6 Ways Technology Is Changing the Face of Boat Operations

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The rise of innovative new technologies continues to have a significant impact on every industry and activity. The world of boating and yachting is no exception to this as new technologies have changed the industry and well as the way that boating enthusiasts enjoy their time out on the water. It is a topic that is worth taking the time to investigate further.

How Improved Technology is Helping the Boating Industry

The boating industry has seen the introduction of new technologies in recent years that are changing it positively. From improved safety to innovations that make the boating/yachting experience more luxurious, it is impossible to deny that improved technology is changing the face of the boating industry. New technological innovations are also making boat operations more environmentally friendly than ever before. With these points under consideration, these are 6 ways that technology is changing the face of boat operations.

  1. Technology Is Making the Boating Experience More Luxurious

    Today's yacht and boat enthusiasts are enjoying an experience that is more luxurious than ever before through the addition of various technological improvements. Air conditioning has been an available option in the world of yachting and boating for a while, but it was usually reserved for the below-deck experience. New tech innovations like the Webasto Breeze are making use of a boat's engine to provide a cooling experience to those in an open cockpit. It is adding a new level of luxury to the boating experience that makes spending time on the water during the hottest months much more comfortable.

  2. Today's Yachts Run Quieter Than Ever Because of Tech Advances

    One of the drawbacks to spending extended time on the water has always been the noise factor. When boats and yachts run at cruising speed, the noise can be quite intense. The utilization of high-tech materials is changing this and making it possible for boaters to enjoy a much quieter experience. The Quiet Ride from Sea Ray is an excellent example of this type of technology in action.

    Innovations in electrical motors are also having a big impact on the ability of boats and yachts to run quietly. Battery power has also improved dramatically as well. This means that an increased number of boating enthusiasts can take advantage of a quieter experience by getting rid of combustion engines completely.

    Comfortable Experience on the Water

  3. Technology Facilitates a More Comfortable Experience on the Water

    Motion sickness has always presented a major barrier for many when it comes to being able to enjoy time on the water. Recent developments in gyrostabilization are changing this and making for a boating experience that involves much less rocking around on the waves. The gyro system developed by Seakeeper is a great example of this with its ability to dramatically decrease the motion that boaters experience while on the water.

  4. Technology Helps Yacht Enthusiasts to Lower Their Carbon Footprint

    Advances in boating technology are helping today's yacht and boat lovers to reduce their carbon footprint. Innovations in electric motors are a key factor as well as improved sail technology. An increase in the prominence of wood composite and aluminium hulls in the construction of today's yachts is also making a big difference in reducing carbon footprint and being more environmentally friendly. These materials can easily be recycled when a boat has reached the end of its life cycle. The Dutch company Vaan is making significant strides in this key area.

    Yachts at marina

  5. Sail Technology Is Changing the Game in the World of Boating

    Using sail power has always offered plenty of benefits. It is desirable when it comes to the topic of reducing carbon footprint. Companies like OneSails are innovating in this area with what it calls 4T technology. This utilizes sails made with a base polymer. This eliminates the need for glues and creates a sail that is a single structure that is also fully recyclable.

  6. Today's Yachts Are Safer Than Ever Through the Use of Technology

    Yacht and boat safety standards have never been at a higher level with the addition of new technologies. They are helping boat and yacht enthusiasts to avoid collisions at sea, among other undeniable benefits. These innovative technological advances include the use of AIS. This is a radio technology based on VHF that helps boaters to avoid collisions with other vessels. It has never been easier to recognize the approach of other boats through the use of this easy-to-implement technology.

Eva Tucker, writer for Volvo Penta.

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