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Bosnien Und Herzegowina

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Derubis 44 Fly - Charter King NEW YACHT!!!
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Derubis 44 Fly - Charter King NEW YACHT!!!
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Denis Kraljevic
14,00 meter
4,49 meter
1,30 meter
16.000 kg
Bosnien Und Herzegowina

Über diesen Bereich Derubis 44 Fly - Charter King NEW YACHT!!!


Derubis 44 Fly has an amazingly high performance, high-luxury boat with 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms with an incredible design. A lot of living space with an 18 m2 saloon, 20 m2 flybridge, 8 m² aft deck, panoramic windows with spectacular 360-degree views. There is a choice of relaxation and entertaining onboard with whirlpool for 6 persons on the sundeck. Derubis 44 fly semi-displacement hulls are built to deliver stability in all sea conditions. Massive flybridge with lounges and dining table gives you a truly relaxing cruising experience. Derubis 44 fly power catamaran has a revolutionary accommodation design that can accommodate 8 + 2 persons.

Charter king Derubis 44 Fly catamaran yacht has been launched

One of the major advantages of a our catamarans versus a monohulls is their inherent stability. A monohull simply can’t be compared to a catamaran in this regard. Stability is a big plus for families with young children or seniors who are not particularly steady on their feet. Because the boat is not as susceptible to the effects of wave action and does not heal the way a monohull does, it is much easier to walk around on deck and within the interior of the yacht while underway. Anyone who may be prone to seasickness will feel the effects of motion much less aboard a catamaran than they might on a monohull. The added stability on a catamaran makes the cook’s job a lot less challenging both while underway and at anchor. Catamarans don’t rock and roll the way monohulls do. Catamarans generally provide far more living space in the main salon, galley and cockpit, than the space found aboard similarly priced monohulls. Our cabins are more spacious too and even the smallest catamaran in the fleet has stand up headroom in each cabin. Because of the layout, there is usually more privacy on a catamarans than on a monohulls, and if you have children aboard, there is greater separation from the main living space and the cabins, making it easier for the kids to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. The shallow draft of a catamarans allows you to anchor in shallower water which means you can be closer to the beach than almost all monohulls. No monohull can beat the visibility from the helm provided on catamarans. The galley, main salon and cockpit are all on one level, above the water line, making life aboard as well as your view much more enjoyable. Because the majority of living space is above the waterline, you get much better flow through ventilation on a catamarans making the need for air conditioning somewhat less important during the daylight hours. In almost all cases, you do not have to race around stowing things or using bungee cords to keep things in place, the moment you decide to go out of marina. Most things stay put even in moderately rough seas. Catamarans are usually pretty easy to dock because you have two motors and two rudders. No need for a bow thruster (but our catamarans have it). Most catamarans can turn 360 degrees within their own length. No monohull can do that.

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MD 3.0 Mercury 2 X 270L DTS ZF63IV
1.400 liter
Anzahl der Kabinen
Anzahl der Liegeplätze
1.000 liter
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4 luxury double cabins + 4 bathrooms (8+2 passangers), whirlpool on frontdeck, unsinkable hulls, electric propulsion, safetoy bow
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