if you can’t power it?

One of the downsides of owning a boat is supplying power to the electronics onboard. Adding a portable power supply system will help keep the party going – what’s a bigger downer than a complete blackout?

Electric coolers, stereo systems, mini-fridges, lights, and screens that may be used during your picnic should be in running order, so ensuring you have additional power should be highly considered.

Install A Boarding Ramp

Though most boats already come with a ladder for boarding, a ramp makes it a lot easier for people to enter. Getting on the boat from the dock or beach also makes loading items like coolers a lot easier.

Your guests will appreciate this attention to detail and start the picnic in the right way, instead of feeling flustered trying to get on board.

Ensure That There’s Enough Food For Everyone

The menu for a picnic should ideally be light finger food, and appetizers work fine as well. That’s because some of the picnickers might feel a bit seasick when the boat gets going.

Also, the food items should be relatively easy to store and eat. Finally, for a truly memorable experience, it might be a good idea to create a themed menu.

Here are the things to keep in mind when planning the menu for your picnic:

  • The main course could have a nautical nuance. Try going for crab, scallops, or smoked salmon. Alternatively, you could consider adding caviar as a garnish to make it more sophisticated.
  • When choosing desserts, consider macarons or gourmet cookies that can be individually served and do not require cutlery. (Plus, those options are quite safe as well.)
  • Pair beverages with food to enhance the picnic experience. A morning picnic will certainly warrant mimosas being served, whereas sunset cruises may be the perfect opportunity to break out the champagne. Also, make sure to have bottled water and non-alcoholic options on hand.

Tips To Liven Up The Party

You can never go overboard when it comes to themed decorations, so consider anchors, flags, marine life, life preservers, treasure chests, palm trees, parrots, and ship wheels to set the mood.

Or go for the pirate aesthetic and provide everyone with hats and eye patches as they board. There is so much you can do to zhuzh up your picnic and make it enjoyable.


Studies have shown that people use their boats more than ever for outdoor activities and to relax. You should make the most out of your yacht and plan exquisite picnics for you and your loved ones.

The best boat picnic would be unique, feature yummy food, and keep everyone entertained. The tips given above can help you plan a feast and jazz up the party as the ultimate boat host. 

However, none of this will be possible if you do not have the right boat.

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