The New Era For Legend Yachts (following the acquisition of the Florida based Hunter Marine Corporation by David Marlow) has seen the brand ascend into a class of its own; no longer to be compared with Europe's mass produced yachts (mostly from France or Germany) but, in terms of interior finish and fit-out as well as strength and integrity of construction, frequently compared with Europe's best (probably from Scandinavia)

Proof was on display at the recent Southampton Show in the form of the latest version of the Legend 40 and the European debut of the brand new Legend 31.  Both boats were received with virtually unanimous acclaim for their quality of construction and standard of comfort and craftsmanship below decks in addition to the space and airyness for which Legends have always been appreciated. 

The many purchasers and would-be purchasers also appreciated the considerable advantages of the “hallmark” B&R backstayless rig, the sturdy stainless steel mainsheet arch and the popular sternrail seats.  Consensus declared that the Show prices represented outstanding value for money.  Interestingly, visitors who had not noticed the signage for the 31, thought they were aboard a 34 or even a 35 footer when going below, testimony to brilliant design.

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