Keep your boat in ship shape condition with CPES


Make the task of Varnishing regularly vanish for years.

Keep your boats woodwork looking better for longer by priming first with Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES). Varnish finishes can last up to 20 years (Taurus lasted 16 years in the Caribbean Sun) when applied over Smiths CPES.

Buy it at a discounted price when purchased with Epifanes Spar Varnishes from MakeWoodGood as a permanent varnishing kit.

How to care for the wood on your yacht

Who are We?

We are a small family business, passionate about natural wood, and doing things right first time. We pride ourselves on our customer service and technical support – a fact which is borne out by our testimonials and reviews. Old school isn’t a bad thing.

Make Wood Good UK Ltd specialises in high quality marine epoxy resins, all of which are mixed at a 1:1 ratio for easy and reliable mixing. They employ Smith’s dual synergistic catalyst system to offer long working times wide temperature ranges (setting down to -2 degrees centigrade) and they all set without leaving a blush.

Why ‘Make Wood Good’? 

We love wood and believe that many more people would use this lovely material if its maintenance requirements were lower. Lower maintenance wood is good wood, that will be used by more people and the world would be more beautiful as a result. CPES completely cures premature varnish failure, and drastically reduces maintenance costs of painted or varnished timber as a result.

We believe the following three products are of specific interest to anyone who owns a boat, whether domestic or commercial, sail or motor.

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES)

Preservation – CPES is the world’s finest primer for wood. Application of CPES to new timber offers some remarkable advantages to anything constructed from wood. It creates a breathable sealant, penetrating deeply into new timber, especially on vulnerable areas such as end grain. Used as the ultimate primer it promotes adhesion of your top coat, making it last much longer and reducing maintenance costs. This saves time, money and the environment. From boats to window frames, it’s just solid commercial sense, do it once, do it right, make wood good!

Restoration – CPES was originally designed to restore rotten timber in boats. Pieces of wood that would be expensive or impossible to replace can be revitalised and the rot stopped in its tracks. Significant structural strength is restored and a repair that lasts is affected. Nail rot can be completely cured. Restore don’t replace with CPES.

Fill-It epoxy filler

Fill-It is a completely waterproof no sag marine grade epoxy filler. It can be used to restore the profiles of rotten timber once the rot has been treated with CPES. It is completely waterproof if mixed correctly and may safely be used below the waterline. Fill-It and CPES can be purchased together as a discounted kit from us as a rotten wood repair kit

Oak and Teak Epoxy Resin

Oak and teak Epoxy Resin is probably the world’s finest wood glue that no-one has heard of. Also known as the all wood glue, is a two part epoxy resin made largely from the resins of wood itself. That is why it can dissolve the natural oils of oily hardwoods, and why it bonds all oily hardwoods such as Teak, Cocobolo and Ebony. Oak and Teak Epoxy Wood Glue will of course bond all non-oily hardwoods. Oak and Teak Epoxy Wood Glue is unaffected by the natural acids common to many woods, which is why it bonds Oak so readily. It will fill gaps and delivers astonishing bond strength and durability and is completely waterproof and weatherproof once set. It will also (with proper chemical surface preparation) glue a wide variety of metals, glass, rubber and plastic materials.

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