Safe Harbour - Marinas Are Low Risk


A detailed review of claims over the past 10 years by, the UK’s leading online boat insurer, has underlined the benefits of keeping your boat in a good marina from a risk management perspective. As a result, Craftinsure has further reduced premiums for marina-based yachts. The higher discount applies to craft based in any secure coastal marina, including those run by the large operators such as MDL, Quay and Premier along with others. And as Craftinsure is keen to reward loyal policy holders, the benefit will apply at renewal as well as to new customers.

Whilst marinas can never be totally immune to severe weather, as demonstrated in the extreme example that occurred at Holyhead last year, statistics show a much lower incidence of damage, especially high cost weather related claims.

Security risks are also lower if marina based but sadly no guarantee against theft or vandalism. To help ensure you don’t become the soft target, fit hatches and external lockers with good quality locks. Remove electronics and valuables from the boat when unattended as far as possible, and if left on the transom, ensure outboards are secured with a purpose designed lock.

If your boat is going to be left on moorings during the season, check main components (or get confirmation that your mooring contractor has done so). For boats on swinging moorings, also check that your boat can’t come into contact with any other moored nearby should tide or wind conditions change. And keep watch for others who lay moorings too close to you!

For more risk management advice or an immediate insurance quotation visit Or call us on 03452 607 888 (ROI 1800 844 100). logo

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