Marine finance for your dream boat 


The last few months of COVID-19 enforced lockdown has been a challenge for many of us.  It has also served as a time to reflect and consider what is important in life. This may well have resulted in new resolutions which could be as simple as: “right that’s it, I am going to do all those things that I wanted to do but previously kept putting off”. Recent events have served as a big reality check for many of us and going forward we are determined that we really are going to realise our dreams.

Thankfully the restrictions are easing and we can now put our plans into action. Many readers of this article will love boating and will have already enjoyed some of the amazing spring weather onboard their boats.  Others may be new to the sport and some of you will have always aspired to own a boat and will now be determined to realise your dream.

Boating – get onboard!

Arkle has a specialist marine finance team that assists customers when buying a boat and it’s no surprise that enquiries in the last few weeks have spiked.  Who wouldn’t want to buy a boat ready to shake off their lockdown blues and take to having the best possible fun on the water?  The marinas are open and boats are once again pottering up and down rivers, anchoring in secluded bays for lunch and boat owners are relaxing on the back of their boats enjoying a well-earned drink.  Boating fits well within social distancing rules too, as you can enjoy your time onboard, with close friends and family, whilst keeping a safe distance from others.

Secure finance for your boat ready for summer

The last few months have afforded time, to those dreaming of buying a boat, to carry out their research in preparation to purchase their boat for the upcoming season.  Marine finance is a good option as the finance is secured against the boat which leaves other assets, such as property, cash reserves and investments available for other uses.

Another compelling reason to choose Arkle Finance is the expertise on offer by the specialist marine finance team who are ready to assist boat buyers.  Our expertise in the boating world enables us to understand individual requirements and tailor flexible finance solutions on a case-by-case basis. Our experience and knowledge of the boat buying process really aides a customer’s confidence when buying a boat.

If you are planning on buying a new boat or possibly trading up your current one and would like to speak with one of our marine finance specialists, then please get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss a range of financing options with you.

What else can Arkle Finance fund?

Marine finance is a small part of what we do. Arkle is a funder specialising in a wide range of asset finance and leasing products to support UK businesses and consumers.

Please call 01933 304899 or visit our website

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