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Top 5 Celebrity Yachts

Post by: Russell Kingsfield
17 September 2014

The Maraya - Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Starting his career as a talent director at Uptown Records, Combs has worked hard to find himself CEO of multiple companies and have several successful business ventures with a £290 million net worth. The Maraya, bought for £33 million, comes with all the amenities you’d expect with such a price tag, including a top floor party deck. With a 10 member staff to maintain the ship, The Maraya is a luxury party yacht.

Privacy - Tiger Woods

Woods bought the Privacy for over £15 million. Originally a wedding gift for his now ex-wife, Woods spends a lot of time aboard this aptly named vessel. Containing a master suite and five guest bedrooms, the yacht also boasts an onboard jacuzzi, gym and bar. Bought in 2004, the Privacy has stayed with Woods for over 10 years.

Necker Belle - Richard Branson

Branson’s yacht is unique in that it is one of the few luxury yachts in the world to be a catamaran. The Necker Belle can travel by both sail and motor and has rooms for up to 10 guests. The 32 metre catamaran really is a sight to behold with its red and white sails obviously a nod to the CEO’s billion dollar company. The Necker Belle is available to rent around the Caribbean for $110,000 with a full staff around to take care of everything.

Vajoliroja - Johnny Depp

The Vajoliroja is a unique even as far as celebrity yachts are concerned. The ship is named after the first two letters of Depp’s family, Vanessa, himself, Lily Rose and Jack. His influence on the ship doesn’t stop there however. The interior was designed with the help of L.M. Pagano, but it seems likely that Depp kept a full oversight on the design to keep it personal. The 156ft yacht is available for charter at a variable rate in the high and low seasons. So if you wanted to sail aboard the same yacht Johnny Depp uses to travel to and from his own private island, you can, at the low, low price of €84,000.

Venus - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs paid €9 million just for the design of this ship by French designer Philippe Starck. The overall cost for the magnificent vessel was upwards of €100 million. Sadly, Jobs didn’t survive to see the final product but it now resides with his family. The super high-tech yacht is a sight to behold at 260ft and retains a very Apple look to it. It has seven 27inch macbooks onboard as well as a host of other technology. Named after the Roman goddess of love, the Venus is an absolute sight to behold.

By Russell Kingsfield