Awlgrip Announces Topcoat Revision

World leading manufacturer of yacht coatings, Awlgrip has now (12th July 2010) announced a revision to its renowned Awlgrip topcoat. This latest revision yet again achieves the continual goal of Awlgrip to always provide customers with the best whilst accommodating regulatory requirements without compromising results.

Incorporating extensive customer feedback, this future revision is scheduled for introduction into the professional Yacht market immediately after the advance previews with customers which are currently taking place.

Ken Hickling, Global Manager, Awlgrip commented, "Awlgrip is committed to continual product development along with staying ahead of forthcoming legislation. As part of this we introduced a revision to the topcoat in 2007, driven by the need to improve the safety profile of the topcoat and as part of our own Product Stewardship Programme. We were provided with feedback from a few of our customers on this revision which encouraged us to look closer at all aspects of production, formulation, raw materials and quality control, leading us to identify close to 50 different ways to make the same familiar product in a more consistent and controlled fashion.

During this time we reverted to the original formulation whilst we undertook these deep and thorough evaluations.

"he good news for customers is that Awlgrip is now in a position to take the necessary step to ensure that the topcoat is in compliance with forthcoming legislation changes that will limit use of certain chemicals, such as moving away from one solvent and replacing it with another that is acceptable in the more regulated times we find ourselves in. As always, this needed to be done without changing the product. Fortunately the replacement solvent, for which we hold sole user registrations, provides the characteristics as the one it replaces, ensuring that the Awlgrip topcoat remains the same as before. We are currently previewing this revised product with many customers in advance of its release."

With an unmistakable finish, durability and performance that can be relied on to show a yacht at its finest, Awlgrip has long been recognised as the most dependable yacht paint available, supported with excellent technical support and advice.

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